2014 Ford F450 Fuse Box Diagram

In this informative blog post, we will discover the 2014 Ford F450 fuse box diagram. We will also explore the location of each fuse, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently navigate your F450’s electrical system.

Identifying the Fuse Types


Micro 2
BMicro 3
EM Case
FJ Case
GJ Case Low Profile

Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire.

2014 Ford F450 Fuse Box Diagram (Power Distribution Box)

Located in the engine compartment, the power distribution box serves as a home for high-current fuses that act as vital safeguards for your vehicle’s essential electrical systems.


These fuses play a crucial role in shielding the main electrical components of your vehicle from overload, ensuring their protection and uninterrupted operation.

*Cartridge fuses **Mini fuses

Fuse or relay number  Fuse amp rating  Protected components  
1  Relay  Blower motor  
2  —  Not used  
3  Relay  Urea heaters (diesel engine)  
4  —  Not used  
5  Relay  Rear window defroster, Heated mirrors  
6  —  Not used  
7  50A*  Rear window defroster, Heated mirrors  
8  30A*  Passenger seat  
9  30A*  Driver seat  
10  —  Not used  
11  —  Not used  
12  30A*  Driver smart window motor  
13  —  Not used  
14  —  Not used  
15  Diode  Fuel pump (diesel engine)  
16  —  Not used  
17  15A**  Heated mirror  
18  —  Not used  
19  —  Not used  
20  —  Not used  
21  —  Not used  
22  30A*  Trailer tow electric brake  
23  40A*  Blower motor  
24  —  Not used  
25  30A*  Wipers  
26  30A*  Trailer tow park lamps  
27  25A*  Urea heaters (diesel engine)  
28  —  Buss bar  
29  Relay  Trailer tow park lamps  
30  Relay  A/C clutch  
31  Relay  Wipers  
32  —  Not used  
33  15A**  Vehicle power 1  
34  15A**  Vehicle power 2 (diesel engine)  
20A**  Vehicle power 2 (gas engine)  
35  10A**  Vehicle power 3  
36  15A**  Vehicle power 4 (diesel engine)  
20A**  Vehicle power 4 (gas engine)  
37  10A**  Vehicle power 5 (diesel engine)  
38  Relay  Powertrain control module (diesel engine)
Electronic control module (gas engine)  
39  10A**  4×4 hub lock  
40  15A**  4×4 electronic lock  
41  —  Not used  
42  20A**  Rear heated seats  
43  —  Not used  
44  —  Not used  
45  10A**  Run/start relay coil  
46  10A**  Transmission control module keep-alive power (diesel engine)  
47  10A**  A/C clutch feed  
48  Relay  Run/start  
49  10A**  Rearview camera system  
50  10A**  Blower motor relay coil  
51  —  Not used  
52  10A**  Powertrain control module, Electronic control module, Transmission control module run/start  
53  10A**  4×4 module  
54  10A**  Anti-lock brake system run/start  
55  10A**  Rear window defroster coil, Battery charge coil  
56  20A**  Passenger compartment fuse panel run/start feed  
57  Relay  Fuel pump  
58  —  Not used  
59  —  Not used  
60  —  Not used  
61  —  Not used  
62  —  Not used  
63  —  Not used  
64  —  Not used  
65  —  Not used  
66  20A**  Fuel pump  
67  —  Not used  
68  10A**  Fuel pump relay coil  
69  —  Not used  
70  10A**  Trailer tow backup lamp  
71  10A**  Canister vent (gas engine)  
72  10A**  Powertrain control module, Electronic control module relay coil feed keep-alive power  
73  —  Not used  
74  Relay  Trailer tow left-hand stop/turn  
75  Relay  Trailer tow right-hand stop/turn  
76  Relay  Trailer tow backup lamp  
77  —  Not used  
78  —  Not used  
79  —  Not used  
80  —  Not used  
81  —  Not used  
82  20A*  Auxiliary power point #2  
83  20A*  Auxiliary power point #1  
84  30A*  4×4 shift motor  
85  30A*  Heated/cooled seats  
86  25A*  Anti-lock brake system coil feed  
87  20A*  Auxiliary power point #5  
88  20A*  Auxiliary power point #6  
89  40A*  Starter motor  
90  25A*  Trailer tow battery charge  
91  —  Not used  
92  20A*  Auxiliary power point #4  
93  20A*  Auxiliary power point #3  
94  25A*  Auxiliary switch #1  
95  25A*  Auxiliary switch #2  
96  50A*  Anti-lock brake system pump  
97  40A*  Inverter  
98  —  Not used  
99  40A*  Instrument panel power inverter  
100  25A*  Trailer tow turn signals  
101  Relay  Starter  
102  Relay  Trailer tow battery charge  
103  —  Not used  
104  —  Not used  
105  —  Not used  
106  —  Not used  
107  —  Not used  

