1996-2005 GMC Safari Fuse Box Diagram

The GMC Safari is a popular minivan that was produced from 1996 to 2005. If you own a GMC Safari, it’s important to know where the fuse boxes are located and what each fuse does. This information can be helpful if you ever have a problem with an electrical component in your vehicle.

Fuse Box Locations

There are two fuse boxes in the GMC Safari:

  • Under the hood: This fuse box is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, near the battery.
  • In the passenger cabin: This fuse box is located under the dashboard, on the passenger side.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberProtected Components
1Stop/Turn/Hazard Lamps, Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp, Anti-Lock Brakes, Chime Module (1996-1999)
21996-1998: No Fuse – Resistor;
1999: Heated Mirror (Not Used);
2000-2005: Radio Accessory, Rear Seat Audio Controls
3Courtesy Lamps, Power Outside Mirrors (1996-1999), Glove Box Lamp, Dome Reading Lamps, Vanity Mirror Lamps
41996-1999: DRL Relay, DRL Module, Chime Headlamp Switch, Keyless Entry, Cluster, Overhead Console, Interior Lamps Module;
2000-2005: Daytime Running Lamps Relay, Instrument Panel Cluster
51999-2005: Rear Defogger
61996-1999: Cruise Module, Cruise ControlSwitch, Electrochromic Mirror (1999);
2000-2005: Cruise Module, Truck Body Control Module, Instrument Panel Cluster, Cruise Control Switch, Electrochromic Mirror
7Power Outlets, DLC, Subwoofer Amplifier
81999: Starter Enable Relay;
2000-2005: Crank Circuit Fuse, Park/Neutral Switch, Starter Enabler Relay
9License Plate Lamp, Tailamps, Parking Lamps, Ashtray Lamp, Panel Lights, Trailer Taillamps, Front ana Rear Sidemarker Lamps, Door Switch Illumination, Headlamp Switch Illumination, Rear Seat Audio Illumination, Truck Body Control Module (2000-2005)
10Air Bag System
111996-1999: Wiper Motor, Washer Pump, Upfitter Relay Coil (1999)
12Blower Motor, Rear Air Conditioning Relay Coil, Front Cont. Temp. Door Motor, HI Blower Relay, Defogger Timer Coil
13Cigarette Lighter, Door Lock Switches, Dutch Door Release Module
14Cluster Illumination, Climate Controls, Chime Module, Radio Illumination, Rear Heat Switch Illumination, Rear Wiper/Washer Switch Illumination, Rear Liftgate Switch Illumination, Remote Cassette Illumination, Overhead Console, Truck Body Control Illumination
151996-1999: DRL Lamps;
2000-2005: Truck Body Module, Headlamp Relay
16Front Turn Signals, Rear Turn Signals, Trailer Turn Signals, Back-Up Lamps, Brake Transmission Shift Interlock Solenoid
171996-1999: Radio: ATC (Standby), 2000 Series (Main Feed), Rear Seat Audio Controls;
2000-2005: Front Wipers, Front Washer Pump
18VCM-Ign 3, VCM-Brake, Cruise Stepper Motor Signal, ATC Module
19Instrument Panel Radio: ATC (Main Feed), 2000 Series (Standby)
20PRNDL/Odometer, Shift A and Shift B Solenoids, 3-2 Downshift Solenoid, Instrument Panel Cluster (2000-2005), VCM Module (2000-2005)
211999: Security;
2000-2005: Power Adjust Mirrors
22Not Used
23Rear Wiper, Rear Washer Pump
24Not Used
A1996-1999: Power DoorLock Relay, 6-way Power Seat, Remote Control Door Lock Receiver, Dutch Door Module, Dutch Door Release (Circuit Breaker);
2000-2005: Power Door Lock Relay, 6-Way Power Seats (Circuit Breaker)
BPower Windows (Circuit Breaker)

Engine Compartment

UPFITTER – BATTUpfitter Battery Power Stud, Trailer Wiring Harness
UPFITTER – ACCYUpfitter Accessory Relay
SPARESpare fuses
ECM-1BFuel Pump Relay and Motor, VCM, Oil Pressure Switch/Sender
HORNHorn Relay and Horn
A/C COMPAir Conditioning Enable Relay and Compressor
RR HTR/ACRear Heater and Air Conditioning
ATCActive Transfer Case-L Van
FRT HVAC2000-2005: Front Heater and Air Conditioning
ENG-I1996-1999: Oxygen Sensors, Camshaft Position Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Solenoid, Linear EGR Valve Solenoid, VCM EGR HI;
2000-2005: Oxygen Sensors, Camshaft Position Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Evaporative Emission Canister Vent Solenoid
IGN-EAir Conditioning Enable Relay Coil
ECM-IFuel Injectors 1-6, Crankshaft Position Sensot, VCM, Coil Driver Module (EST), Ignition Coil
RH HDLMP2000-2005: Right Headlamp
LH HDLMP2000-2005: Left Headlamp
DIODE-1Air Conditioning
LIGHTING1996-1999: Park Lamps Fuse, DRL Fuse, Headlamp and Panel Dimmer Switch;
2000-2005: Courtesy Fuse, Power Adjust Mirrors Fuse, Truck Body Control Battery Fuse
BATT / BATT I/P1996-1998: Fuse Block Fuses, Power Seat CB, Stop/Hazard Fuse, Auxiliary Power Fuse, Cigarette Lighter Fuse, Radio, Battery Fuse;
1999: Steering/Security Fuse, Courtesy Fuse, ACSY CB, Stop/Hazard Fuse, Auxiliary Power Fuse, Cigarette Lighter Fuse, Radio Battery Fuse;
2000-2005: Power Accessory Circuit Breaker, Stop/Hazard Fuse, Auxiliary Power Fuse, Cigarette Lighter Fuse, Radio Battery Fuse
IGN AStarter Relay, Ignition Switch
IGN BIgnition Switch
ABSElectronic Brake Control Module
RAP2000-2005: Radio Accessory, Power Windows
HTD MIR/ RR DEFOGRear Window Defogger, Climate Control Head
A/C1996-1999: Blower Motor Resistor, Blower Relay
A/CRear/Heat and Air Conditioning
UPFITTER – ACCYUpfitter Accessory
A/C ENABLEAir Conditioning
AUX BUpfitter Battery Feed
AUX AUpfitter Accessory Feed


By knowing the location of the fuse boxes and fuse diagrams in your GMC Safari, you can easily troubleshoot electrical problems in your vehicle. This information can save you time and money by preventing you from having to take your vehicle to a mechanic for every little electrical problem.

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