2020-2023 MG HS PHEV/eHS Fuse Box Diagram

The MG HS PHEV/eHS is a plug-in hybrid SUV that was first released in 2020. It is powered by a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor and has a range of up to 32 miles in electric mode.

The HS PHEV/eHS has 3 fuse boxes, one in the passenger compartment, the other in the engine compartment, and the third one in the Luggage Compartment. The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the lower dash panel, to the left of the steering column. The engine compartment fuse box is located on the driver’s side, near the battery.

This article provides diagrams of the fuse boxes in the MG HS PHEV/eHS, along with a description of each fuse’s function. This information can be helpful if you need to troubleshoot electrical problems in your vehicle.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F110ASensing Diagnostic Module (Airbag), Electronic Shifter Control Unit, TBOX, Instrument Pack, Body Control Module, Airbag Display Module
F27.5AEngine Control Module, Hybrid Control Unit
F35.0AFront View Control Module, Front Detection Radar
F715ATowing Kit Connector Socket
F815AFront Power Socket
F95AUSB Port
F117.5AMirror Heaters
F1225ARear Windscreen Heating
F1830ARear Left Window Lift
F195AEPB Switch, PRND Display
F2030ARear Right Window Lift
F2110AFront Right Seat Heating Relay
F225ADiagnostic Line Connector
F2310AFront Left Seat Heating Relay
F2540AKLR Relay
F2630APassenger Window lift
F285APassive Entry Passive Start Module, Backup Immobilizer Coil
F305ADriver Door Switch Pack, Rain Light Sensor
F325AAmbient Light Control Module
F335ASensing Diagnostic Module (Airbag)
F3510ARadio Broadcasting Reception Module
F3610AElectronic Steering Column Lock
F3720ADriver Electric Adjust Seat Switch
F3830ADriver Window Lift
F4015AEntertainment System
F415AUpper Console Switch
F4210AAC Control Module
F435AInstrument Pack
F445ARear Driving Assistance System
F4530ASunroof Motor
F465ATyre Pressure Monitoring System
F4730ASunshade Motor
F4820APassenger Electric Adjust Seat
F495AAround View Module
F5130ARear Windscreen Heating Relay, Exterior Mirrors Relay
F5210AHeadlamp, Interior Rear View Mirror, Headlamp Levelling Switch
F5310AElectronic Shifter Control Unit

Engine Compartment

DC/DC ConverterFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F0110ARight Headlamp Assembly
F0210ALeft Headlamp Assembly
F0310ADC/DC Convertor
F055AElectric Air Conditioning Compressor
F0820APower Electronic Box Coolant Pump
F0910AFuel Pump Relay, Lower Console Switch, Fuel Tank Isolation Diagnosis Module (Tank Leakage), Brake Pedal Switch
F1020AEngine Control Module
F1115AIntake Variable Camshaft Timing, Exhaust Variable Camshaft Timing, Upstream Lambda Sensor, Downstream Lambda Sensorv Canister Purge Valve
F1220AIgnition Coil
F1315AWaste Gate Control Valve, Dump Valve, Electronic Thermostat, Mass Air Flow Sensor
F1425ABody Control Module
F1510ARear Washer Relay
F1625ABody Control Module
F1725ABody Control Module
F1825ABody Control Module
F1910AFront Fog Lamp Relay
F2010AFront Washer Relay
F2110AEngine Control Module
F2210APower Electronic Box
F2530AHybrid Control Unit
F2625ABody Control Module
F2810AEngine Auxiliary Pump
F3010AHybrid Control Unit
F3125AFront Wiper Enable Relay
SB0125ABody Control Module
SB0260ACooling Fan Low Speed Relay
SB0340AEVP Relay
SB0440ACooling Fan
SB0540AStability Control System-Pump
SB0640AStability Control System-Valve
SB0850ACooling Fan Middle Speed Relay
MD1200APower Pump
MD2100APassenger Compartment Fusebox
MD380AElectric Power Steering Module
MD4200ALuggage Compartment Fusebox

Luggage Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F0120ASuper Lock Relay
F0320AESS Coolant Pump Relay
F0815ATowing Kit Connector Socket
F095AElectrical Battery Sensor
F1015ARear Wiper Relay
F135APedestrian Alert Control Module
F1510AChassis Management Module
F1720AEnergy Storage System, On-Board Charger
F1915AFuel Pump Relay
SB0130APositive Temperature Coefficient
SB0230APositive Temperature Coefficient
SB0530APower Liftgate Control Module
SB0630APositive Temperature Coefficient
SB08200ABattery Power
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