Where is Car Fuse Box located? (Discover 2 Common Locations)

Understanding the importance of a car fuse box, and its location is crucial if you are a mechanic or a car owner.

A car fuse box is an important device that houses various fuses to protect electrical components. In the case of a short circuit or overloading, the fuses blow restricting the flow of current and preventing further damage.

Today, we will find out where is car fuse box located, and explore the types of fuses.

So, let’s get started.

How many fuse boxes are there in a car? Where are they located?

The majority of vehicles today feature two fuse boxes: one commonly known as the engine compartment fuse box, and the other as the passenger compartment fuse panel or interior fuse box.

The engine compartment fuse box is located under the hood of your car whereas the interior fuse box can be found near the dashboard, or under the steering wheel.

Engine compartment fuse box features high-current fuses that are responsible for protecting critical electrical components of your car including vehicle battery, starter motor, ignition system, ac power, and more.

The passenger compartment fuse panel or the interior fuse box houses basic fuses for protecting interior components like interior lights, audio systems, power windows, and other accessories.

The location of the fuse box depends on the vehicle type, and model however, the basic understanding is the same. 

The engine compartment fuse box is typically located under the hood and can be accessed by locating and opening the hood. On the other hand, the passenger compartment fuse panel can be accessed by locating it in the vehicle’s interior section.

Now, let’s look at some examples.

2023 Ford F250 Fuse Box Location

The all-new 2023 Ford F250 is a powerful super-duty pickup truck manufactured by the Ford Company. This amazing Ford truck features two fuse boxes: Under Hood Fuse Box, and Interior Fuse Box.

The Under Hood Fuse Box on the 2023 F250 is located in the Engine Compartment. You need to locate, and open the hood to access the Under Hood Fuse Box as shown in the image below.


The Under Hood Fuse Box on the 2023 F250 contains fuses for cooling fan, heater, 4WD module, compressed natural gas module switch, ABS pump, passenger power seat, ABS Valve, Body Control Module, Power Control Module, Vehicle Power, 24 V Alternator, Amplifier, Blower Motor, Vehicle Battery, Interior Power Distribution, and other critical components.

The Interior Fuse Box on the 2023 F250 is located below the dashboard. You can access the fuse box by locating it near the dashboard, and pulling the cover as shown in the image below.


The interior fuse box holds fuses for power windows, powered tailgate module, passenger door module, instrument cluster, moonroof, rear heated seats, SYNC Display Screen, Radio, Head Up Display, Central Security Module, and other interior components.

2018 Ford Explorer Fuse Box Location

The 2018 Ford Explorer also features two fuse boxes: Power Distribution Box, and Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel.

The power distribution box, situated in the engine compartment, serves as the designated container for high-current fuses. These fuses play a critical role as protectors for the primary electrical systems of your vehicle.

Likewise, the passenger compartment fuse panel is conveniently located under the dashboard on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. You can easily access this fuse panel by pulling the cover.

Other Potential Car Fuse Box Locations

Some car models may contain additional fuse boxes in different locations such as the rear seat section, truck, glove compartment, and so on.

Consult the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s documentation to determine if there are any additional fuse box locations in your specific vehicle.

In rare cases, certain vehicles may have fuses integrated into specific components, such as the battery terminal or individual electrical modules.

Conclusion on ‘Where is Car Fuse Box located?’

Understanding the common locations of car fuses is essential for maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems in vehicles. 

The majority of vehicles today contain two fuse boxes located in the engine compartment and passenger compartment. Some vehicle models may contain fuse boxes in uncommon places however, the basic principle is the same.

By familiarizing yourself with the fuse box under the dashboard and in the engine compartment, you can easily identify and replace blown fuses, ensuring the proper functioning of various electrical components in your car.

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