2003-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Fuse Box Diagram

Your Mitsubishi Eclipse is equipped with several fuse boxes that protect the electrical components of your vehicle. If one of these fuses blows, it will prevent power from reaching the affected component. This can cause a variety of problems, such as a malfunctioning radio, dim headlights, or inoperative power windows.

The fuse box diagrams in this blog post will show you the location of all of the fuses in your 2003-2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse, as well as the amperage rating of each fuse. This information can be helpful if you need to replace a fuse in your Eclipse.

Fuse Box Locations

The fuse boxes in your Eclipse are located in the following two locations:

  • Under the dashboard on the driver’s side: This fuse box is labeled “Fuse/Relay Box.”
  • In the engine compartment: This fuse box is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment, near the firewall.

Passenger Compartment 

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
320ASunroof motor assembly
530ACapacitor, choke coil and defogger
630AAutomatic compressor controller, blower motor and resistor
1015ACombination meter, data link connector and ETACS-ECU
1115ACapacitor, ETACS-ECU and rear wiper motor
137.5AABS-ECU, convertible top control module and sunroof motor assembly
147.5ARemote controlled mirror
1615AAccessory socket, cigarette lighter and multi center display unit
177.5AEngine control module, fuel pump relay and powertrain control module
1820AFront-ECU and windshield wiper motor
207.5AA/C compressor relay, A/C switch, automatic compressor controller, blower relay, defogger relay, front-ECU, outside/inside air selection damper control motor, water shut motor and water shut valve controller
217.5AAuto-cruise control-ECU and autocruise control switch
227.5ABackup light, combination meter, ETACS-ECU, input shaft speed sensor, output shaft speed sensor, powertrain control module and SRS-ECU
237.5AColumn switch, combination meter, ETACS-ECU, motor antenna assembly, multi center display unit, SRS-ECU and vehicle speed sensor
2410ACapacitor, distributor assembly and ignition coil

Engine Compartment

Fuse NumerFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
160AFuses №5, 6, 10 (in junction block) circuit
250AFan controller
440AIgnition switch circuit, theft-alarm horn and theft-alarm horn relay
530AFuses №1, 3 (injunction block) circuit, convertible top control module, power seat assembly, power window main switch and power window motor
615ACombination meter and fog light
815AHorn and horn relay
920ACamshaft position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, distributor assembly, EGR solenoid valve, engine control module, evaporative emission purge solenoid, evaporative emission ventilation solenoid, heated oxygen sensor, idle air control motor, immobilizer-ECU, injector, MFI relay, powertrain control module, variable induction control solenoid valve and volume air flow sensor
1010AA/C compressor assembly and automatic compressor controller
1115AABS-ECU, auto-cruise control-ECU, capacitor, high-mounted stoplight, immobilizer-ECU, powertrain control module and rear combination light
1520AA/T control solenoid valve assembly and powertrain control module
1610AHeadlight (RH)
1710AHeadlight (LH)
1810AHeadlight (RH)
1910AHeadlight (LH)
207.5AA/C switch, A/T selector lever position illumination light, ashtray illumination light, automatic compressor controller, combination meter, fog light switch, front combination light (RH), glove box light, hazard warning light switch, heater control panel illumination light, multi center display unit, radio, tape player, CD player, rear combination light (RH), rear side marker light (RH) and rheostat
217.5AFront combination light (LH), license plate light, rear combination light (LH) and rear side marker light (LH)
2210AColumn switch, combination meter, ETACS-ECU, front-ECU, motor antenna assembly, multi center display unit, radio, tape player, CD player, sunroof motor assembly and vanity mirror light
2310AETACS-ECU, motor antenna assembly, radio, tape player and CD player
2415AFuel pump module
(The fusible link is connected to battery positive terminal)
2730AConvertible top control module
(The fusible link is connected in front of the relay box)
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