2003-2009 Citroën C2 fuse box diagram

Explore the fuse box diagrams for the Citroën C2 (2007-2008), revealing essential information on fuse panel locations and assignments. This compact supermini’s electrical infrastructure troubleshoots issues and ensures smooth operation on every drive.

The cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Citroen C2 is fuse No.9 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingFunction
120 AWater-in-diesel-fuel sensor
215 AHorn
310 AScreen wash
420 AHeadlamp wash
515 AFuel pump
610 APower steering
710 ACoolant level sensor
825 AStarter
910 AECUs (ABS. ESP)
1030 AEngine control actuators (Ignition coil. Electrovalve. Oxygen sensor. Injection) – Canister purge
1140 AAir blower
1230 AWindscreen wiper
1430 AAir pump (petrol version) – Diesel fuel heater

Fuses in the Dashboard

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingFunction
35 AAirbags
410 ADiagnostic socket – Particle filter additive – Clutch switch – Steering angle sensor
530 A
630 AScreen wash
820 ADigital dock – Controls at the steenng wheel – Radio – Display
930 ACigar-lighter – Digital clock – Interior lamps – Vanity mirror
1015 AAlarm
1115 AIgnition switch – Diagnostic socket
1215 AAirbag ECU – Ram and bnghtness sensor
1415 AParking assistance – Instrument panel – Air conditioning – Bluetooth 2 telephone
1530 ACentral locking – Deadlocking
1740 ADemisting – deiang of the rear screen
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