2006-2012 Renault Clio III fuse box diagram

The Renault Clio III, part of its third generation, graced the roads from 2005 to 2014. For those seeking insights into the inner workings of this vehicle’s fuse boxes, we’ve compiled comprehensive diagrams covering the years 2006 through 2012. Within, you’ll discover the precise locations of these vital components nestled inside the car’s interior.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Renault Clio III is the fuse F9 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
1Heated rear window relay
2Engine control (EC) relay- except K9K764
3Headlamp low beam relay
4Fog lamps relay
5Starter motor relay
7Engine coolant blower motor relay, high-speed 1
8Engine coolant blower motor relay, lowspeed2
9Ignition main circuits relay2
F125AABS control module
F310AHeadlamp high beam, right
F410AHeadlamp high beam, left
F510AAC control module, central locking, cruise control selector switch, electric window motor, rear right, ABS/ESP system, multifunction display, RH side lamps, RH tail lamps
F610AAudio unit, central locking, cigarette lighter, door mirror adjustment switch, electric window dual switch, driver’s door, electric window motor, rear left, electric window switch, passenger door, headlamp adjustment control module, licence plate lamp, parking aid, LH side lamps, LH tail lamps, traction control system (TCS)
F715 AAuxiliary heater relay 1/2, cruise control reversing switch, data link connector (DLC), electric power steering, gas discharge headlamps control module, multifunction control module, transmission mode selection switch, transmission selectorlamp, tyre pressure monitor control module
F820AWindscreen wiper motor
F915AHeadlamp adjustment motor, right, headlamp low beam, right
F1015AHeadlamp adjustment motor, left, headlamp low beam, left
F1110AAC compressor clutch
F1325AStarter motor solenoid
F1420 ATransmission control module (TCM)
F1615AHeated rear window
F1715AHeadlamp washer pump relay
F185 ATransmission control module (TCM)
F2010AReversing lamps
F2120AIgnition coils
F2220 AEngine control module(ECM)
F2310 ASupplementary restraint system (SRS) control module
F2410 AEngine control module(ECM), steering column lock solenoid – with keyless entry system
F2520AFront fog lamps

Power supply fuse box

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
1Headlamp washer pump relay 1
2Headlamp washer pump relay 2
3Gas discharge headlamp relay
F130AEngine control (EC)relay- K9K764
F230ATransmission pump relay- D4F764(sequential mechanical gearbox)
F330AEngine coolant blowermotor-K9K766,D4F764 (sequential mechanical gearbox)
F430AEngine coolant blower motor -K4M, K4J, D4F(MT)
F550AFuse box/relay plate, fascia 2-fuses F2-F4
F680AAuxiliary heater 1/2
F850AABS control module
F1210AGas discharge headlamp relay

Main fuses

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
F1350AFuse box/relay plate, engine bay 2-fuses F2-F8, fuse box/relay plate, engine bay 3-fuses F2/F3
F270AFuse box/relay plate, fascia 1 -fuses F16-F18, fuse box/relay plate, engine bay 2-fuse F1
F360AElectric power steering
F470AFuse box/relay plate, fascia 1 – fuses F1-F6/F20, relay 1
F560AMultifunction control module

Fuses in the instrument panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp Description
1Ignition main circuits relay 1
F130AIndicators (without keyless entry system)
F115ARear screen wiper motor (with keyless entry system)
F215AAC control module, auxiliary equipment, instrument panel
F37,5ADoor mirror control module, interior lamps, vanity mirror lamps
F415AData link connector (DLC), horns
Not used (with keyless entry system)
Glove box lamp, load area lamp (without keyless entry system)
F625ACentral locking, electric window motor, driver
Not Used (with keyless entry system)
Electric window dual switch, driver’s door (without keyless entry system)
F810AABS control module
F915ACigarette lighter
F1020AAC/heater blower motor control module (manual temperature control)
F1120AAC/heater blower motor control module (automatic temperature control)
F1215AAC control module, AC/heater function control panel, alarm system horn, audio unit, fuse box/relay plate, fascia 2-relay 6/7, heated seats, multifunction control module, rear screen washer pump, steering wheel function control module, telephone control module, wind screen washer pump
F1310ABrake pedal position (BPP)switch, fuse box/relay plate, fascia 2- relay 3
Not used (with keyless entry system)
Light sensor, door mirror control module, interior lamps, rain sensor, vanity mirror lamps, windscreen wiper (without keyless entry system)
Not used (with keyless entry system)
Rear screen wiper motor (without keyless entry system)
Indicators (with keyless entry system)
Immobilizer control module (without keyless entry system)
F1730ACentral locking
F1815ADoor mirror control module, interior lamps, vanity mirror lamps (with keyless entry system)
Multifunction control module (without keyless entry system)
F195AIn-car temperature sensor blower
F2025AElectric window motor, passenger
F21Electric window diode, rear

Consumer cut-out fuses

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
1Electric window relay, driver
3Stop lamps relay
6Electric window relay – rear 1
7Electric window relay – rear 2
F220AHeated seats
F425AElectric windows, rear
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