2005-2010 Fiat Multipla fuse box diagram

The Fiat Multipla, a compact MPV, was manufactured between 2004 and 2010. This article provides fuse box diagrams for models from 2005 to 2010. It details the locations of the fuse panels inside the vehicle and explains the function of each fuse (fuse layout).

Passenger compartment

The fuse box is located under the oddments tray on the driver’s side.


The fuse box is located next to the battery

Engine compartment

Ampere rating [A]
Diesel versions only
297,5Fiat code
3020Webasto boiler (additional heater)
317,5Main relay
3325Diesel fuel filter heating
347,5+ 15 CCM and Fiat code control unit
3530Headlight washer pump
Gasoline versions only
3615Lambda probe
377,5+ 15 CCM and Fiat code control unit
387,5+ 30 Fiat code control unit
397,5+ 15 ABS
4020Headlight washer pump
On the passenger’s compartment partition
4140Engine cooling fan (with heater)
4150Engine cooling fan (with air conditioner)
4260Glow plugs
Maxi fuses
4430Ignition switch (EFI)
4530Electronic injection (IGN)
4660Secondary control unit protection
4780Passenger’s compartment control unit protection

Passenger compartment

Ampere rating [A]
110Right-hand main beam
210Left-hand main beam
210Main beam warning light
320Rear fog lights
320Rear fog lights warning light
320Side/taillight power
410Left-hand dipped beam
530Car interior fan
610Right-hand number plate light
610Right-hand front sidelight
610Cigar lighter light
610Ashtray light
610Side/taillight warning light
610Sound system light
610Left-hand taillight
710Left-hand number plate light
710Left-hand front sidelight
710Right-hand taillight
710Heating system lighting
810Right-hand dipped beam
810Brake fluid warning light
810Headlight beam adjuster
810Headlight washer relay coil
915Cigar lighter
915Conditioner compressor
1020Headlight washer
1020Windscreen wiper
1020Rear window wiper
1210+ 30 instrument panel
1210+ 30 front ceiling light
1210+ 30 EOBD Fiat tester
1210+ 30 rear ceiling light
1210+ 30 sound system
1210+ 30 connect-nav
1210+ 30 navigator
1210+ 30 clock
1210+ 30 sunroof
1210+ 30 webcast (additional heater)
1210+ 30 anti-that control unit
1315Reversing light
1315Front direction indicators
1315Brake light
1315Third brake light
1315Rear direction indicators
1315Direction indicator warning light
1315Side direction indicators
1315Hazard light warning light
1315+15 cellular phone
1315+15 sound system
1315+15 connect-nav
1315+15 navigator
1315Anti-theft control unit
1410Hazard light power
1410Anti-theft led
1410Anti-theft control unit
1530Heated rear window
1530Electric mirror defrosting
1615Front fog lights
177,5Electric mirror movement
177,5Air recirculation
177,5Cigar lighter relay coil
177,5Windscreen wiper relay coil
177,5Electric seat relay coil
177,5Heater relay coil
177,5Heated rear window relay coil
177,512V socket relay coil
1830Front power windows
1930Tunnel 12V outlet
1925Boot 12V outlet
2025Refrigerator presetting
2025Electric seat riser
217,5Electric mirror defrosting
227,5Airbag circuit
237,5ASR ON button
2420ABI control unit (power windows/front door lock)
257,5+15 phone presetting
257,5+15 sound system
257,5+ 15 sunroof relay coil
257,5+15 navigator
257,5+ 15 remote control receiver
257,5+ 15 taxi-meter
257,5+15 Airbag
257,5+ 15 GSM box
257,5+ 15 ABI control unit
267,5+ 30 taxi-meter
2725+ 30 sunroof
2825Rear power windows
The group of fuses marked with letter (B) contains spare filaments.
C – the pliers.
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