2014 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram. Unlocking the secrets.

In this article, we will thoroughly explore the 2014 Ford Expedition fuse box diagram, we will explore the layout and functions of the various fuses. Our objective is to offer you a comprehensive purpose of each fuse, of how these small yet essential protectors play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s electrical components.

The electrical system of your car is an essential element responsible for powering a range of functions, guaranteeing a seamless driving experience. Serving as a protector, the fuse box safeguards critical electrical components from harm or glitches by carefully managing the flow of electrical currents. Equipped with a comprehensive fuse box diagram, you gain the ability to unravel this intricate electrical enigma, effortlessly identifying individual fuses, comprehending their specific ratings, and confidently troubleshooting any issues that may arise. By promptly addressing electrical concerns, you not only save valuable time and potential repair expenses but also ensure the ongoing safety and optimal performance of your vehicle.

Note: If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker opens, all parts connected to that circuit will stop working. Taking the time to inspect and replace faulty fuses can save you from unnecessary repairs and potential hazards, ensuring the smooth operation of your vehicle's electrical components.

2014 Ford Expedition Power Distribution Box

Nestled deep within the engine compartment of your vehicle, you’ll find the power distribution box, an important haven for high-current fuses. These fuses act as formidable guardians, playing a crucial role in safeguarding the main electrical systems from harmful overloads and ensuring their smooth operation. What sets these high-current fuses apart is their distinct coding system a complex tapestry that unravels the mystery of how they differ and how they can be identified. This intricate symphony of codes allows each fuse to reveal its true nature, enabling seamless cooperation within the electrical realm of your vehicle. Prepare to witness the captivating world of coded high-current fuses as it unfolds before you.

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.

* Mini Fuses/ ** Cartridge Fuses
Fuse or relay locationFuse amp ratingProtected circuits
1Powertrain control module relay
2Starter relay
3Blower motor relay
4Trailer tow battery charge relay
5Fuel pump relay
6Electronic fan 1 relay
7Rear window defroster/heated mirror relay
8Electronic fan 3 relay
9Run/start relay
10Not used
1140A**Power running board
1240A**Run/start relay
1330A **Starter relay
1440A**Electronic fan
15Not used
1640A**Electronic fan
17Not used
1830A**Trailer brake
19Not used
2020A**4×4 module
2130A**Trailer tow battery charge relay
2230A**Passenger power seat
23Air conditioner clutch relay
24Trailer tow park lamp relay
25Not used
26Not used
2825A*Trailer tow park lamp relay
2920A*Backup lamps, Integrated wheel end solenoid
3010A*Air conditioner clutch relay
31Not used
3240A**Blower motor relay
3340A**110–volt AC powerpoint
3430A**Auxiliary blower motor
3530A**Powertrain control module relay
3630A**Power liftgate
37Trailer tow left-hand stop/turn relay
38Trailer tow right-hand stop/turn relay
39Backup lamps relay
40Electronic fan 2 relay
4110A*Powertrain control module keep-alive power
42Not used
435A*Brake on/off switch
4420A*Fuel pump relay
4525A*Trailer tow stop/turn lamps relay
46Not used
47Not used
48Not used
49Not used
5030A**Front wiper motor relay
5140A**Rear window defroster and heated mirror relay
5210A*Anti-lock brake system run/start feed
53Not used
54Not used
555A*Fuel pump relay coil run/start feed
5630A*Passenger compartment fuse panel run/start feed
5710A*Blower motor relay coil
5815A*Trailer tow backup lamps
5915A*Heated mirrors
60Not used
61Fuel pump diode
62Not used
6325A**Electronic fan
6520A**Auxiliary power point(instrument panel)
6620A**Auxiliary power point (rear of center console)
6740A**Front row climate controlled seats
6860A**Anti-lock brake system valves
6960A**Anti-lock brake system pump
7030A**Third-row power fold seat
7120A**Auxiliary power point/cigar lighter
7220A**Auxiliary power point (right rear quarter panel)
73Not used
7430A**Driver power seat
7520A*Vehicle power 1 – powertrain control module
7620A*Vehicle power 2 – powertrain control module
7715A*Vehicle power 4 – ignition coils
78Not used
7920A*Vehicle power 3 – powertrain control module
80Not used
81Not used
82Not used
83Not used
84Not used
85Wiper motor relay

2014 Ford Expedition Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

You can find the fuse panel situated beneath the right-hand side of the instrument panel.

To gain access to the fuse box, remove the trim panel by pulling it towards you and swinging it away from the side. Once removed, you can reinstall it by aligning the tabs with the grooves on the panel and pushing them back into place.

For removing the fuse box cover, press the tabs on both sides of the cover and then pull it off.

To reinstall the fuse box cover, position the top part of the cover on the fuse panel and push the bottom part until you hear a satisfying click, indicating that it is securely shut. Give a gentle tug on the cover to ensure it is properly seated. The fuses are categorized and marked as follows:

Fuse or relay locationFuse amp ratingProtected circuits
130ADriver window
215ADriver-side memory module
315AAudio rear seat controls, Satellite radio, SYNC
430ANot used (spare)
510AKeypad illumination, 3rd-row seat enable, Brake shift interlock, Smart fuse panel logic power
620ATurn signals
710ALow beam headlamps (left)
810ALow beam headlamps (right)
915AInterior lights
1015ASwitch backlighting, Puddle lamps
1110ANot used (spare)
127.5APower mirrors, Driver seat memory switch
135ANot used (spare)
1410APower liftgate module – keep-alive power
1510AClimate control, Global positioning satellite module
1615ANot used (spare)
1720ADoor locks, Liftgate release, Liftglass release
1820ASecond-row heated seats
1925ARear wiper
2015AAdjustable pedals, Datalink
2115AFog lamps
2215APark lamps
2315AHigh beam headlamps
2510ADemand lamps, Glove box, Visor
2610AInstrument panel cluster
2720AIgnition switch
295AInstrument panel cluster
305ANot used (spare)
3110ANot used (spare)
3210AAirbag module
3310ATrailer brake logic
345ANot used (spare)
3510ARear park assist, 4×4, rear video camera, 2nd row heated seats
365APassive anti-theft system
3710AClimate control
4020ANavigation amplifier
4115APower windows, Power vents, Power moonroof, Auto dimming rear view mirror, 110 volt AC powerpoint
4210ANot used (spare)
4310ARear wiper logic, Rain sensor
4410ATrailer tow battery charge relay coil
455AFront wiper logic
467.5AClimate control, Auxiliary relay control
4730A CircuitBreakerPower windows, Moonroof
48Delayed accessory relay

Standard Fuse Amperage Rating and Color

Fuse ratingMini fusesStandard fusesMaxi fusesCartridge maxi fusesFuse link cartridge
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In a nutshell, understanding the fuse box diagram in your 2014 Ford Expedition is vital for troubleshooting electrical issues and maintaining the overall health of your vehicle’s electrical system. The fuse box diagram acts as your guide, enabling you to quickly identify the fuse associated with a specific electrical system or component. Whether you’re looking to replace a blown fuse or troubleshoot a persistent electrical problem, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle these challenges head-on.

Always remember to replace fuses with ones that have the exact amperage rating specified to maintain electrical safety. Using fuses with higher amperage ratings can result in severe wire damage or even pose fire hazards. Following the recommended amperage ratings ensures the proper functioning of your vehicle’s electrical systems while safeguarding against potential risks.

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