1996-2006 Volkswagen LT 2D Fuse Box Diagram

The Volkswagen LT 2D is a van that was produced from 1996 to 2006. It is known for its reliability and versatility. The LT 2D has two fuse boxes, one in the engine compartment and one in the passenger compartment.

Instrument Panel

The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the dashboard, on the driver’s side. It is covered by a plastic cover. The fuse box contains 25 fuses, which are labeled with their respective amperage ratings and circuit functions.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
115ARight side and tail lights
215ARight main beam (56a)
315ALeft main beam (56a), warning light
415AReversing lights
515ABrake light
620AWindow wash/wipe system
715AHorn (15), self-diagnosis (15), terminal 15 relief relay, fresh air and recirculating air flap two-way valve, dash panel insert, heated rear window
820AInterior lights, cigarette lighter, radio system (30), self-diagnosis (30)
915AAnalogue clock, hazard warning system, parking light
1015AInstrument lighting, number plate lighting (58)
1115ALeft side and tail lights (58L)
1215ARight dipped beam (56b)
1315ALeft dipped beam (56b)
1415AFog light, rear fog light
1515ARadio system (15)
16Free for optional equipment
17Free for optional equipment
18Free for optional equipment
BHazard warning light relay
WWiper motor relay

Relay Panels

Relay carrier under the driver’s seat

Roof-mounted turn signals fuseFuse Amp. RatingDescription
S17115ABattery isolation relay fuse
S4130AHeated rear window single fuse
S16015AHeated passenger’s seat fuse
S15915AHeated driver’s seat fuse
S16110ATrailer operation turn signal relay fuse
S18810ARoof mounted turn signals fuse
S18715ADifferential lock fuse
S14715ARelief relay fuse
S3725APower window fuse (driver’s side)
S17025AFuse for electric windows (front passenger side)
S9730AFresh air blower fuse
S2325AHeater fuse (Additional air heater B1LC/D1LC / B3LC/D3LC)
S5360AABS hydraulic pump fuse/valves
S18615ATilt device fuse
S13615AAir conditioning system fuse
S8120AFuel pump fuse (Engine codes: AGL)
S4220ARadiator fan fuse
S25415AOptional equipment fuse (Additional exterior and interior installations)
S21915APower take-off fuse
S21915APower take-off/speed regulation fuse (Engine codes: AHD)
S8210AContinued circulation of coolant pump fuse (Engine codes: AHD, AGX, AGK)
S5350AABS return flow pump fuse (ABS control unit)
S10625ARotating light fuse
S15020AHeadlight washer system fuse
S19015ATerminal 30 voltage supply fuse (Heated rear window delay relay, magnetic coupling control unit, battery split charge relay)
S14810AMirror adjustment /heater fuse
S6420ASocket fuse
S1247.5AABS control unit fuse
S12410AABS control unit fuse
S2207.5ADaylight driving lights fuse (from May 1997)
S17215ADaylight driving light fuse (left dipped beam)
S17415ADaylight driving light fuse (left side and tail lights) (up to April 1997)
S17515ADaylight driving light fuse (right side and tail lights) (up to April 1997)
S4915ASiren fuse
S5425AABS valves fuse
S5110AWarm air blower 1st and 2nd speeds fuse
S11825AWarm air blower and coolant shut-off valve fuse
S5225ACentral locking fuse
S29030AFuel filter heating fuse
S17515ADaylight driving light fuse (side and tail lights) (from May 1997)
S17315ADaylight driving light fuse (right dipped beam)

Auxiliary relay carrier on the flap under the driver’s seat

Relay NumberDesignation/function
Terminal 15 relief relay
Terminal D+ relief relay
Fuel pump relay (Engine codes: AGL)
Fresh air blower relay
Air conditioning system switch-off relay
Magnetic coupling relay
Headlight washer system relay
Horn relay
Terminal 30 voltage supply relay (Engine codes: AHD, AGX)
Daylight driving light relay (dipped beam)
Daylight driving light relay (left dipped beam) (from May 1997)
Daylight driving light relay (right dipped beam) (from May 1997)
Daylight driving relay (side and tail lights)
Magnetic coupling control unit (Engine codes: AGL)

Auxiliary relay carrier and control units under the driver’s seat at the rear

Roof-mounted turn signals relayDesignation/function
Battery split charge relay
Trailer operation turn signal relay
Roof mounted turn signals relay
Daylight driving lights switch-on relay
Rotating light relay
Airbag/seat belt tensioner control unit
CCS control unit (Engine codes: AGL)
Coolant shortage indicator control unit (Discontinued from August 1998)
Rotating light and siren system control unit
Central locking control unit
Diesel direct injection system control unit
Motronic control unit (Engine codes: AGL 105 KW)
Fuel filter heater relay
Tilt device relay
Magnetic coupling cut-out relay, air conditioning system
Radiator fan relay
Delay relay

Engine Compartment

Relay carrier on the right in the engine compartment

Relay NumberDescription
Radiator fan 4th speed relay
Automatic intermittent wash/wipe and Hazard warning light relay control unit

Relay carrier on the left in the engine compartment

Relay NumberAmp. RatingDesignation/function
S3980AStrip fuse for glow plugs (Engine codes: AHD, AGX, AGK)
Glow plug relay (Engine codes: AHD, AGX)
Glow plug relay (Engine codes: AGK)
ABS with EDL control unit
Immobilizer control unit
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