2019 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram [Fuse Box Essentials]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 2019 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram. In this article, we will explore the details of the fuse box diagram, providing you with valuable insights and information to help you navigate the electrical system of your 2019 Ford Expedition with confidence.

The fuse box plays a crucial role in safeguarding your vehicle’s electrical systems by preventing overloads and short circuits. It is a vital component that houses various fuses, each assigned to a specific circuit or component in your Ford Expedition.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Manual.

Exploring the Fuse Box Diagram is crucial as it allows you to understand your vehicle’s electrical system and component connections. It enables you to assist others with similar vehicles experiencing electrical issues. Knowing the Fuse Box Diagram helps you prevent and address electrical issues effectively. By familiarizing yourself with the diagram, you can quickly locate and replace blown fuses, saving time and money on unnecessary mechanic visits. By knowing which fuses correspond to specific circuits, you can ensure the right fuse is in place, minimizing risks of damage or fires.

2019 Ford Expedition Power Distribution Box Diagram

Located in the engine compartment, the power distribution box is home to high-current fuses responsible for safeguarding your vehicle’s primary electrical systems from overloads. These fuses play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and functionality of the electrical components in your vehicle. The high-current fuses within the power distribution box are coded using a specific system. The high-current fuses are coded as follows:

1Micro fuses/  2M case fuses.
Fuse Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  25A1  Horn.  
2  50A2  Fan 1.  
3  30A2  Front wiper motor.  
4  —  Not used.  
5  30A2  Starter relay.  
6  20A2  Powerpoint 1.  
8  20A2  Powerpoint 2.  
10  5A1  Rain sensor.  
12  —  Not used.  
13  10A1  4×4 module.   Heated backlite.   Heated mirror relay coil.   Heated wiper park relay coil.   Transmission isolation relay coil.  
14  15A1  Transmission control module.  
15  15A1  Voltage quality module run/start power.   Blindspot information system.   Head-Up Display.   Image processing module B.   Front view camera.   Rearview camera.   Cruise control module.  
16  10A1  Powertrain control module (PCM) run/start feed.  
17  10A1  Anti-lock brake system run/ start feed.  
18  10A1  Electronic power assist steering run / start feed.  
19  —  Not used.  
20  40A2  Front blower.  
21  40A2  Passenger seat motors.  
22  20A1  Not used.  
23  10A1  Alternator A-line.  
24  30A2  Trailer brake control module.  
25  50A2  Body control module power 1.  
26  50A2  Electronic fan 3.  
27  40A2  Driver seat motors.  
28  15A1  Rear heated seats.  
29  10A1  Integrated wheel end solenoid.  
30  25A2  Trailer tow class II-IV battery charge.  
31  50A2  Power folding seat module.  
32  10A1  A/C clutch.  
33  —  Not used.  
34  —  Not used.  
35  20A1  Vehicle power 4.  
36  10A1  Vehicle power 3.  
37  25A1  Vehicle power 2.  
38  25A1  Vehicle power 1.  
39  —  Not used.  
41  50A2  Inverter.  
43  20A2  Trailer Tow Light Module Class II-IV.  
45  20A2  Front/rear washer pump.  
46  7.5A1  Family entertainment system.  
47  —  Not used.  
48  —  Not used.  
49  —  Not used.  
50  30A2  Fuel pump.  
51  20A2  Powerpoint 3.  
52  50A2  Body control module (BCM) voltage quality module (VQM).  
53  25A2  Trailer tow park lamps relay.  
54  40A2  Electronic limited-slip differential relay.  
55  40A2  Auxiliary blower.  
56  20A2  Powerpoint 4.  
58  5A1  Not used (spare).  
59  —  Not used.  
60  5A1  Not used (spare).  
61  25A1  Not used (spare).  
62  25A1  Not used (spare).  
63  25A1  4×4 module.  
64  —  Not used.  
65  —  Not used.  
66  —  Not used.  
67  —  Not used.  
69  —  Not used.  
70  40A2  Anti-lock brake system/ parking brake module.  
71  25A2  4×4 module.  
72  —  Not used.  
73  —  Not used.  
74  10A1  Trailer tow backup lamps.  
75  —  Not used.  
76  50A2  Body control module power 2.  
77  30A2  Climate-controlled (Heated/Vented) seat module.  
78  —  Not used.  
79  —  Not used.  
80  10A1  Heated wiper park.  
81  —  Not used.  
82  —  Not used.  
83  15A1  Transmission control module power.  
84  —  Not used.  
85  —  Not used.  
86  5A1  USB smart charger 5.  
87  5A1  USB smart charger 3.  
88  10A1  Multi-contour seat relay.  
89  40A2  Power running boards.  
91  30A2  Power liftgate module.  
93  15A1  Heated mirrors.  
94  5A1  USB smart charger 1.  
95  10A1  USB smart charger 2.  
96  30A2  Rear wiper motor relay.  
97  40A2  Intercooler puller relay fan.  
98  15A2  Transmission oil pump.  
99  40A2  Heated backlite.  
100  20A2  Powerpoint 5.  
101  25A2  Fan 2.  
102  —  Not used.  
103  —  Not used.  
104  —  Not used.  
105  —  Not used.  
Relay Number  Protected Component  
R02  Powertrain Control Module.  
R05  Electric fan 2. 
Note: The respective vehicle owner's manual will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.It's important to go through owner's manual for the exact location and identification of the fuse box in your vehicle, as the location can vary slightly depending on the trim level or optional features. 

