2006-2014 Jaguar XK Fuse Box Diagram (X150)

The Jaguar XK (X150; 2006-2014) has two fuse boxes: a main fuse box and a secondary fuse box. The main fuse box is located under the left side of the dashboard, and the secondary fuse box is located under the hood, next to the battery. Moreover, there is another fuse box in the rear seating compartment.

The fuse box diagrams for the Jaguar XK (X150; 2006-2014) are presented in this article. These diagrams show the location of each fuse in the fuse box, as well as the amperage rating and function of each fuse.

If you are not sure which fuse is responsible for the electrical system that is not working, you can consult the fuse box diagrams.

Engine Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F1Not used.
F25AAdaptive front lighting system – LH.
F430APowerwash pump.
F5Not used.
F65AAdaptive cruise control.
F740AFront left screen heater.
F8Not used.
F915ACigar lighter.
F11Not used.
F1210ACluster VAPS.
F135AAdaptive front lighting system – RH.
F1415AIgnition coils.
F15Not used.
F16Not used.
F1715AECM, TCM memory.
F1820AEMS main, EMS secondary control.
F2040ADSC pump.
F21Not used.
F2220ADSC valves.
F23Not used.
F2415AIntercooler water pump (Supercharged engines only).
F25Not used.
F2640AWiper motor.
F27Not used.
F2815AVVT diode.
F295AOil temperature.
F3010AThrottle motor.
F3110ARadiator fan, ECM cooling fan.
F3240AFront right screen heater.
F3320AUHEGO – A bank heaters.
F3415AUHEGO – B bank heaters.
F3580A/100ARadiator fan.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F120AClimate seats.
F210AETS, Electric Parking Brake logic.
F320AKeyless vehicle module.
F420AClimate seats.
F55AInstrument panel logic.
F615AAir conditioning.
F75APassive Anti-Theft System (PATS) transmitter/receiver.
F85AFoot brake switch.
F95APassenger seat memory switch, Passenger seat module, Sunload sensor.
F1015AInstrument panel (column adjust).
F11Not used.
F1210AInterior lamp switched power comprises – map, courtesy, footwell, sun visor, glove box. In-car aspirator.
F13Not used.
F1415AAdaptive dynamic ride control power.
F15Not used.
F1615AFront power point, premium audio amplifier, cooling fan.
F185ADriver’s seat module, Singapore Road Pricing, Driver’s seat memory, Driver’s window and mirror switchpack.
F195ARF receiver.
F20Not used.
F21Not used.
F22Not used.
F2310ACabin accessory power.
F24Not used.
F25Not used.
F26Not used.
F27Not used.
F2830APassenger seat motor (2).
F2930APassenger seat motor (1).
F3030ADriver’s seat module (1).
F31Not used.
F3230ADriver’s seat module (2).
F33Not used.
F34Not used.
F35Not used.

Rear Seat Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F125APassenger door zone ECM.
F25ATyre Pressure Monitoring System.
F3Not used.
F4Not used.
F5Not used.
F6Not used.
F7Not used.
F85APower roof logic.
F9Not used.
F1010AAccessory connector B+.
F11Not used.
F12Not used.
F1325ADriver’s door zone ECM, OBD2.
F1410ANavigation, VICS, power.
F15Not used.
F16Not used.
F1710ARestraints control module, Instrument pack, Occupancy classification sensor.
F1830AElectric Parking Brake (EPB).
F1910ASupercharged active exhaust.
F20Not used.
F2115AIHU, supply (IAV, ICM, ICP).
F225APhone, VEMS, power.
F2330AHeated rear screen.
F2510ADVD, power.
F26Not used.
F2710APedestrian impact sensor.
F29Not used.
F3040APower roof rear quarters.
F3130APower Amp supply.
F3240APower roof supply.
F3330AFuel pump module.
F3440ABlower motor.
F35Not used.


The fuse box diagram is a helpful tool for troubleshooting electrical problems in your Jaguar XK. By understanding the fuse box diagram, you can quickly and easily identify which fuse may be blown when you are having an electrical problem.

This can save you time and money by preventing you from having to take your Jaguar XK to a mechanic for every small electrical problem.

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