2005-2008 Renault Modus fuse box diagram

The mini MPV Renault Modus was produced from 2004 to 2012. In this article, you will find fuse box diagrams of Renault Modus 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the function of each fuse.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Renault Modus is the fuse F9 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
10025ABS computer or Electronic Stability Program
101Not in use
10210Right-hand main beam headlights
10310Left-hand main beam headlights
10410Right-hand side light – rear right-hand light – right-hand heated seat control – electronic stability programme on/off button – rear right-hand electric window control – climate control control panel -air conditioning control unit – central door locking switch – CD changer – speed limiter on/off control –  on right-hand drive version:  – driver’s dual rear electric window control – child safety lock control – driver’s dual front electric window control – electric door mirror control – passenger electric window control
10510Left-hand side light – rear left-hand light – left-hand heated seat control – right-hand license plate light – left-hand license plate light – first row cigarette lighter – headlight height adjustment control – rear left-hand electric window control – radio – gear lever display – poor traction control –  on left-hand drive version:  – driver’s dual rear electric window control – child safety lock control – driver’s dual front electric window control – electric door mirror control – passenger electric window control
10615Shift pattern control – UPC – auxiliary heater relay – power assisted steering / gear lever display diagnostic socket – hands-free kit – radio telephone central unit – driving school monitor control – central unit Tyre pressure monitor / central unit discharge bulbs
10720Windscreen wiper motor
10815Right-hand headlight / right-hand headlight adjustment motor
10915Left-hand headlight / left-hand headlight adjustment motor
30010Air conditioning compressor clutch
301Not in use
30225Starter motor solenoid
30320+ Protected automatic clutch computer battery feed
304Not in use
30515Heated rear screen
30615Headlight washer supply relay (relay A and B on board 777)
3075+ Automatic gearbox computer after ignition feed
308Not in use
30910Reversing lights
31020Ignition coils feed
31120+ Protected injection computer battery feed
31210+ Airbag and pretensioner after ignition feed
31310+ Injection computer after ignition feed
31420Front left and right-hand fog lights
1Heated rear screen
2Injection locking
3Dipped beam headlights
4Front headlights
6Not in use
7Engine cooling fan high-speed
8Engine cooling fan low-speed
9+ After ignition feed

Fuses on the positive battery terminal

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
Main fuse (mark 1)
350Fuse inputs F2 to F8 feed on power supply fuse board – starter – alternator – supply to fuses marked 2 and 3 on protected battery unit
Fuse marked 2 (BLUE connector)
A70Fuse inputs F17 and F18 feed passenger compartment fuse and relay unit – UPC
B60Electric power assisted steering system
Fuse marked 3 (GREEN connector)
A70Fuse inputs F1, F3, F5 feed and accessories relays on passenger compartment fuse and relay unit

Power feed fuse board

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
F130Injection central unit supply relay on K9K or 764 engine (R5 relay on optional relay unit)
F230Sequential gearbox electric pump unit relay on D4F engine with sequential gearbox
Preheating unite on K9K engines
F330Air conditioning and cooling fan assembly on K9K and D4F engines with sequential gearbox
F430Air conditioning and cooling fan assembly on K4M / K4J / D4F engines with manual gearbox

Sequential gearbox electric pump unit relay on K9K engines with sequential gearbox
F550F12 fuse input feed – fuses F1, F2, F3, F4 input feeds on passenger compartment fuse and relay box 2
F680Passenger compartment auxiliary heater
F760Passenger compartment auxiliary heater
F850ABS computer
F9Not in use
F10Not in use
F11Not in use
F1210Left-hand headlights supply relay >on discharge bulb version
A20Headlight washer pump
B20Headlight washer pump relay
C20Left-hand headlights on discharge bulb version

Optional relay panel

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
R1Not in use
R2Not in use
R3Not in use
R450Sequential gearbox electric pump unit
R550Injection central unit on K9K 764 engine

Passenger Compartment

[Fuse Box 1]

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
F215Instrument panel – air conditioning control unit – fuse and relay box
F3Not in use
F415Main electromagnetic horn – diagnostic socket – driving school control monitor
F625Driver’s electric window motor – child safety lock control
F725Driver’s dual front electric window control
F810ABS computer – electronic stability program – cluster sensor
F910First row cigarette lighter
F1020Passenger compartment fan assembly 1
F1120Passenger compartment fan assembly 1
F1215Air conditioning control unit – climate control control panel – radio – steering wheel controls – radio telephone central unit – front and rear bi-directional washer pump – power supply fuse board – passenger compartment fuse and relay box 2 – driver’s heated seat – passenger heated seat – self-supplied alarm siren
F1310Passenger compartment fuse and relay box 2 – brake switch
F14Not in use
F1520Rear screen wiper motor
F167.5Driver’s electric door mirror – passenger electric door mirror
F1815UCH – engine immobiliser
F195Rain and light sensor – passenger compartment fan sensor
F2010Consumer cut-out – instrument panel – radio – radio telephone central unit – electric door mirror switch – self-supplied alarm siren – pressure monitoring system central unit pneumatic
F21Child safety lock control
A50+ Accessories feed

[Fuse Box 2]

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
Fuse and relay board (row 3)
F120Driver’s and passenger door deadlocking relay feed (relay A on plate 1531, row 2) on right-hand drive version
F220Driver’s heated seat – passenger heated seat
F315Sunroof central unit
F425Driver’s dual rear electric window control supply relay (relay A on plate 1531 row 1)
F5Not in use
F6Not in use
ANot in use (Relay)
Relay board (row 2)
A20Driver’s and passenger door central locking (on right-hand drive version)
B20Brake lights
CNot in use
DNot in use
Relay plate (row 1)
A50Driver’s dual rear electric window control
B50Driver’s left and right-hand rear electric window control

Relay panel

106735Auxiliary heater 1
106850Auxiliary heater 2
106950Auxiliary heater 3 (1500 Watt version)
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