2016-2018 Tesla Model S Fuse Box Diagram

The Tesla Model S is an electric car that came out in 2012. It has two fuse boxes. One is in the front trunk, and the other is in the back trunk. The front fuse box has fuses for the car’s electrical system, and the rear one has fuses for the car’s extra parts.

This blog post will show you a picture of the Tesla Model S fuse box (2016-2018) and tell you about each fuse. The diagram will be divided into two parts: one for the front fuse box and one for the rear fuse box.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunctional Description
F2005AMemory Seat Module
F20125AWindow Lift Motor, Left Rear
F20215A12V Accessory
F203not used
F20425AWindow Lift Motor, Right Front
F20525AWindow Lift Motor, Left Front
F20715A12V Accessory Outlet
F208not used
F209not used
F21030APower Liftgate
F21125AWindow Lift Motor, Right Rear
F21220AElectric Park Brake (primary)
F21320AElectric Park Brake (redundant)
F214not used
F21510ASteering Wheel Heater
F216not used
F21720APremium Audio Amplifier
F21820ABase Audio Amplifier
F2195AGlove Box Light, Diagnostics
F2205ABrake Pedal Switch
F2215ABattery Management System
F23015Ax21: Seat Heater, Second Row, Right
2: not used
F23115Ax21: Seat Heater, Second Row, Left
2: Seat Heater, Second Row, Middle
F23215Ax21: Seat Heater, First Row, Left
2: Seat Heater, First Row, Right
F23310Ax21: Door Controls, Left, Door Handle Left Front
2: Door Controls, Right, Door Handle, Right Front
F2345A1: Door Handle, Left Rear
2: Door Handle, Right Rear
F23510Ax21: Gateway / Center Display
2: Charging Systems
F2365Ax21: Steering Angle / Column
2: Radio, Vanity Lights, Rear View Mirror
F2375A1: Instrument Cluster
2: iBooster
F24030ASeat Motors, Right Front
F24130ASeat Motors, Left Front

Front Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunctional Description
F1250ADCDC input
F260APower Steering
F350AJump Post
F4125ACabin Subfeed
F1005ASiren and Intrusion Module
F10115ADriver Assist Forward Camera
F102not used
F10325AABS Valves
F1045ABattery Sensor
F105not used
F106not used
F1075ADrive Inverter, Rear
F1085ADrive Rail Sense
F10910APark Assist, Corner Radar (future)
F1105ARestraints Control Module
F111not used
F1125ACabin Comfort Systems
F11310ACabin Air Heater
F11410AThermal Controller, Inlets, Battery Heater
F115not used
F11610ABody Controls Group 1
F11710AAir Suspension ControlsA/alves
F11825AWindshield Wiper
F120not used
F121not used
F12215ACoolant Pump 3
F12315ACoolant Pump 2
F12410AWindshield Wiper De-Ice
F12510AContactor Power
F126not used
F127not used
F13015ADriver Assist Forward Radar
F131not used
F1325ADrive Inverter, Front
F133not used
F134not used
F13510ADriver Assistance Forward Camera Defog
F13615ACoolant Pump 4
F13715ACoolant Pump 1
F13830ARear Defrost Grid
F139not used
F140not used
F141not used
F14215ASecurity Controls and Horns
F14330ABody Controls Group 2
F14525AExterior Lighting
F15040ACondenser Fan, Left
F15150AABS Pump Motor
F152not used
F153not used
F15440AAir Suspension Compressor
F15540ACondenser Fan, Right
F15640AiBoost (Brake Assist)
F16030ACabin Blower
F161not used
K100not used
K101not used
K102Rear Defrost Grid
K110Drive Rail
K111HVAC Rail
K112Air Suspension Controller
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