2023 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram

In this article, learn more about the 2023 Ford F150 fuse box diagram, its location, and function. We are dedicated to simplifying the intricate details of fuses, so you can fully grasp their significance and function. Our intention is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of your electrical system, ensuring you feel assured and comfortable in its workings.

The fuse box is responsible for protecting the electrical circuits from overloading and damage. This quick reference guide is not intended to replace your vehicle Owner’s Manual which contains more detailed information concerning the features of your vehicle, as well as important safety warnings designed to help reduce the risk of injury to you and your passengers.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Manual.

Always disconnect the battery before servicing high-current fuses. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, always replace the cover with the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs.

Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire.

If electrical components in the vehicle are not working, a fuse may have blown. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire within the fuse. Check the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components.


How do you open the hood on a 2023 Ford F150?

To open a 2023 Ford F150 hood, follow these steps:

  1. The hood release lever is inside the vehicle, pull the hood release handle located under the bottom of the instrument panel.
  2. Look for a lever or a handle that you can pull or push. It may be labeled with a picture of a car with an open hood.
  3. Once you’ve located the lever, pull or push it firmly. This will disengage the hood latch.
  4. Go to the front of the vehicle and release the auxiliary latch that is located on the front bumper under the grill.
  5. Lift the hood until the lift cylinders hold it open.

2023 Ford F150 Power Distribution Box Diagram

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads. If you disconnect and reconnect the battery, you will need to reset some features. The high-current fuses are coded as follows:

Fuse or relay number  Fuse amp Rating  Protected Component  
1  40 ABody control module – battery power in feed 1.  
3  40 ABody control module – battery power in feed 2.  
4  30 AFuel pump.  
5  5 APowertrain control module coil.  
6  25 APowertrain control module power (gas, hybrid).  
7  20 APowertrain control module power.  
8  20 APowertrain control module power (hybrid).  
10 APowertrain control module power (gas, Raptor, Tremor).  
9  20 APowertrain control module power (gas, hybrid).  
10  –  Not used.  
11  30 AStarter motor.  
13  40 ABlower motor.  
15  25 AHorn.  
19  20 ASnowplow switch (gas)/Rear heated seats (gas, hybrid).  
21  10 AHeadlamp run/start feed.  
22  10 AElectronic power assist steering.  
23  10 AElectric brake boost.  
24  10 APowertrain control module (gas, hybrid).  
25  10 AElectronic power assists steering.  
28  50 AElectric brake boost.  
29  50 AElectric brake boost.  
30  40 ADriver power seat.  
31  30 APassenger power seat.  
32  20 AAuxiliary power point.  
33  20 AAuxiliary power point/USB smart charger.  
34  20 AAuxiliary power point.  
37  30 ATailgate module.  
38  40 ACenter high-mounted stop lamp camera/Trailer camera/2 kW inverter/24 V alternator – run/start feed/Analog rear video camera.  
41  25 APower sliding back window.  
42  30 ATrailer brake control module.  
47  50 ACooling fan (gas, hybrid, Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
48  20 ARear heated seats (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R)  
49  50 ACooling fan (gas, hybrid, Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
50  40 AHeated backlight (gas, hybrid).  
55  30 ATrailer tow park lamps.  
56  20 AChange the air cooler fan relay (Raptor, Tremor).  
58  10 ATrailer tow backup lamps.  
60  15 AUpfitter 1 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
61  15 AUpfitter 2 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
62  10 AUpfitter 3 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
63  10 AUpfitter 4 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
64  25 AFour-wheel drive.  
65  –  Not used.  
67  20 ATransmission run/start.  
69  30 ALeft-hand windshield wiper.  
72  30 AFuel pump 2 (Raptor R).  
82  25 AFour-wheel drive.  
83  –  Not used.  
84  –  Not used.  
85  –  Not used.  
86  –  Not used.  
91  20 ATrailer tow light module.  
95  15 APowertrain control module power (hybrid).  
98  10 APowertrain control module power (hybrid)/Coolant pumps (hybrid).  
100  15 ALeft-hand headlamps.  
101  15 ARight-hand headlamps.  
105  50 AActive front steering.  
107  30 ATrailer tow battery charge.  
108  15 ASpot lamps (police).  
121  –  Not used.  
124  5 ARain sensor module.  
125  10 AUSB smart charger.  
134  25 ACenter high-mounted stop lamp camera/Trailer camera/2 kW inverter/24 V alternator – run/start feed/Analog rear video camera.  
138  10 ATailgate release.  
139  5 AUSB smart charger.  
146  15 ATraction battery control module (hybrid)/Charge air pump (Raptor R).  
147  40 AChange air cooler fan relay (Raptor, Tremor).  
159  5 ADC/DC power (hybrid).  
160  10 ASmart data link control.  
168  15 ATraction battery control module (hybrid).  
169  10 AMotor electric coolant pump (hybrid).  
170  10 APedestrian alert control module (hybrid)/Traction battery control module (hybrid)/Motor electric coolant pump (hybrid).  
202  60 ABody control module B+.  
210  30 ABody control module start/stop.  
305  5 AUpfitter 5 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
306  5 AUpfitter 6 relay (Raptor, Tremor, Raptor R).  
Relay Number  Protected Component  
R04  Electronic fan relay 1.  
R06  Electronic fan relay 3.  
R35  Not used.  
R36  Not used.  

