1999-2006 Audi TT Fuse Box Diagram

For owners of the 8N model Audi TT spanning from 1999 to 2006, Audi TT fuse box diagrams become a crucial resource. In this timeframe, the car is equipped with two distinct fuse boxes, each positioned at different points on the vehicle. These fuse boxes house specific sets of fuses, each responsible for safeguarding different electrical elements.

Should you encounter issues with any electrical component in your Audi TT, referencing the fuse box diagram can prove beneficial in determining whether the fuse for that particular component has undergone a blowout.

This article is furnished with comprehensive fuse box diagrams about both of these fuse boxes. Additionally, it furnishes descriptions of the individual fuses housed within each box, aiding in a thorough understanding of their respective functions.

Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction/component
110AHeated exterior mirror, driver’s side
Heated exterior mirror, front passenger’s side
Heater element, left washer jet
Heater element, right washer jet
210AHazard warning light switch
35AGlove box light
Fog light relay
Ar conditioning system/Climatronic operating and display unit
45ANumber plate light, left
Number plate light, right
57.5 AFresh air/air recirculating flap switch
Continued coolant circulation relay
Bulb monitoring device, front
Brake pedal switch
65ACentral locking control unit
710ADiagnosis connection
Reversing light switch
Hazard warning light switch
Speedometer sender
85AMobile telephone operating electronics control unit
95AABS control unit
Motronic control unit
Motronic current supply relay;
S contact
Central locking control unit
Control unit in dash panel insert
115AControl unit in dash panel insert
Oil level and oil temperature sender
127.5ADiagnosis connection
Mobile telephone operating electronics control unit
Aerial amplifier for mobile telephone
1310ABrake light switch
1410ACentral locking control unit
Door warning lamp, left
Door warning lamp, right
Interior monitor deactivation switch
Interior locking switch, driver’s side
Rear lid remote release switch
155AControl unit in dash panel insert
Automatic gearbox control unit
1610ARadiator fan control unit
17Not used
1810AMain beam bulb, right
Fog light relay
Control unit in dash panel insert
1910AMain beam bulb, left
2015AHeadlight range control motor, right
Headlight range control regulator
Headlight range control motor, left
Bulb monitoring device, front
2115ABulb monitoring device, front
225ABulb monitoring device, front
Side light bulb, right
Control unit in dash panel insert
235ABulb monitoring device, front
Side light bulb, left
Control unit in dash panel insert
2420AAutomatic intermittent wash and wipe relay
Intermittent wiper switch
2525AAr conditioning system/Climatronic operating and display unit
Heated rear window relay
Fresh air blower
Fresh air blower control unit
2625AHeated rear window switch
2730ACabrio windbreak control unit
Cabrio windbreak switch
2820AFuel system pressurisation pump
2915AMotronic control unit
30Not used
315A/20AFour-wheel drive control unit
Automatic gearbox control unit
3320A/30AAutomatic intermittent wash and wipe relay
3410ACharge pressure control solenoid valve
Inlet camshaft control valve 1
Turbocharger air recirculation valve
35Not used
3615AFront and rear fog light switch
3710A/20A1998-2001 (10A):
S contact
Central locking control unit
Control unit in dash panel insert;
2002-2006 (20A):
Motronic control unit
Motronic current supply relay
3815ACentral locking control unit
Anti-theft alarm system horn
3915AHazard warning light switch
4020ADual tone horn relay
4115ACigarette lighter
4310A/15AActivated charcoal filter system solenoid valve 1
Secondary air inlet valve
Secondary air pump relay
Air mass meter
Exhaust gas temperature sender 1
4415AHeated driver’s seat regulator
Heated front passenger’s seat regulator


1Not used
2Bulb monitoring device, front
3Bulb monitoring device, front
4Fog light relay
5Starter inhibitor relay
6Not used
7Brake light suppression relay / Not used (from model year 2003)
8Not used
9Not used
10Heated rear window relay
11Starter inhibitor relay
12Cabrio windbreak control unit
13Continued coolant circulation relay / Reversing light relay
14Not used
15Not used
16Not used
17Not used
18Differential lock fuse (Haldex coupling) (up to model year 1999) / Not used (from model year 2000)
1Dual tone horn relay
2X contact relief relay
3Not used
4Fuel pump relay
5Automatic intermittent wash and wipe relay
6Automatic intermittent wash and wipe relay
AConvertible roof actuation fuse
BHydraulic pump relay fuse
CElectric window thermo-fuse

Engine Compartment

Fuse Box 1

Fuse NumberEquipment
1Secondary air pump relay
2Motronic current supply relay
3Hydraulic pump relay fuse
4Secondary air pump fuse
5Not used
6Not used
7Automatic gearbox control unit fuse
8Not used
9Not used

Fuse Box 2

Fuse NumberEquipment
S131Secondary air injection pump
S132Engine management
S133Cooling fan 2
S162ABS pump
S163ABS valves
S164Cooling fan
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