Electrifying Knowledge: 2018 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram

When faced with electrical problems, the 2018 Ford Expedition fuse box diagram serves as a helpful tool to locate and replace blown fuses accurately. In this article we will take a deep dive into this invaluable resource. With a exact breakdown of each fuse’s function, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how these tiny power guardians contribute to the seamless operation of your vehicle’s electrical components.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Manual.

The fuse box in the 2018 Ford Expedition is a centralized location where fuses, which are small devices that protect electrical circuits, are housed. It is responsible for preventing excessive electrical current from flowing through the vehicle’s wiring, thus safeguarding the electrical components from damage or failure.

The fuse box diagram is a visual representation of the fuse box layout, displaying the arrangement and rating of each fuse. It is crucial to understand the diagram to identify the correct fuses for different electrical components in your vehicle.

Note: If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker opens, all parts connected to that circuit will stop working. Taking the time to inspect and replace faulty fuses can save you from unnecessary repairs and potential hazards, ensuring the smooth operation of your vehicle's electrical components.

2018 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram (Engine Compartment)

Installed within the engine compartment of your vehicle lies the power distribution box, a sanctuary for high-current fuses. Acting as stalwart protectors, these fuses assume a critical role in strengthening the main electrical systems against bad overloads, guaranteeing their unhindered operation. Remarkably, the high-current fuses housed within the power distribution box adhere to a unique coding system, an intricate tapestry that unravels the enigma of differentiation and identification among their ranks. Behold, the coded realm of the high-current fuses unfolds as follows:

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.
1Micro fuses /  2M case fuses.
Fuse Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  25A1  Horn.  
2  50A2  Fan 1.  
3  30A2  Front wiper motor.  
4  —  Not used.  
5  30A2  Starter relay.  
6  20A2  Powerpoint 1.  
8  20A2  Powerpoint 2.  
10  5A1  Rain sensor.  
12  —  Not used.  
13  10A1  4×4 module.   Heated backlite.   Heated mirror relay coil.   Heated wiper park relay coil.   Transmission isolation relay coil.  
14  15A1  Transmission control module.  
15  15A1  Voltage quality module run/start power.   Blindspot information system.   Head-Up Display.   Image processing module B.   Front view camera.   Rearview camera.   Cruise control module.  
16  10A1  Powertrain control module (PCM) run/start feed.  
17  10A1  Antilock brake system run/ start feed.  
18  10A1  Electronic power assist steering run / start feed.  
19  —  Not used.  
20  40A2  Front blower.  
21  40A2  Passenger seat motors.  
22  20A1  Not used.  
23  10A1  Alternator A-line.  
24  30A2  Trailer brake control module.  
25  50A2  Body control module power 1.  
26  50A2  Electronic fan 3.  
27  40A2  Driver seat motors.  
28  15A1  Rear heated seats.  
29  10A1  Integrated wheel end solenoid.  
30  25A2  Trailer tow class II-IV battery charge.  
31  50A2  Power folding seat module.  
32  10A1  A/C clutch.  
33  —  Not used.  
34  —  Not used.  
35  20A1  Vehicle power 4.  
36  10A1  Vehicle power 3.  
37  25A1  Vehicle power 2.  
38  25A1  Vehicle power 1.  
39  —  Not used.  
41  50A2  Inverter.  
43  20A2  Trailer Tow Light Module Class II-IV.  
45  20A2  Front/rear washer pump.  
46  7.5A1  Family entertainment system.  
47  —  Not used.  
48  —  Not used.  
49  —  Not used.  
50  30A2  Fuel pump.  
51  20A2  Powerpoint 3.  
52  50A2  Body control module (BCM) voltage quality module (VQM).  
53  25A2  Trailer tow park lamps relay.  
54  40A2  Electronic limited-slip differential relay.  
55  40A2  AUX blower.  
56  20A2  Powerpoint 4.  
58  5A1  Not used (spare).  
59  —  Not used.  
60  5A1  Not used (spare).  
61  25A1  Not used (spare).  
62  25A1  Not used (spare).  
63  25A1  4×4 module.  
64  —  Not used.  
65  —  Not used.  
66  —  Not used.  
67  —  Not used.  
69  —  Not used.  
70  40A2  Anti-lock brake system/ parking brake module.  
71  25A2  4×4 module.  
72  —  Not used.  
73  —  Not used.  
74  10A1  Trailer tow backup lamps.  
75  —  Not used.  
76  50A2  Body control module power 2.  
77  30A2  Climate-controlled (Heated/Vented) seat module.  
78  20A1  Not used (spare).  
79  —  Not used.  
80  10A1  Heated wiper park.  
81  —  Not used.  
82  —  Not used.  
83  15A1  Transmission control module power.  
84  —  Not used.  
85  —  Not used.  
86  5A1  USB smart charger 5.  
87  5A1  USB smart charger 3.  
88  10A1  Multi-contour seat relay.  
89  40A2  Power running boards.  
91  30A2  Power liftgate module.  
93  15A1  Heated mirrors.  
94  5A1  USB smart charger 1.  
95  10A1  USB smart charger 2.  
96  30A2  Rear wiper motor relay.  
97  40A2  Intercooler puller relay fan.  
98  15A2  Transmission oil pump.  
99  40A2  Heated backlite.  
100  20A2  Powerpoint 5.  
101  25A2  Fan 2.  
102  —  Not used.  
103  —  Not used.  
104  —  Not used.  
105  —  Not used.  
Relay Number  Protected Component  
R02  Electric fan 2.  
R05  Powertrain Control Module.  

