2015-2018 Tesla Model X Fuse Box Diagram

The Tesla Model X is an electric SUV that was first released in 2015. It is known for its long-range, spacious interior, and sleek design. Like all cars, the Model X has a fuse box that houses the electrical fuses for the vehicle’s various systems.

Fuse Box Locations

There are two fuse boxes in the Tesla Model X: one in the frunk and one in the passenger compartment. The frunk fuse box is located behind the center black cover plastic panel. The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the center console.

The fuse box diagrams for the Tesla Model X can be found in the owner’s manual. The diagrams show the location of each fuse in the fuse box, as well as the amperage rating and the system that each fuse protects.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction
F200MICRO2 5ASeat Memory
F201MICRO2 25AWindow Motor, LR
F202MICRO2 15A12V outlet, rear
F203MICRO2 20Anot used
F204MICRO2 25AWindow Motor, RF
F205MICRO2 25AWindow Motor, LF
F206MICRO2 25ACentral Body Controller – Steering Column Adjust
F207MICRO2 15AUSB Hub / Center Console
F208MICRO2 20A12V Outlet, Center Console
F209MICRO2 15ARearView Camera ECU
F210MICRO2 30APower Liftgate
F211MICRO2 25AWindow Motor, RR
F212MICRO2 20AElectric Park Brake – Primary
F213MICRO2 20AElectric Park Brake – Secondary
F214MICRO2 20Anot used
F215MICRO2 10ASteering Wheel Heater
F216MICRO2 25ARear Body Controls
F217MICRO2 20APemium Audio Amplifier
F218MICRO2 20ABase Audio Amplifier
F219MICRO2 5ADiagnostic Port
F220MICRO2 5ABrake on-off Switch
F221MICRO2 5ABattery Management System
F230MICRO3 15AThird Row USB (spare)
F231MICRO3 15Anot used
F232MICRO3 15ASeat Heater Left Front Seat Heater Right Front
F233MICRO3 15ADoor Latch Left Front Door Latch Right Front
F234MICRO3 15ADoor Controls Left Rear Door Controls Right Rear
F235MICRO3 10ACharging Systems Center Display
F236MICRO3-5ASCCM, iBooster IGN ACC Sense. Rear-View Mirror. Radio. TPMS
F237MICRO3 5AiBooster Instrument Cluster
F240JCASE M 25ASeat Motors, Right Front
F241JCASE M 25ASeat Motors, Left Front
Aux fuse box on the back side:
F301JCASE 60ALeft Rear Door Actuators
F302JCASE 60ARight Rear Door Actuators
F303JCASE 60ARight Rear Door Actuators
F304JCASE 60ALeft Rear Door Actuators
F305JCASE 30ASecond Row Seat Power, Left
F306JCASE 30ASecond Row Seat Power, Middle
F307JCASE 30ASecond Row Seat Power, Right
F308JCASE 30ATrailer Brakes Power

Front Compartment

The fuse box is located under the maintenance panel in the front trunk. Remove the access panel by pulling it upward to release the clips that hold it in place.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction
F1MEGA 250ADCDC power input
F2MIDI 80APower Steering
F3not used
F4MIDI 125ACabin BEC (fuse box)
F5MIDI 200AAUX BEC (fuse box)
F100MICRO2 5ASiren and Intrusion Sensor
F101MICRO2 15AForward Camera
F102not used
F103MICRO2 25AABS – Valves
F104MICRO2 5A12V Battery Monitor
F105MICRO2 15ATrailer Lights
F106not used
F107MICRO2 5ADrive Inverter, Rear
F108MICRO2 5AIGN Sense
F109MICRO2 10A
F110MICRO2 5AAirbag System
F111MICRO2 20ATrailer Brakes Controller (Controller supplied by Customer)
F112MICRO2 5ACabin Climate Controls, Front / Ionizer
F113MICRO2 10ACabin Heater, Rear Climate Control, Air Quality Sensor
F114MICRO2 10ATermal Controller, Battery Heater, Inlet, Chiller Valve
F115not used
F116MICRO2 10Anot used
F117MICRO2 10AAir Suspension
F118MICRO2 25AWindshield Wiper
F120MICRO2 30ASecond row Seats Secondary Power – tilt
F122MICRO2 15ACoolant Pump 3 (PT1)
F123MICRO2 15ACoolant Pump 2 (BA1)
F124MICRO2 10AWiper De-ice (function TBD)
F125MICRO2 10AContactor Power
F126not used
F130MICRO2 15AForward Radar
F131MICRO2 15AIGN – Trailer Connector
F132MICRO2 5ADrive Inverter, Front
F133not used
F134MICRO2 20AHeadlamp, Right
F135not used
F136MICRO2 15ACoolant Pump 4 (PT2)
F137MICRO2 15ACoolant Pump 1 (BA1)
F138MICRO2 30ARear Defrost Grid
F139MICRO2 15AHorns
F140not used
F141not used
F142not used
F143MICRO2 20ACentral Body Controller
F144MICRO2 20AHeadlamp, Left
F145MICRO2 15AFront Body Controller
F150JCASE LP 25ALeft Front Door Actuator
F151JCASE LP 50AABS – Motor
F152JCASE LP 25ARear Cabin Blower
F153not used
F154JCASE LP 40AAir Compressor
F155JCASE LP 60ACondenser Fan
F156JCASE LP 40AiBooster / Brake Assist
F160JCASE LP 30ACabin Blower, Front
F161JCASE M 25ARight Front Door Actuator
K100MICRO280Cabin Blower, Rear
K101MICRO280HVAC Group 1 (F114, F136, F137)
K102MICRO280Rear Defrost Grid
K110ISOIGN / Drive Power (F107-F110, F130-F132)
K111ISOHVAC (F112, F113, F160)
K112ISOAir Compressor
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