2017-2018 Citroën C3 fuse box diagram

The third-generation Citroën C3, available from 2009 to the present. In this article, you will find fuse box diagrams of Citroen C3 2017 and 2018, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the function of each fuse.

The cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Citroen C3 is the fuse F32 (Front 12 V socket) in the Instrument panel fuse box 2 (Lower fusebox).

Engine compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingFunctions
F140Air conditioning.
F1015Engine management.
F1120Engine management.
F125Engine management.
F135Engine management.
F145Battery charge status unit (depending on engine).
F155Not used.
F1620Front foglamp.
F175Engine management.
F1810Right-hand main beam headlamp.
F1910Left-hand main beam headlamp.
F2030Engine management.
F2130Starter motor (depending on engine).
F2230Not used.
F2340Starter unit (with Stop & Start and depending on engine).
F2440Passenger compartment fusebox.
F2540Towbar pre-equipment.
F2615Automatic gearbox or LPG system.
F2725Built-in systems interface (BSI).
F2830Diesel emissions control system (AdBlue ).
F2940Windscreen wipers.
F350Passenger compartment fusebox.
F3040Diesel pre-heating unit.
F3180Additional heating (depending on equipment).
F3280Power steering.
F570Built-in systems interface (BSI).
F660Cooling fan assembly.
F780Built-in systems interface (BSI).
F815Engine management.
F915Engine management.

Fuses in the Dashboard

(Fuse box 1)

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingFunctions
F29Not used.
F3030Heated rear screen.
F3110Heated mirrors.
F32Not used.
F3340Front electric windows.
F3440Rear electric windows.
F3530Heated front seats (except UK)
F36Not used.
F37Not used.
F38Not used.
F39Not used.
F40Not used.

(Fuse box 2)

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingFunctions
F110Electrochromatic interior mirror, heated rear screen, particle filter pump (Diesel), parking sensors, power steering, LPG system, clutch pedal switch, exterior mirror adjustment.
F10(+) -F11(Gnd)30Locking / unlocking of the doors and fuel filler flap (depending on engine).
F1310Rain and sunshine sensor, air conditioning, front camera.
F145Alarm, telematic unit.
F163Automatic gearbox gear selector, brake pedal switch, Stop & Start system.
F175Instrument panel, driving school module.
F185Air conditioning, gear selector position indicator (automatic gearbox).
F193Steering mounted controls.
F213START/STOP switch or button.
F235Seat belts not fastened warning lamps display.
F245Parking sensors, rear camera, telematic screen.
F255Airbags control unit.
F2920Audio-telematic system.
F3115Audio system (accessory).
F3215Front 12 V socket.
F355Headlamp height adjustment, diagnostic socket, additional heating (depending on equipment).
F365Front map reading lamp.
F6(+) -F5(Gnd)20Front and rear screen wash pump.
F820Rear wiper.
F95Front courtesy lamp.
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