2022-2024 MG MG4 EV Fuse Box Diagram

The MG MG4 EV is a stylish and practical electric car that is perfect for city driving. It has a long-range and a spacious interior, making it a great choice for families.

This blog post will provide you with a fuse box diagram for the MG MG4 EV. This will help you to identify and troubleshoot any electrical problems that you may encounter.

Fuse boxes are important safety devices that protect your car’s electrical system. If a fuse blows, it will prevent damage to your car’s electrical components.

By understanding the fuse box diagram for your MG MG4 EV, you can quickly and easily identify the problem and replace the fuse. This will help you to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F25AHigh Voltage Electric Heater
F4I5AHeated Steering Wheel
F55ADriver door combination switch, exterior rearview mirrors and headlamp leveling switch, EPB switch, infortainment control panel, clock spring
F65APedestrian alert module, communication module
F75AGear shift control unit, instrument pack
F87.5ADigital radio, central display, front view camera module
F95ACharging Port
F1130ADriver seat control module, driver seat adjustment switch
F135AFatigue Monitoring Module
F1410AAirbag Control Module
F1515ASuper Lock
F1810AElectronic Steering Column Lock
F2210AAutomatic Temperature Control
F2420AInfortainment Mainframe
F255ARear Driving Assistance Radar
F4415AFront Console Power Socket
F455ADriver door combination switch, exterior rearview mirrors and headlamp leveling switch, EPB switch, infotainment control panel, clock spring

Front Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F120AReserved Trailer Module
F5115AHorn Relay
F525AElectric vehicle communication controller, active intake grille
F5320ALeft Headlamp
F5430ABody Control Module
F5530ABody Control Module
F565AForward Detection Radar
F575AElectric Parking Motor Control Unit
F5830ABody Control Module
F6030AHeated Rear Window
F6140AIntegrated Braking System
F6230APower Window Regulator Motor
F635AAirbag control module, collision power module, instrument pack, gateway, parking assist sensor, body control module
F6430ACollision Power Module
F6610AElectric Exterior Rearview Mirror
F6820AElectric Parking Motor Control Unit
F6930ACollision Power Module
F705AIntegrated braking system, electric power steering, second axis motor controller, intelligent electronic control unit
F7220ARight Headlamp
F735ABattery sensor, brake pedal switch
F7715APEB Cooling Water Pump
F7820AHigh Voltage Battery Pack System
F7950AAir Conditioning Inlet Box
F8010ASecond axis motor control unit, intelligent electronic control unit
F8115APEB Cooling Water Pump
F8315ABattery Pack Coolant Pump
F8515AFront Wiper Motor
F8615AHeat Pump Controller
F875ACombined Charging Unit
F885AElectric air conditioning compressor, battery pack heater
F895AInterior rearview mirror, exterior rearview mirrors and headlamp leveling switch, left headlamp, right headlamp
F9130ABody Control Module
F9225AWiper Relay
F9330AAutomatic Window Regulator Motor
C80AElectric Power Steering
E100APassenger compartment fuse box
G60ACooling Fan Power Supply
H60AIntegrated Braking System
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