2023 Ford F150 Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

The fuse panel is on the right-hand side of the passenger footwell behind a trim panel. To remove the fuse panel cover, press the tabs on both sides of the cover, and then pull it off. To reinstall the fuse panel cover, place the top part of the cover on the fuse panel and push the bottom part until it latches. Gently pull on the cover to make sure it has latched properly.

Fuse Location  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  –  Not used.  
2  10 ADelayed accessory feed.  
3  7.5 AWireless charger.  
4  20 ANot used.  
5  –  Not used.  
6  10 ADriver power window switch.  
7  10 AGear shift module.  
8  5 ACell phone passport module.  
9  5 ACombined sensor module.  
10  –  Not used.  
11  –  Not used.  
12  7.5 AEnhanced central gateway.   Climate control.  
13  7.5 AInstrument cluster.   Steering column control module.  
14  15 ANot used (spare).  
15  15 AIntegrated control panel.   SYNC.  
16  –  Not used.  
17  7.5 AHeadlamp control module.  
18  7.5 ANot used.  
19  5 AHeadlamp switch.  
20  5 APassive start.   Ignition switch.   Key inhibit solenoid.  
21  5 ATrailer brake switch.  
22  5 ATrailer battery charge run/start.  
23  30 ADriver door control module.  
24  30 AMoonroof.  
25  20 ANot used.  
26  30 APassenger door control module.  
27  30 ANot used.  
28  30 AAmplifier.  
29  15 A12-inch display/Adjustable pedals.  
30  5 ANot used.  
31  10 ARF receiver/Driver monitor/Terrain management switch.  
32  20 AAudio control module.  
33  400-watt inverter run/start.  Not used.  
34  30 ARun/start relay.  
35  5 A400 watt inverter run/start.  
36  15 AAuto-dimming interior mirror. Rear heat seat run/start.   Adaptive front steering run/start.   Heated wheel (vehicles without adaptive front steering).  
37  20 AAdvanced driver-assistance systems.  
38  30 A circuit breaker.  Rear power windows.  
AMicro 2.
BMicro 3.
EM Case.
FJ Case.
G J Case Low Profile.
H Slotted M Case.

Conclusion on 2023 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram

In summary, having a comprehensive understanding of the fuse box diagram for the 2023 Ford F150 is crucial for every car owner. By finding out more information about the different elements and purposes of the fuse box, and by referring to the provided diagram, you can easily identify the specific fuse connected to the malfunctioning component. This knowledge empowers you to replace the fuse and reinstate the proper functionality of your vehicle. We trust that this article has furnished you with the essential insights needed to gain a good understanding and make efficient use of the 2023 Ford F150 fuse box diagram.

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