2016-2019 Renault Koleos II fuse box diagram

The second-generation Renault Koleos, introduced in 2016, brought with it several advancements in design and technology. Understanding the layout and function of the fuse box in your Renault Koleos II is crucial for maintaining and troubleshooting electrical systems in your vehicle.

Locating the fuse box in your Renault Koleos II is relatively straightforward. Typically, you’ll find it positioned in accessible areas within the cabin, such as under the dashboard or beneath the glove compartment. However, it’s always wise to consult your owner’s manual for the exact location, as it may vary depending on the model year.

Once you’ve located the fuse box, understanding the function of each fuse is essential. Each fuse is assigned a specific electrical component or system in your vehicle, such as the headlights, power windows, or stereo. By referring to the fuse box diagrams provided for Renault Koleos II models from 2016 to 2019, you can easily identify which fuse corresponds to which function.

Regularly checking and maintaining the fuse box in your Renault Koleos II is an essential aspect of vehicle ownership, ensuring that electrical systems operate smoothly and minimizing the risk of electrical failures. Familiarizing yourself with the fuse box diagrams and understanding the function of each fuse empowers you to address electrical issues confidently and efficiently, keeping your Renault Koleos II running smoothly on the road.

Only authorized professionals should replace specific fuses that are not indicated on the label. Stick to changing the fuses listed on the label.
Name / SymbolProtected Components
TURN HAZARDHazard lamp
2ND POWER SOCKET2nd power socket
REAR WIPERRear wiper
POWER DR LOCKPower door lock
ELEC B, B2Electrical equipment
ABS/EPSAnti lock brake system
MEDIAMultimedia equipment
VDCVehicle dynamic control
STOP LAMPStop lamp
POWER DR LOCK2Power door lock
CIGAR LIGHTERCigar lighter
HEAT STEER WHEELHeat steering wheel
RR DEFElectrically defrosted rear window
BOSEBose amp
ACC RADIOAccessory socket, radio
JUNCTION MODULEJunction module
AIR CONAir condition control unit
H/MIRRHeated door mirrors
HEATER SEATHeater seat
EC AUTO ACCAir conditioner control unit
REAR VIEWRear view mirror
WASH MTRWasher motor
GEAR BOX OIL PUMPGear box oil pump
BCMBody control module
POWER WINDOWPower window
SEAT BELT WARNINGSeat belt warning module
STRG WHEEL ANGLESteering wheel angle sensor
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