2012 Renault Wind Roadster fuse box diagram

Want to understand your Renault Wind Roadster fuse box? You’re in the right place! The Renault Wind, a stylish two-seater roadster, was made from 2010 to 2013.

Inside your vehicle, there’s a fuse box holding important fuses for different jobs. In this guide, we’re focusing on the 2012 model. We’ll give you diagrams showing where each fuse panel is inside your car.

But we’re not stopping there! We’ll also explain what each fuse does, from headlights to power windows.

So, if you’re ready to master your Renault Wind Roadster electrical system, keep reading.

The details we’re sharing about the Renault Wind’s fuse box are based on the owner’s manual from 2012. Keep in mind, though, that the location and function of fuses might vary in Wind models from different years.

This is just a friendly reminder to always double-check the details specific to your Renault Wind model. Your owner’s manual is your best friend when it comes to understanding your car inside and out!

Fuse NumberProtected Components
1 and 2Windscreen wiper.
3Power-assisted steering.
4Location reserved for additional equipment.
5Brake light/Speed limiter.
6Reversing lights/door mirror control/alarm siren.
8Passenger compartment electrical unit/transponder.
9Injection/fuel pump.
11Direction indicator lights/ Diagnostic socket.
12Power supply/Instrument panel.
13Dipped beam headlights.
14Central door locking
15Side lights.
16Location reserved for additional equipment.
17Heated rear screen/Heated door mirrors.
18Interior lighting/courtesy light/automatic climate control.
19Location reserved for additional equipment.
20Front and rear fog lights.
21Main beam headlights/ Horn.
22Location reserved for additional equipment.
23Electric windows.
24Location reserved for additional equipment.
25Dipped beam headlights/ rear fog light.
27Location reserved for additional equipment.
28Passenger compartment ventilation.
29Radio/Passenger compartment electrical unit.
30Accessories socket.
31Location reserved for additional equipment.
32Right-hand main beam headlight.
33Left-hand main beam headlight.
34Right-hand dipped beam headlight.
35Left-hand dipped beam headlight.
36Location reserved for additional equipment.
37Heated door mirrors
39Rear fog lights
40Location reserved for additional equipment.
41Heated seats.
42Right-hand side light/ accessories socket/cruise control/speed limiter control/central door locking control/hazard warning lights control.
43Left-hand side light/number plate light.
44Location reserved for additional equipment.
45Diode protection.
46Location reserved for additional equipment.
47Location reserved for additional equipment.
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