2010-2018 Vauxhall/Opel Movano B fuse box diagram

The Opel Movano, also known as Vauxhall Movano, rolled out its second generation from 2010 through 2019. Dive into this article to uncover fuse box diagrams spanning the years 2010 to 2018 for the Opel Movano B. Explore where these fuse panels are nestled inside the vehicle, and gain valuable insights into the role each fuse plays. Whether you’re seeking details about Opel Movano B models from 2010 to 2018, this article serves as your trusty guide through the vehicle fuse functionality.

Engine Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
F350BUS X62
F550Additional heating relay 1
F650Purpose-built body conversion, X62 BUS
F770Additional heating relay 2
F870Rear lights, passenger compartment fuse-relay box, diesel heater resistance
F970Passenger compartment relay and fuse box
F1050Motor fan relay 3, motor fan relays (rating depending on vehicle spec.)
F1140Motor fan speed Relay 1,Motor fan speed Relay 2 (rating depending on vehicle spec.)
F1240Starter motor
F1360Heating interface unit
F1460Heating interface unit
F1570Diesel glow plug relay unit
F1640Gearbox electro pump unit relay
50Fuse box 2

Fuses in the instrument panel

Fuse NumberFuse AmpDescription
110Infotainment system, seat heating, (Relais servitude 1. Relais moteur tournant)
210Power outlet 1
310Cigarette lighter
410Power outlet 2
55Instrument panel
630Central locking (UCE Habitacle (CPE, SUPCPE), BFR)
725Turn signals, rear fog lights, body control module (UCE Habitacle + Batsecurite)
85Diagnostic connector
105ABS, Electronic Stability Program
1110Interior lights, brake lights
125Body control module
1315Brake light
145Body control module, power windows, air conditioning
1520Left heated rear window
1620Right heated rear window
1715Windscreen washer (Commandes sous volant)
185Electronic immobiliser
1915Heated seats (BFRH2, ADPCNC, adaptation compiementaire)
2110Cornering lights
2210Infotainment system, seat heating, vehicle display screen, audio connections, alarm
235Hands-free connection
25– (emplacement diode)
26– (emplacement diode)
2740Climate control fan
2810Additional adaptations (BFRH2, relais ACC deleste, relais servitude 1)
2940Power windows, body control module

Fuses in the Load compartment


Fuse NumberCircuit
1Speed 3: additional evaporator
2Speed 2: additional evaporator
3Speed 1: additional evaporator


Fuse NumberCircuit
2Power sliding door lock electro‐magnet
3Power sliding door lock buzzer
4Speed 2: right-hand evaporator fan
5Speed 2: left-hand evaporator fan
6Speed 1: left-hand evaporator fan
7Left-hand heating
8Speed 3: left-hand evaporator fan
9Condenser fan
10Right-hand heating
11Speed 3: right-hand evaporator fan
12Power sliding door
13Corridor lighting
14Foot panel
15Child safety warning buzzer
16Speed 1: right-hand evaporator fan
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