2003-2008 Jaguar S-Type Fuse Box Diagram

The Jaguar S-Type is a luxury sedan that was produced from 2003 to 2008. This article provides diagrams of fuse boxes, as well as a description of the fuses and relays that they contain.

Fuse boxes are important safety devices that protect your Jaguar S-Type’s electrical system from damage. If a fuse blows, it indicates that there is a short circuit or other problem in the circuit that the fuse protects. If you suspect that a fuse has blown, it is important to replace it with a fuse of the correct amperage.

The diagrams in this article can help you to identify the correct fuse for the problem that you are experiencing. They can also help you to troubleshoot electrical problems in your Jaguar S-Type.

Engine Compartment

The engine compartment fuse box is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, near the battery. It is covered by a black plastic cover.

The fuse box contains fuses that are labeled with a number and a description of the circuit that they protect. The amperage rating of each fuse is also printed on the fuse box.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F15A2006-2008: ABS B+.
F25A2004-2008: Engine management system (EMS) engine control module. Vacuum solenoid.
F320A2004-2008: Auxiliary fuel fired heater.
F420AABS valves, vbatt.
F5Not used.
F6Not used.
F7Not used.
F8Not used.
F950AGasoline HEGO sensors, ignition EMS relays.
F10Not used.
F1130A/40AHeadlight powerwash.
F1380ACooling fan.
F1415ARight-hand dipped beam high intensity discharge (HID) light.
F1515AFront fog light.
F1715AFuel injectors.
F1810A/20A2003-2005: Throttle motor.
2006-2008: Engine management ignition supply.
F1910A/15APetrol: Ignition coil on plugs supply.
Diesel: Pressure control valve, volume control valveю
F2020A/30APetrol: Right-hand oxygen sensor heaters.
Diesel: Engine management system engine control unit.
F21 / D15A2004-2008: Rain sense module.
F22 / D2Not used.
F23Not used.
F24Not used.
F2540ARight-hand windscreen heater.
F26Not used.
F2730AStarter motor solenoid.
F2830AABS pump motor.
F29Not used.
F3040ALeft-hand windscreen heater.
F3130A/50A2002-2005: ABS module (ABS valves).
2006-2008: SAI relay.
F3210AAir compressor clutch, auxiliary coolant pump.
F3310AEngine control module and transmission control module battery supply.
F3415ALeft-hand dipped beam high intensity discharge (HID) light.
F3520A/30ALeft-hand oxygen sensor heaters.
F3615AIntercooler pump (supercharged model).
F3710A/15AAir flow meter, purge valve, inlet manifold tuning valves (V6 only), EGR valve (V8 only), air filter solenoid (V8 S/C only), MAF sensors, VGT, canister close valve.
F3810AEngine control module, ignition supply, cooling fan module, air conditioner clutch relay.
D3Ignition relay diode.
D4Not used.

Passenger Compartment

The passenger compartment fuse box is located in the center console, under the armrest. It is covered by a black plastic cover.