2014 Ford F450 Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel Diagram

In the 2014 Ford F450, the passenger compartment fuse panel is located near the passenger’s feet for easy access. To reach the fuses, simply remove the cover of the panel by pulling it towards yourself. It comes off easily, revealing the fuse panel underneath.

Fuse or relay number  Fuse amp rating  Protected components  
1  30A  Not used (spare)  
2  15A  Auxiliary switch relay #4  
3  30A  Passenger smart window motor  
4  10A  Interior lights, Hood lamp  
5  20A  Moonroof  
6  5A  Driver seat module  
7  7.5A  Driver seat switch, Driver lumbar motor  
8  10A  Power mirror switch  
9  10A  Auxiliary switch relay #3  
10  10A  Run/accessory relay, Customer access feed  
11  10A  Instrument cluster  
12  15A  Interior lighting
Lighted running board lamps  
13  15A  Right turn signals and brake lamps
Right trailer tow stop turn relay  
14  15A  Left turn signals and brake lamps
Left trailer tow stop turn relay  
15  15A  High-mounted stop lamps
Backup lamps
Trailer tow backup relay
Reverse signal interior mirror  
16  10A  Right low beam headlamp  
17  10A  Left low beam headlamp  
18  10A  Keypad illumination
Passive anti-theft transceiver
Powertrain control module
Brake shift interlock  
19  20A  Subwoofer, Amplifier  
20  20A  Power door locks  
21  10A  Brake on/off switch  
22  20A  Horn  
23  15A  Not used (spare)  
24  15A  Steering wheel control module
Diagnostic connector
Power fold mirror realy
Remote keyless entry
Electronic finish panel  
25  15A  Not used (spare)  
26  5A  Steering wheel control module  
27  20A  Not used (spare)  
28  15A  Ignition switch  
29  20A  SYNC, GPS module, Radio faceplate  
30  15A  Parking lamp relay,
Trailer tow parking lamp relay  
31  5A  Trailer brake controller (brake signal)
Customer access  
32  15A  Moonroof motor
Telescoping mirror switch
Auto dimming mirrors
Power inverter
Driver and passenger door lock switch illumination
Rear heated seat switch illumination
Driver and passenger smart window motor
Passenger window switch  
33  10A  Restraint control module  
34  10A  Heated steering wheel module
Rear heated seats module  
35  5A  Select shift switch
Reverse park aid module
Trailer brake control module  
36  10A  Fuel tank select switch  
37  10A  Positive temperature coefficient heater  
38  10A  AM/FM radio faceplate  
39  15A  High beam headlamps  
40  10A  Parking lamps (in mirrors)
Roof marker lamps  
41  7.5A  Passenger airbag deactivation indicator  
42  5A  Not used (spare)  
43  10A  Wiper relay  
44  10A  Auxiliary switches  
45  5A  Not used (spare)  
46  10A  Climate control  
47  15A  Fog lamps, Fog lamp indicator (in switch)  
48  30A Circuit breaker  Power windows switch
Power rear sliding window switch
Moonroof switch  
49  Relay  Delayed accessory  

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