MINI Countryman Fuse Box Diagram: F60 [2017-2022]

The Mini Countryman F60 (2017-2022) has two fuse boxes: one under the hood and another inside the passenger area. The main fuse box under the hood contains fuses for important vehicle functions like the engine, lights, and accessories. The second fuse box inside is for things like the air conditioning, entertainment system, and power windows.

This blog post will provide easy-to-follow diagrams of both fuse boxes in the Mini Countryman F60 (2017-2022).

These diagrams will show you where each fuse is located and how much power it can handle (it’s rating). You can use this information to help figure out and fix any electrical issues with your Mini Countryman.

Mini Countryman Fuse Box Diagram (Glove Box)

Fuse NumberFuse Amp.Protected Component
30 –
3150AHeated Windscreen Relay
3240ABody Domain Controller
33 –
3440ABlower Output Stage
3550ABody Domain Controller
375AParking Brake Button
385ASiren with Tilt Alarm Sensor
395ARoof Function Centre (Airbag Indicator Lamp)
405ADynamic Stability Control (DSC)
415AInstrument Cluster Control Unit
425ARemote Control Receiver (Comfort Access, Central Locking System, Tyre Pressure Control)
4330ARoof Function Centre
4420ARight Headlight
4530A/40ADynamic Stability Control (DSC)
465Aexcept Cooper SE: Natural Vacuum Leak Detection
4610ACooper SE: Pressurised Fuel Tank Control Module
4720ALeft Headlight
4830ASelective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Control Unit
495AElectrical Exhaust Flap, Control Electronics for Electric Auxiliary Heater №2
505ARadiator Shutter Drive Unit, Environmental Air Catalyst Sensor (except Cooper SE)
515ABase Plate Fan
525AElectrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror
535AAutomatic Recirculated Air Control (AUC) Sensor
545AElectromechanical Power Steering
554Reversing Camera, Parking Assistant
565Aexcept Cooper SE: Longitudinal Torque Distribution
Cooper SE: Longitudinal Torque Distribution, Vehicle Sound Generator 1 & 2
57 –
5810ASteering Column Switch Cluster
595ACamera-Based Driver Assistance System
605AOptional Extra System
6120AHeadunit (Radio or Navigation System)
625AInterior Light, Rain Light Solar Condensation Sensor, Vanity Mirror Light, Third Row of Seats Interior Light
6320ATrailer Socket
64 –
6520AFront Cigarette Lighter (12 V Power Socket)
6620AElectric Fuel Pump Control Electronics
675AExterior Mirror (Front Passenger)
685ATouchbox, Controller (CON), USB Hub, USB Charging Socket №3
695AExterior Mirror (Switch Block – Driver’s Door)
705ALuggage Compartment Light, Glove Compartment Light, Rear Lid Button on Inside of Rear Lid
717.5AInstrument Cluster Control Unit
725AFan 400W>: Electric Fan Cut-Out Relay
Fan >400W: Integrated Supply Module
7310ADriver’s Seat Backrest width Adjustment Valve Block, Driver Lumbar Support Valve Block, Switch for Backrest width Adjustment Driver’s Seat
747.5APetrol: Turbocharger Coolant Pump (TU)
7510AFront Passenger Seat Backrest width Adjustment Valve Block, Front Passenger Lumbar Support Valve Block, Switch for Backrest width Adjustment Front Passenger
7610ADiesel: Diesel Particulate Sensor
7710ANitrogen Oxide Sensor after Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Catalytic Converter
7815ASelective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Control Unit
795ABase Plate, Wireless Charging Oddments Tray, Wireless Charging Oddments Tray Aerial Amplifier
805ACentral Instrument, Central Information Display
8115AElectronic Transmission Control
825ASelector Level
837.5APetrol: Digital Motor Electronics
845AClutch Module (Manual Transmission), Twin-Clutch Gearbox Control Unit, Twin-Clutch Gearbox Relay
855AElectrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror
86 –
87 –
88 –
89 –
90 –
9115AActive Sound Design
9210AOptional Extra System
93 –
94 –
9530AFront Passenger Side Seat Adjustment Switch Block
9610ABoot Lid/Tailgate Lock
97 –
985APreparation of Tall Function
99 –
1005ACooper SE: High-Voltage Battery Unit
1015AID Reader, Car Sharing Module (CSM)
102 –
10320ARight Headlight
10420ALeft Headlight
105 –
106 –
10740A2017: Automatic Luggage Compartment Lid Actuation
2018-2022: Tailgate Function Module
108 –
1095ABi-Stable Relay
1105ABi-Stable Relay
1115ABi-Stable Relay
112 –
113 –
114 –
1155ACooper SE: Convenience Charging Electronics
116 –
117 –
118 –
11920ATrailer Module, Trailer Socket
12020ATrailer Module, Trailer Socket
1217.5AUSB Charging Socket №4 (Rear)
1225ASafety Battery Terminal Gas Generator
1235AElectrical A/C Compressor, Electric Auxiliary Heater
12410ACooper SE: Electric-Machine Electronics
125 –
126 –
12730ADriver’s Seat Heating Electronics (Basic Version), Driver’s Seat Module (High Version)
12830AFront Passenger Seat Heating Electronics
12930AHiFi Amplifier
13010ACooper SE: Coolant Pump 2 in Low-Temperature Coolant Circuit
13130ACooper SE: Transmission Oil Pump, Longitudinal Torque Distribution 
except Cooper SE: Longitudinal Torque Distribution
13220A12V Power Socket №1, 12V Power Socket №2 (2017-2018), 12V Power Socket №4 (Luggage)

Mini Countryman Fuse Box Diagram (Body Domain Controller)

Fuse NumberFuse Amp.Protected Component
130APassenger Power Window
230ARear Driver’s Side Power Window
320AFront Passenger Door Lock
430ADriver Power Window
530ARear Window Defogger
630ARear Passenger Side Power Window
720ADriver’s Door Lock
8 –
95ALight Operating Unit, Steering Column Switch Cluster, Driver Assistance System Operating Facility with Hazard Warning Switch
107.5ADiagnosis Socket
117.5AHeating/Air Conditioning System, Tailgate Function Module
125AEvaluation Electronics for Contact-Free Tailgate Opening, Telematic Communication Box, Electronic Outer Door Handle Module (Driver/Passenger)
1415ARear Wiper & Washer
Note: The vehicle manufacturer recommends that you have a dealer’s service center or another qualified service center or repair shop replace the fuses. Additional fuse boxes are located in the vehicle. In the case of a malfunction, contact a dealer’s service center or another qualified service center or repair shop.

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