2019 Ford Expedition Fuse Panel Diagram (Passenger Compartment)

The fuse panel inside the passenger compartment is located on the right-hand side of the passenger footwell, hidden behind a trim panel. To reach it, effortlessly pull the trim panel towards you and swing it away from the side. When reinstalling the trim panel, ensure that the tabs are aligned with the grooves on the panel, and then firmly push it until it clicks securely into place.

3Micro 2 fuses/ 4Micro 3 fuses.
Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  —  Not used.  
2  7.5A 3  Driver seat switch.  
3  20A3  Driver door unlock.  
4  5A3  Trailer brake controller.  
5  20A3  Speaker amplifier.  
6  10A4  Not used (spare).  
7  10A4  Not used (spare).  
8  —  Not used.  
9  10A4  Rear seat entertainment module.   Head-up display.  
10  5A4  Wireless accessory charger module.   Hands-free liftgate module.   Power liftgate module.  
11  5A4  Keypad.   Combined sensor module.  
12  7.5A4  Cluster.   Electronic control panel.   Smart datalink connector logic.  
13  7.5A4  Gear shift module.   Steering column control module.  
14  10A4  Extended power module.   Brake switch.  
15  10A4  Smart datalink connector power.  
16  15A3  Liftglass release.  
17  5A4  Telematics control unit – modem.  
18  5A4  Ignition switch.   Key inhibit solenoid.   Push button start switch.  
19  7.5A4  Transmission control switch.   Gearshift module.  
20  7.5A4  Not used (spare).  
21  5A4  Humidity and in–car temperature sensor.  
22  5A4  Electrochromatic mirror.   Second row heated seat module.  
23  10A3  Moonroof logic.   Inverter.   Power window switch.   Power mirror switch.  
24  20A3  Central lock unlock  
25  30A3  Left front door zone module.  
26  30A3  Right front door zone module.  
27  30A3  Moonroof.  
28  20A3  Stereo amplifier.  
29  30A3  Left rear door zone module.  
30  30A3  Right rear door zone module.  
31  15A3  Adjustable pedals.  
32  10A3  SYNC   Drive mode switch module.   4×4 switch.   Radio frequency transceiver module.   Rear heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control module.  
33  20A3  Audio control module.  
34  30A3  Run/start relay.  
35  5A3  Extended power mode module.  
36  15A3  Image processing module A.   Automated park assist module.   Continuous control damping module.  
37  20A3  Heated steering wheel.  
38  30A Circuit Breaker  Left rear power window.   Right rear power window.  
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Throughout this article, we discussed several guidelines for the 2019 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram. Firstly, we emphasized the significance of knowing the diagram to identify specific fuses responsible for circuits or components. Secondly, we highlighted the importance of preventing and addressing electrical issues effectively by familiarizing yourself with the diagram. Quick identification and replacement of blown fuses can save both time and money.

Understanding the Fuse Box Diagram is of utmost importance in maintaining the electrical integrity and functionality of your vehicle. By familiarizing yourself with the diagram, you gain valuable insights into the electrical system’s layout and the role of each fuse. This knowledge allows for efficient troubleshooting, prevents unnecessary visits to a mechanic for minor electrical issues, and promotes safety by ensuring the correct fuses are in place to prevent overloads and potential hazards.

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