2014-2018 Peugeot 108 fuse box diagram

In this post, you will find fuse box diagrams of the city car Peugeot 108 from model years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car and learn about the function of each fuse.

The cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Peugeot 108 is the fuse #9 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp Rating (A)Functions
110Right-hand dipped beam
210Left hand dipped beam – Headlamp adjustment
37.5Right-hand main beam
47.5Left-hand main beam
5 (PureTech 82 engine)15Fuel injection system
6 (PureTech 82 engine)7.5Fuel injection system
7 (PureTech 82 engine)15Fuel injection system
8 (PureTech 82 engine)7.5Cooling fan
97.5Air conditioning
10 (VTi 68 engine)7.5Fuel injection system – Brake lamps -Third brake lamp
115Courtesy lamp – Boot lamp
1210Direction indicators – Hazard warning lamps – Instrument panel – Display screen
1430Supply/Distribution units
15 (VTi 68 engine)7.5Electronic gearbox
167.5Fuel injection system
177.0Keyless Entry and Starting system
18 (VTi 68 engine)7.5Battery
1925Fuel injection system – Cooling fan
2030Starter motor
217.5Steering lock
2225Front lamps
237.5Fuel injection system
247.5Fuel injection system – Starter motor – Electronic gearbox -Stop & Start
2515Audio system – “Keyless Entry and Starting” system
267.5Instrument panel – Display screen
277.5VSC system
2860Passenger compartment fusebox
29 (VTi 68 engine)125Heated rear screen and door mirror heating – Heated seats -Electric fabric roof – ABS system – VSC system – Cooling fan -Front fog lamps – LED daytime running lamps.
*This fuse must be replaced only by a PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop.
3050Electronic gearbox
3040Stop & Start
3150Power steering
3250 (PureTech 82 engine)Cooling fan
3230Cooling fan
3240Cooling fan
3350ABS system – VSC system
3410Spare fuse
3520Spare fuse
3630Spare fuse
3720Heated rear screen and door mirror heating
3830ABS system – VSC system
397.5Front foglamps – Instrument panel – Display screen
407.5LED daytime running lamps
4115Right-hand heated seat (except RHD)
4220Electric fabric roof
4315Left-hand heated seat (except RHD)

Fuses in the Dashboard

Fuse NumberFuse Amp Rating (A)Functions
15Reversing lamp (2016) – Fuel injection system – Audio system -VSC system
215Front and rear screenwash
35Main distribution unit – Instrument panel – Display screen -Air conditioning – Heated rear screen and door mirror heating -Heated seats – Electric fabric roof – Audio system
45Electric power steering – Stop & Start
515Rear wiper
65Cooling fan – ABS system – VSC system
725Front wiper
810Heated door mirrors
91512 V socket (120 W max)
107.5Door mirrors – Audio system – Stop & Start – Instrument panel -Display screen
115Steering lock – Fuel injection system -Electronic gearbox
135Instrument panel – Display Screen – Stop & Start
1415 (VTi 68 engine)Steering – Fuel injection system – Brake lamps
147.5 (PureTech 82 engine)Steering – Fuel injection system – Brake lamps
157.5 (VTi 68 engine)Fuel injection system – Stop & Start
1510 (PureTech 82 engine)Fuel injection system – Stop & Start
167.5Engine diagnosis
1710Brake lamps – Third brake lamp – Fuel injection system -ABS system – VSC system – Electronic gearbox – Keyless Entry and Starting system
1810Side lamps – Number plate lamps – Rear foglamp – Front foglamps – Rear lamps – Lighting dimmer
1940Air conditioning
2040Air conditioning – Engine self-diagnosis – Sidelamps – Number plate lamps – Rear foglamp – Front foglamps – Rear lamps -Lighting dimmer – Brake lamps – Third brake lamp – Fuel injection system – ABS system – VSC system – Electronic gearbox – Keyless Entry and Starting system – Electric windows
2130Fuel injection system – Stop & Start – Main distribution unit
22 (VTi 68 engine)7,5Fuel injection system
23 (VTi 68 engine)20Fuel injection system – Stop & Start
2425Main distribution unit
2530Electric windows
2625Electric windows
2710Air conditioning
285Rear foglamp
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