1995-2002 Volkswagen Polo 6N/6KV Fuse Box Diagram

The Volkswagen Polo 6N/6KV is a subcompact car produced from 1995 to 2002. It is known for its affordability and fuel efficiency. The Polo 6N/6KV has two fuse boxes, one in the engine compartment and one in the passenger compartment.


Instrument panel

The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the steering wheel, on the driver’s side. It is covered by a plastic cover. The fuse box contains 25 fuses, which are labeled with their respective amperage ratings and circuit functions.

Fuse/Relay NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
110ADipped beam left, headlight range control, left
210ADipped beam right, headlight range control, right
310ANumber plate light
415ARear window wiper
515AWindscreen wipe/wash system, heated washer jets
620AFresh air blower, air conditioner
710ASide light and tail light, right
810ASide and tail light, left
920AHeated rear window
1015ARear fog light
1110AMain beam, left
1210AMain beam, right
1415AReversing lights, additional equipment
1510AEngine electrics
1615ADash panel insert
1710ATurn signals
1820AFuel pump, Lambda probe
1930ARadiator fan
2010ABrake light
2115AInterior lights, dash panel insert, self-diagnosis
2210ARadio system, cigarette lighter
1Air conditioner relay
2Rear window wipe/wash relay
4Relief relay for X contact
6Hazard warning light relay
7Headlight washer system relay
8Intermittent wipe/wash relay
9Light switched on. warning buzzer
10Bridge for fog light
11Bridge for horn
12Fuel pump relay
Glow plug relay
Relays above relay plate:
Window lifter relay and/or folding sliding roof
Junction box for terminal
Junction box for terminal
Starter inhibitor relay
Intake manifold preheating relay
Glow period control unit
30AControl unit fuse 1 – ABS (hydraulic pump)
30AControl unit fuse 2 – ABS (valves)
Window lifter thermo fuse and/or folding sliding roof
50AGlow plug fuse


Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
115AEngine control unit
210AEngine control unit (only on petrol engines)
Engine electrics (only on diesel engines)
37.5AEngine electrics
415AIgnition transformer
510AAuto, gearbox control unit, shift lock
65AAuto, gearbox control unit
75AABS control unit
815AInjectors, Lambda probe
910AEngine control unit
1015AEngine control unit (only on petrol engines)
Engine electrics (only on diesel engines)
1115AHorn, seat heating
1210ARight main beam, main beam warning lamp
1310ALeft main beam
1410ARight dipped beam, right headlight range control, headlight range control adjuster
1510ALeft dipped beam, left headlight range control
165ARight side and tail lights
175ALeft side and tail lights
187.5AReversing light, heated washer jets, selector lever illumination
1915AFog lights, rear fog light
2010ABrake lights
2110AHazard warning lights
225ATurn signals
2315AWindscreen wipe/wash system
2410ARear window wiper, heated and adjustable exterior mirrors
2515AHeated rear window
265ADash panel insert, immobiliser
275ASelf-diagnosis connection, dash panel insert, interior light, luggage compartment light
2815ARadio, cigarette lighter, central locking
295AInterior light, fresh/recirculating air blower actuating motor
3020AFresh air blower
315ALicence plate lights
3215AFuel pump
1Hazard warning light relay
2Automatic intermittent wipe and wash relay
3X contact relief relay
4Fuel pump relay

Engine Compartment

The engine compartment fuse box is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, near the battery. It is covered by a plastic cover. The fuse box contains 15 fuses, which are labeled with their respective amperage ratings and circuit functions.

Fuse/Relay NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
S16350ARelay carrier
S16450AEngine glow plugs
S17650ACoolant heater elements
S17630AAir conditioner
S17730AABS control unit
S17630AABS control unit
S17920ARadiator fan
S18010AAir conditioner


Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
SB110ALambda probe heating, ACF; camshaft variable timing adjuster
SB25ANumber plate lights
SB45ASide bulb left
SB55ASide light bulb
SB615ARear wiper
SB775ATurn signals
SB95AHeadlight range control
SB107.5AInterior lighting, glove box, mirror, door entry, luggage compartment light
SB115ASelf-diagnosis connection voltage supply, dash panel insert, Climatronic
SB1210ARight headlight main beam, main beam warning lamp
SB1310ALeft main beam headlight
SB1410AHazard warning lights system, anti-theft alarm system
SB1510ABrake lights
SB165AIgnition/starter switch S-contact
SB185AMirror heating
SB2010ATelephone/preparationfor telephone
SB215AAutomatic gearbox control unit
SB2215AAnti-theft alarm system horn
SB235AEGR, air mass meter, addit. heater relay, glow plug relay
SB245AClutch pedal switch (diesel), brake light suppression switch (EPC)
SB255ASelector lever switch (AG4)
SB267.5AAir conditioner, central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors, navigation
SB275ADash panel insert
SB285ASpeedometer sender, immobilizer
SB2975AReversing lights, washer jet heating, headlight range control motor
SB305AExhaust gas recirculation valve, activated charcoal filter solenoid, heater pipe
SB315AFuel shut-off control unit, engine control unit
SB325AFuel shut-off control unit (diesel)
SB3310AAutomatic gearbox selector lever lock
SB3410AIgnition transformer
SB3525AGlass sunroof, fabric sunroof
SB3615AEngine control unit
SB3715AEngine control unit
SB3825ADriver’s door power window
SB3925AFront passenger’s power window
SB4015AFuel pump
SB4115ACentral locking, anti-theft alarm system
SB4215ARadio, navigation
SB4315AFog light, rear fog light
SB4415ADipped beam, left headlight
SB4515ADipped beam right headlight
SB4615ACigarette lighter
SB4720AHeadlight washer system
SB4820AHeated rear window
SB4925AFresh air blower
SB5015AWindscreen wiper system, windscreen washer pump
SB5115ASeat heating
1Fuel pump relay (petrol engines only)
Fuel shut-off control unit (diesel engines)
2Automatic intermittent wash/wipe and rain sensor relay
7X contact relief relay
8Heated exterior mirror relay

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingDescription
S16380ARelay carrier
S16450AGlow plugs (engine)
S17650AGlow plugs (radiator fan)
S17630AAir conditioning system
S17730AABS control unit
S17830AABS control unit
S17920ARadiator fan
S18010AAir conditioning system
SA930AAir conditioner – glow plugs (diesel)
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