2019-2022 Volkswagen T-Cross/Taigun Fuse Box Diagram

The Volkswagen T-Cross and Taigun stand out as popular subcompact SUVs suitable for both families and individuals. Much like any vehicle, these models, the T-Cross and Taigun, incorporate a fuse box to safeguard their electrical systems against potential harm. Should you encounter issues with the electrical system of your T-Cross or Taigun, it becomes crucial to inspect the fuse box to determine if any fuses have blown.

Fuse Box Location

Within the Volkswagen T-Cross/Taigun, there exist two distinct fuse boxes: one housed in the engine bay and another within the passenger compartment. The fuse box situated in the engine bay finds its place on the driver’s side, positioned near the throttle pedal. Meanwhile, the fuse box for the passenger compartment is situated beneath the dashboard, situated on the vehicle’s left-hand side.

Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction / component
SC120ATrailer detector control unit
SC330ADigital sound package control unit
SC640AOnboard supply control unit
SC830AFresh air blower control unit
SC1020ATrailer detector control unit
SC1215AFront left seat belt (left-hand drive)
Front right seat belt (right-hand drive)
SC137.5ARotary light switch
Rain and light sensor
Steering column electronics control unit
Diagnostic connection
SC1410ASteering column electronics control unit
SC157.5AEmergency call module control unit and communication unit
Dash panel insert
SC1640AOnboard supply control unit
SC1730ADriver door control unit (right-hand drive)
Front passenger door control unit (left-hand drive)
Rear driver side door control unit (right-hand drive)
Rear passenger side door control unit (left-hand drive)
SC1830AOnboard supply control unit
SC1925AControl unit 1 for information electronics
SC2030AOnboard supply control unit
SC2130AControl unit for reducing agent heater
SC237.5AReversing camera
SC245ADisplay unit for front information display and operating unit control unit
Telephone bracket
Transmission and reception stabilisation control unit
SC257.5ASteering column electronics control unit
SC267.5AData bus diagnostic interface
SC287.5AAnti-theft alarm sensor
SC297.5AAnti-theft alarm system horn
SC3015AFront left seat belt (right-hand drive)
Front right seat belt (left-hand drive)
SC3115AHeater and air conditioning controls
SC327.5AIgnition/starter switch
SC3330ADriver door control unit (left-hand drive)
Front passenger door control unit (right-hand drive)
Rear driver side door control unit (left-hand drive)
Rear passenger side door control unit (right-hand drive)
SC3540AOnboard supply control unit
SC3620AOnboard supply control unit
SC3730ASeat heating control unit
SC3830AOnboard supply control unit
SC3910AAdaptive cruise control unit
Parking aid control unit
Blind Spot Monitor control unit
Blind Spot Monitor control unit 2
Front camera for driver assist systems
SC407.5AHeadlight range control regulator
Rotary light switch
Switch module 1 in centre console
Reversing light switch
Steering column electronics control unit
Front left headlight (Halogen headlights)
Front right headlight (Halogen headlights)
Diagnostic connection
Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
SC417.5AExterior mirror adjuster
SC427.5AClutch position sender
Pressure sender for refrigerant circuit
Starter relay 1
Starter relay 2
SC4315AWasher pump relay
Rear window wiper motor
Left washer jet heater element
Right washer jet heater element
SC447.5ASwitch module 1 in centre console
Airbag control unit
SC487.5AControl unit for electronic steering column lock
Interface for entry and start system
SC497.5ARelay for reducing agent metering system
SC517.5AUSB charging socket 1
USB charging socket 2
SC5215AFront right headlight (LED headlights)
SC537.5ASelector mechanism
Ignition key withdrawal lock solenoid
SC5415AFront left headlight (LED headlights)
SC5520ACigarette lighter
SC5630AHeater and air conditioning controls
SC587.5AWindscreen and rear window washer pump
SC5910AOnboard supply control unit
SC6030ATrailer detector control unit
SC6130ATrailer detector control unit

Engine Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction/component
SB115A/30AEngine/motor control unit (15A – Petrol; 30A – Diesel)
Relay for reducing agent metering system
Valve for oil pressure control
Coolant valve for cylinder head
Charge air cooling pump
Auxiliary pump for heating
SB315ALambda probe 1 after catalytic converter (Petrol)
Lambda probe 1 before catalytic converter (Petrol)
Control unit for NOx sender (Diesel)
Control unit 2 for NOx sender (Diesel)
SB415AFuel pump control unit
SB520AOil level and oil temperature sender
Charge pressure control solenoid valve (Diesel)
Activated charcoal filter solenoid valve 1 (Petrol)
Camshaft control valve 1 (Petrol)
Exhaust camshaft control valve 1 (Petrol)
Valve for oil pressure control (Petrol)
Radiator fan
SB67.5A/20AIgnition coil 1 with output stage (Petrol)
Heater element for crankcase breather (Diesel, 7.5A)
Ignition coil 2 with output stage (Petrol)
Ignition coil 3 with output stage (Petrol)
Automatic glow period control unit (Diesel, 7.5A)
SB715AVacuum pump for brakes (Petrol)
SB810AFuel metering valve (Diesel)
SB97.5ABrake light switch
SB107.5ABattery monitor control unit
SB1210AMagnetic clutch relay
SB147.5AABS control unit
Main relay (Petrol)
Terminal 30 voltage supply relay (Diesel)
Engine/motor control unit
SB1530AMechatronic unit for dual clutch gearbox
SB177.5AEngine/motor control unit
SB2040A/60AABS control unit
SB2125AABS control unit
SB2540AEngine preheating element
SB2650ARadiator fan
SB2740AEngine preheating element
SB2840AEngine preheating element

High Power Fuses

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction/component
Alternator with voltage regulator
SA3150AFuse holder B -SB- : fuses # 10, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 26
Main relay (Petrol)
Terminal 30 voltage supply relay (Diesel)
Low heat output relay
High heat output relay
Automatic glow period control unit
Starter relay 1
Starter relay 2
SA480AFuse holder C -SC- : fuses # 6, 12, 21, 23, 25, 38, 48, 54
SA5125AFuse holder C -SC- : fuses # 8, 10, 26, 28, 33, 35, 37, 49, 52, 53, 59, 60, 61
Terminal 15 voltage supply relay
Terminal 75x voltage supply relay
SA680ASteering rack
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