2015-2019 Fiat Ducato fuse box diagram

This article focuses on the facelifted first-generation Fiat Ducato, available from 2015 to the present. It includes fuse box diagrams for model years 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019, with details on fuse panel locations inside the vehicle and the functions of each fuse.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Fiat Ducato are the fuses F09 (Rear power socket), F14 (Power socket), F15 (Cigar lighter) in the Engine compartment fuse box, and fuse F56 (Rear passenger power socket) in the Optional fuse box on the right central post.

Engine compartment

NumberFuse Ampere rating [A]Device protected
F0330Ignition switch (+battery)
F0440Heated filter
F0520/50Vaporiser for Puma engine/Passenger compartment ventilation with Webasto, robotised gearbox pump (+battery)
F0640/60Engine cooling high speed fan (+battery)
F0740/50/60Engine cooling low speed fan (+battery)
F0840Passenger compartment fan (+key
F0915Rear power socket (+battery)
F1415Power socket (+battery)
F1515Cigar lighter (+battery)
F187,5Powertrain Control Module, robotised gearbox control unit (+battery)
F197,5Air conditioning compressor
F2030Windscreen wiper
F247,5Auxiliary control panel for mirror movement and folding (+key)
F3015Mirrors demisting

Dashboard Fuse box

NumberFuse Ampere rating [A]Device protected
F127,5Right dipped beam headlight
F137,5Left dipped headlight
F315Engine compartment control unit relay, dashboard control unit relay (+key)
F327,5Lighting of roof lights in the passenger compartment (+battery)
F337,5Battery monitoring sensor for Start&Stop versions (+battery)
F347,5Minibus interior lights (emergency)
F357,5Reversing lights, sevotronic control unit, Water in diesel fuel filter sensor, (+key)
F3610Radio, climate control, alarm, tachograph, battery disconnecting control unit, Webasto timer (+battery
F377,5Brake light control (main), third brake light instrument panel (+key
F3820Door lock (+battery
F4320Windscreen wiper (+key)
F4720Driver’s side electric window
F4820Passenger side electric window
F495Parking sensor control unit, radio, steering wheel controls, central control panel, left control panel, auxiliary panel, battery disconnecting control unit (+key
F515Climate control, power steering control unit, reverse lights, diesel filter water sensor, flow meter, tachograph (+key)
F537,5Instrument panel (+battery)
F907,5Left main beam headlight
F917,5Right main beam headlight
F927,5Left fog light
F937,5Right fog light

Optional fuse box

NumberFuse Ampere rating [A]Device protected
F5515Heated seats
F5615Rear passenger power socket
F5710Additional heater under the seat
F5810Left heated rear window
F597,5Right heated rear window
F6310Additional passenger heater control
F6530Additional passenger heater fan
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