2018 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram (Passenger Compartment)

Undertaking on a quest to discover the hidden sanctuary of the fuse panel. Concealed on the right-hand side of the passenger footwell, obscured by a mysterious trim panel, it awaits your arrival. With ease, you can access and manipulate the fuse panel cover, gaining control over this realm of electrical enchantment.

To access the fuse panel, simply pull the trim panel towards you and swing it away from the side. When reinstalling the trim panel, align the tabs with the grooves on the panel, and firmly push it shut, ensuring a secure fit. This user-friendly process allows for easy removal and reinstallation of the trim panel, providing convenient access to the passenger compartment fuse panel.

3Micro 2 fuses/ 4Micro 3 fuses
Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  —  Not used.  
2  7.5A 3  Driver seat switch.  
3  20A3  Driver door unlock.  
4  5A3  Trailer brake controller.  
5  20A3  Speaker amplifier.  
6  10A4  Not used (spare).  
7  10A4  Not used (spare).  
8  —  Not used.  
9  10A4  Rear seat entertainment module.   Head-up display.  
10  5A4  Wireless accessory charger module.   Hands-free liftgate module.   Power liftgate module.  
11  5A4  Keypad.   Combined sensor module.  
12  7.5A4  Cluster.   Electronic control panel.   Smart datalink connector logic.  
13  7.5A4  Gear shift module.   Steering column control module.  
14  10A4  Extended power module.   Brake switch.  
15  10A4  Smart datalink connector power.  
16  15A3  Liftglass release.  
17  5A4  Telematics control unit – modem.  
18  5A4  Ignition switch.   Key inhibit solenoid.   Push button start switch.  
19  7.5A4  Transmission control switch.   Gearshift module.  
20  7.5A4  Not used.  
21  5A4  Humidity and in–car temperature sensor.  
22  5A4  Electrochromatic mirror.   Second row heated seat module.  
23  10A3  Moonroof logic.   Inverter.   Power window switch.   Power mirror switch.  
24  20A3  Central lock unlock  
25  30A3  Left front door zone module.  
26  30A3  Right front door zone module.  
27  30A3  Moonroof.  
28  20A3  Stereo amplifier.  
29  30A3  Left rear door zone module.  
30  30A3  Right rear door zone module.  
31  15A3  Adjustable pedals.  
32  10A3  Humidity and in–car temperature sensor.  
33  20A3  Audio control module.  
34  30A3  Run/start relay.  
35  5A3  Extended power mode module.  
36  15A3  Image processing module A.   Automated park assist module.   Continuous control damping module.  
37  20A3  Heated steering wheel.  
38  30A Circuit Breaker  Left rear power window.   Right rear power window.  
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In conclusion, understanding the 2018 Ford Expedition fuse box diagram is essential for any owner to effectively troubleshoot electrical issues and ensure the proper functioning of their vehicle. The fuse box serves as a protective mechanism, preventing electrical overload and damage to the SUV’s electrical system. By referring to the diagram, you can identify the correct fuses and their functions, allowing you to address specific electrical problems with ease.

Accessing the fuse box diagram can be done through online resources, the vehicle owner’s manual, or by visiting a dealership or repair shop. Once you have the diagram, decoding its contents, including the fuse box layout, legends, and ratings, will provide valuable insights into the electrical systems of your Expedition.

When faced with blown fuses or electrical malfunctions, the fuse box diagram becomes a valuable tool for troubleshooting. By following the above diagrams and charts, you can replace blown fuses accurately, restoring functionality to the affected components. For more complex electrical issues, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from experienced technicians.

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