The fuse box contains 35 fuses, which are labeled with a number and a description of the circuit that they protect. The amperage rating of each fuse is also printed on the fuse box.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F15AEngine control module/crankshaft sensor.
F2Not used.
F35AABS/Dynamic stability control module, ACC module.
F45AInertia switch, engine management system, fuel pump relay, ignition relay, rear electronics module, instrument cluster, brake pedal, cruise control cancel.
F510ARestraint control module, airbag occupant sensor, passenger airbag de-activation light.
F610AOBDII connector.
F75ADriver’s door module, seat logic (2002-2003), battery backed sounder, security LED.
F85AFront right turn indicator, sidemarker, park, repeater light.
F910ARight-hand dipped beam, left-hand HID relay coil.
F105AFront left turn indicator, sidemarker, park, repeater light.
F1110ALeft-hand main beam.
F1215AScreenwash pump.
F135AInstrument cluster.
F1410AClimate control system, two stage adaptive damping control module.
F155AIgnition switch feed (RUN) to alternator, J-gate, transmission control module.
F1610APassenger/driver heated seat modules, electrochromic mirror, rain sense module, headlight levelling/HID, tire pressure module.
F175AInstrument cluster (airbag warning light, alternator warning light, seat belt chime).
F1820ARadio head unit, touch-screen/display unit.
F1915ASteering column tilt and reach motors.
F2010ALogic supply to instrument cluster, climate control system, front electronic module, rear electronic module, electric parkbrake.
F21Not used.
F2210ADriver’s door module battery supply (driver’s door mirror, locks).
F2310ARight-hand main beam.
F245APassive anti-theft system.
F2510ALeft-hand dipped beam, right-hand HID relay coil.
F265AElectric parkbrake switch illumination, AM/FM antenna amplifier, sunblind motor, cigar lighter and power point relay.
F2710ARadio head unit, touch-screen/display unit, navigation module, centre console switchpack, voice control, phone transceiver.
F28Not used.
F295AReversing aid module, telephone transceiver, front electronic module, voice control.
F3010AFront electronic module power.
F31Not used.
F3210AAccessory relay and socket.
F3310AFront electronic module (instrument dimming, fuel/luggage compartment switchpack.)
F34Not used.
F355ABrake on/off switch, cruise control cancel switch (2002-2003), bottom of clutch switch.

Luggage Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F140A2002-2003: Battery supply to OBDII connector.
2004-2008: Passenger compartment fusebox – battery supply.
F220A/30A2002-2003: Accessory socket.
2004-2008: Cigar lighter and power point relay.
F320AIgnition switch.
F420ALeft-hand rear window raise/lower.
F520ADriver’s window raise/lower.
F620AFront passenger’s window raise/lower.
F720ARight-hand rear window raise/lower.
F8Not used.
F9Not used.
F1030ABlower motor.
F1120APassenger seat.
F1230ASwitch system power 1 relay.
F1330ASwitch system power 2 relay.
F1430ASwitch system power 3 relay.
F1520ADriver’s seat.
F16Not used.
F17Not used.
F1820ADriver’s seat.
F1920APassenger’s seat.
F2030ASwitch system power 4 relay.
F2130AHeated rear window, heated mirrors.
F22Not used.
F2330AFuel pumps.
D1Fuel pump relay diode.
D2Not used.
F245ATire pressure module.
F255ACD player.
F2615AAdaptive damping.
F27Not used.
F2830ARemote audio power amplifier.
F2910ATelephone, Navigation.
F305AAlternator sense (V8 S/C only).
F3120ASunroof control module.
F3210ADriver’s seat.
F335ATransit relay.
F3415A/20ALeft/right-hand heater seat module.
F3530AElectric parkbrake.
F36Not used.
F3710APassenger seat.
F38Not used.
F39Not used.
F40Not used.
F41Not used.
F425A/10ADriver/passenger heated door mirrors.
F43Not used.
F4410ALeft-hand rear reverse light, direction indicator, side marker, trailer tow relay and module.
F45Not used.
F4610ALuggage compartment lid and interior lights, fuel filler flap solenoid.
F4715ARear electronic module, fuel pump driver.
F4810ARight-hand rear reverse light, direction indicator, side marker, number plate light.
F4915ASecondary fuel pump module (S/C only).
F505ATransit relay.
F525AElectric parkbrake.
F5310ARight-hand rear stop, tail and fog lights, high mounted stop light.
F54Not used.
F5510AFootwell lights, roof courtesy lights, map lights, visor light, puddle light, glove compartment light, garage door opener.
F5615A2004-2008: Cigar lighter.
F5710ALeft-hand rear stop, tail and fog lights.
F5820A2004-2008: Power point.
F5915ARear electronic module, rear and passenger door locks, steering column (2002-2003), boot solenoid.
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