2017-2019 Alfa Romeo 4C fuse box diagram

If you’re looking for fuse box diagrams for the Alfa Romeo 4C from 2017 to 2019, you’ve come to the right place! These diagrams will help you locate the fuse panels inside your car and understand what each fuse does.

The cigar lighter / power outlet fuse in the Alfa Romeo 4C is fuse No. F86 in the Engine compartment.

Engine compartment

CavityMaxi FuseMini FuseDescription
F0170 Amp TanBody Controller
F0320 Amp YellowIgnition Switch
F0440 Amp OrangeAnti-Lock Brake Pump
F0520 Amp YellowAnti-Lock Brake Valve
F0640 Amp OrangeRadiator Fan – Low Speed
F0750 Amp RedRadiator Fan – High Speed
F0820 Amp YellowBlower Motor
F095 Amp TanHeadlight beam switch (If Equipped)
F1010 Amp RedHorn
F1120 Amp YellowPowertrain
F1415 Amp BlueAlfa Twin Clutch Transmission
F1515 Amp BlueAlfa Twin Clutch Transmission
F165 Amp TanAlfa Twin Clutch Transmission, ECM
F1710 Amp RedPowertrain
F185 Amp TanPowertrain
F197.5 Amp BrownAir Conditioning Compressor
F2120 Amp YellowFuel Pump
F2220 Amp YellowEngine Control Unit Power Supply
F245 Amp TanAnti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
F3010 Amp RedWater Pump, HVAC
F8230 Amp GreenHeadlamp Washer (If Equipped)
F8340 Amp OrangeAlfa Twin Clutch Transmission Pump
F845 Amp TanAfter Run Pump
F8615 Amp BlueRear Power Outlet 12V
F887.5 Amp BrownHeated Mirrors

Fuses in the dashboard

CavityVehicle Fuse NumberMini FuseDescription
3F537.5 Amp BrownInstrument Panel Node
4F3815 Amp BlueCentral Door Locking
5F3610 Amp RedDiagnostic Socket, Vehicle Radio, TPMS, Alarm
6F4320 Amp YellowBi-Directional Washer
7F4820 Amp YellowPassenger Power Window
9F507.5 Amp BrownAirbag
10F517.5 Amp BrownHeadlamp Washer Relay, A/C Compressor Relay, High Beam Relay, Parking ECU, Vehicle Radio, Stop Lamp Switch
11F377.5 Amp BrownStop Light Switch, Instrument Panel Node
12F495 Amp TanTransmission Shifter Module, Cigar Lighter Light, Drive Style Unit, Heated Mirrors Relay
13F315 Amp TanClimate Control, Body Controller
14F4720 Amp YellowDriver Power Window
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