2017 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram

In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth exploration of the 2017 Ford Expedition fuse box diagram. We’ll explore the complexities and demystify the purpose of each fuse, enabling you to navigate your electrical system with confidence and ease.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Ford Expedition Owner’s Manual.

2017 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram

Engine Compartment

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.
1J Case Low Profile /  2Mini Fuses.
Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Amp Rating  Protected Components  
1  Relay  Rear washer relay.  
2  Relay  Starter relay.  
3  Relay  Blower motor relay.  
4  Relay  Rear wiper relay.  
5  Relay  Fuel pump relay.  
6  Relay  Electronic cooling fan.  
7  Relay  Rear window defroster.   Heated mirror relay.  
8  Relay  Electronic cooling fan.  
9  Relay  Run/start relay.  
10  Relay  Power distribution box relay.  
11  40A1  Power running boards.   Heated seats.  
12  40A1  Run/start relay.  
13  30A1  Starter relay.  
14  50A1  Electronic cooling fan.  
15  —  Not used.  
16  50A1  Electronic fan.  
17  —  Not used.  
18  30A1  Trailer brake.  
19  20A1  Powerpoint (console).  
20  20A1  4×4 module HAT 2.  
21  30A1  Trailer tow module.  
22  30A1  Passenger power seat.  
23  Relay  Air conditioner clutch relay.  
24  Relay  Trailer tow park lamp relay.  
25  —  Not used.  
26  10A2  ALT sensor.  
27  20A2  4×4 module HAT 1.  
28  25A2  Trailer tow park lamp relay.  
29  10A2  Integrated wheel end solenoid.  
30  10A2  Air conditioner clutch relay.  
31  15A2  Trailer tow backup lamp.  
32  40A1  Blower motor relay.  
33  40A1  110-volt AC power point.  
34  30A1  Auxiliary blower motor.  
35  50A1  Powertrain control module relay.  
36  30A1  Power liftgate.  
37  —  Not used.  
38  —  Not used.  
39  Relay  Trailer tow backup lamps relay.  
40  Relay  Electronic fan 2 relay.  
41  10A2  Powertrain control module keep-alive power.  
42  5A2  Run/start relay.  
43  10A2  Brake on/off switch.  
44  20A2  Fuel pump relay.  
45  10A2  Not used (spare).  
46  15A2  Front/rear washer pump.  
47  30A1  Rear wiper motor.  
48  40A1  Trailer tow module.  
49  —  Not used.  
50  30A1  Front wiper motor relay.  
51  40A1  Rear window defroster and heated mirror relay.  
52  10A1  Anti-lock brake system run/start feed.  
53  5A1  Powertrain control module ISP.  
54  5A1  Power steering.  
55  —  Not used.  
56  30A1  Passenger compartment fuse panel run/start feed.  
57  5A2  Blower motor run/start.  
58  —  Not used.  
59  15A2  Heated mirrors.  
60  —  Not used.  
61  —  Not used.  
62  —  Not used.  
63  25A1  Electronic fan.  
64  30A1  Moonroof.  
65  20A1  Not used (spare).  
66  20A1  Auxiliary power point (rear of center console).  
67  40A1  Front row climate-controlled seats.  
68  30A1  Anti-lock brake system valves.  
69  60A1  Anti-lock brake system pump.  
70  30A1  Third-row power fold seat.  
71  20A1  Auxiliary power point/cigar lighter.  
72  20A1  Auxiliary power point (right rear quarter panel).  
73  20A1  Rear seat climate module.  
74  30A1  Driver power seat.  
75  25A2  Vehicle power 1 – powertrain control module.  
76  20A2  Vehicle power 2 – powertrain control module.  
77  20A2  Vehicle power 4 – ignition coils.  
78  —  Not used.  
79  15A2  Vehicle power 3 – powertrain control module.  
80  —  Not used.  
81  —  Not used.  
82  5A2  Rain sensor.  
83  —  Not used.  
84  —  Not used.  
85  Relay  Wiper motor relay.  

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Amp Rating  Protected Components  
1  30A  Driver window.  
2  15A  Rear seat control.   Multimedia gateway module.  
3  30A  Passenger window.  
4  10A  Demand lamps.  
5  20A  Amplifier.  
6  5A  Rear electronic automatic temperature control.  
7  7.5A  Power mirror.   Driver seat memory switch.  
8  —  Not used.  
9  10A  SYNC.   Power lift gate.   Electric finish panel.   Display.  
10  10A  Run accessory relay.  
11  10A  Passive entry/start module.  
12  15A  Interior lighting.   Puddle lamps.  
13  15A  Right turn and stop/turn signals.  
14  15A  Left turn and stop/turn signals.  
15  15A  Reverse lamp.   Center high-mount stop lamp.   EC mirror.  
16  10A  Right front low beam.  
17  10A  Left front low beam.  
18  10A  Brake shift interlock/start button LED/keypad illumination.   Third-row power folding seat.   Passive entry touch start.  
19  —  Not used.  
20  20A  Lock/unlock relays.  
21  —  Not used.  
22  20A  Horn.  
23  15A  Steering wheel control module.   Cluster.  
24  15A  Adjustable pedals/power adjustable column.   Datalink.  
25  15A  Liftgate release decklid.   Liftglass release motor.  
26  5A  Push to start switch.  
27  20A  Passive entry/start module.  
28  15A  Ignition switch.   Key inhibit switch.  
29  20A  Radio.   GPS.  
30  15A  Front park lamps.  
31  5A  Trailer brake on/off.  
32  15A  Power vent.   Driver’s window motor.   Power inverter.  
33  10A  CCD suspension module.  
34  10A  Rear park assist.   Rear camera.   BLIS.   Heated seat.  
35  5A  Climate module.   O/D switch.  
36  —  Not used.  
37  10A  4X4 module.  
38  10A  EC mirror.   Moonroof.   DVD.   AM/FM radio.  
39  15A  Left and right front high beams.  
40  10A  Rear park/tail lamps.  
41  7.5A  Restraints control module.  
42  —  Not used.  
43  —  Not used.  
44  —  Not used.  
45  5A  Not used (spare).  
46  10A  Climate control.  
47  15A  Fog lamps.  
48  30A  Front passenger and rear windows circuit breaker.  
49  Relay  Windows and vents relay.
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