Volkswagen Polo 6R/MK5 Fuse Box Diagram [2009-2017]

There are several benefits to having a fuse box diagram for your Volkswagen Polo 6R/MK5. First, it can help you troubleshoot electrical problems.

If you’re having a problem with a particular electrical component, you can check the fuse box diagram to see if the fuse for that component has blown.

Second, a fuse box diagram can help you replace fuses. If a fuse has blown, you can easily identify the correct fuse to replace it with. Finally, a fuse box diagram can be a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the electrical system of their Volkswagen Polo 6R/MK5.

Volkswagen Polo 6R Fuse Box Diagram (Instrument Panel)

Fuse NumberAmp. RatingProtected Component
F15AControl unit in dash panel insert
ABS control unit
Mobile telephone operating electronics control unit
F210ASteering column combination switch
On-board supply control unit
Rear window wiper motor
Windscreen and rear window washer pump
F35AFuel pump relay
Engine control unit
Fuel supply relay
Fuel pump control unit
Control unit for structure-borne sound
F42A(2A) Combination switch
F65AInstrumentation control module
F75AHeadlight range control regulator
Number plate left light
Number plate right light
On-board supply control unit
F810AEngine management system
F95A/7.5ATCS and ESP button
Tyre pressure monitor display button
Steering angle sender
ABS control unit
Stop/start system button
Data bus diagnostic interface
F105ACruise control system switch
Steering column combination switch
Brake light switch
Clutch pedal switch
On-hoard supply control unit
F115A/10AHeadlight range control regulator
Left headlight range control motor
Right headlight range control motor
Cruise control system switch
On-hoard supply control unit
Cornering light and headlight range control unit
F125ADoor mirror adjustment switch
F135ATransmission control module (TCM)
F145ASupplementary restraint system (SRS) control module
F155AHeated windscreen waterjets
F165AParking aid control module
F185ARear fog light cut-out contact switch
Control unit in dash panel insert
Rear left fog light bulb
On-board supply control unit
F195AMultifunction control module
F205ASteering angle sender
Control unit in dash panel insert
Fuel supply relay
Terminal 30 voltage supply relay
Low heat output relay
High heat output relay
F2110AMultifunction control module
F225ADiagnostic connection
Climatronic control unit
Air conditioning system control unit
Mobile telephone operating electronics control unit
Ignition key withdrawal lock solenoid
F235ASelector lever Rain sensor
On-hoard supply control unit
Engine control unit
Data bus diagnostic interface
F245AOn-board supply control unit
Driver side heated exterior mirror
Front passenger side heated exterior mirror
F255AHigh pressure sender
Heater control unit
Radiator fan control unit
Air conditioning system control unit
Trailer detector control unit
Diagnostic connection
Humidity sender
Radiator fan control unit
Voltage stabiliser
Voltage stabiliser 2
F267,5AAir mass meter
Oil level and oil temperature sender
Power steering control unit
Heater element for crankcase breather
Starter relay 1
Starter relay 2
F277,5AReversing lamps
F2810AEngine management system
F2910AEngine management system
F3010AEngine management system
F315A/10AEngine management system
F3210A/15A/20A/30AEngine management system
F335AClutch position sender
Brake light switch
F3415AControl unit in dash panel insert
Left main beam bulb
Right main beam bulb
On-board supply control unit
Left gas discharge light control unit
Right gas discharge light control unit
F3515A/20AEngine management system
F367,5ARight main beam bulb
F3725ASeat heater control module
F3830ATransmission control module (TCM)
F3910A/15ARight dipped beam bulb
F4030AAC/heater blower control module
F4110ARear screen wiper motor
F4215ACigarette lighter 12 V socket
F4315AMultifunction control module
F445AAlarm system
F4515AAudio system
F4620AHead lamp washers
F4720AOn-board supply control unit
Windscreen wiper motor
F4825AMultifunction control module
F4915A/30AFuel pump relay
Fuel supply relay
F5025ADoor function control module, driver
F5125ADoor function control module, passenger
F5230ARear left door control unit
Rear right door control unit
F5330AMultifunction control module
F5415AFront fog lamps
F5515A/20AEngine management system
F5615ADay time running lamps
F5715AMultifunction control module
F5820ABrake servo vacuum pump
F5910A/15ALeft dipped beam bulb
F6015AAudio system

Main Fuse Box

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Component
SA230AGas fuel control module
SA450APower steering control module
SA540AABS control module
SA640AEngine coolant blower motor control module
SA750AGlow plugs
SC125AABS control module
SC230AEngine coolant blower motor control module
SC35AEngine coolant blower motor control module
SC410AABS control module
SC55AMultifunction control module
SC630ATransmission control module (TCM)

Onboard Supply Control Unit

Fuse NumberAmp. RatingProtected Components
3Ignition main circuits relay
4aHeadlamp low beam relay
4bFuel system primer relay
5ABS protection relay
6Petrol: Fuel pump (FP) relay
7Starter motor inhibit relay
8Ignition auxiliary circuits relay
9Headlamp washer pump relay
10Ignition auxiliary circuits relay (08.09)
13aStarter motor relay
13bAuxiliary heater relay
F130ASunroof control module
F240AEngine coolant heater
F340AEngine coolant heater
F440AEngine coolant heater
F520ATrailer control module
F620ATrailer control module
F715ATrailer control module
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