2004-2010 Mercedes-Benz Vito Viano Fuses (W639)

Welcome to our guide on the Mercedes-Benz Vito Viano Fuse Box Diagram for the years 2004 to 2010. Think of the fuse box as a superhero for your car’s electrical stuff. It makes sure everything runs smoothly by stopping any electrical “traffic jams.”

In this blog, we’re going to explore how this fuse box works. Whether you’re a car pro or just someone who wants to know more about their Mercedes-Benz, we’ll help you understand what’s going on under the hood.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Mercedes-Benz Vito / Viano are the fuse #18 (Cigarette lighter) in the Main Fuse Box, fuse #28 (Socket for rear-compartment entertainment) in the Fuse block F34, fuses #21 (12-volt socket for passenger compartment – left), #22 (12-volt socket for passenger compartment – right), #40 (12-volt socket – rear right) in the Fuse block F35, fuse #5 (12-volt socket on the co-driver’s seat base) in the Fuse box under the driver’s seat.

Main Fuse Box

The fuse box is located in the engine compartment on the passenger’s side.

Fuse NumberProtected ComponentsFuse Amp. Rating
1Windscreen wipers30
3Brake lamp switch5
5Diagnostics socket, rotary light switch, instrument cluster5
6Engine components5
7Rear wiper30
8Terminal 87 (1)10
9Terminal 87 (2)15
10Terminal 87 (3)10
11Terminal 30 Z engine7.5
12Rear window heating30
13Ignition lock/instrument panel7.5
14Brake system7.5
15Headlamp range control5
16Starter motor25
17Fuel pump15
18Cigarette lighter/glove compartment lighting15
20M112 ignition coils15
20Diesel HFM5
21Automatic transmission gearshift7.5
23Airbag control unit10
24Japanese rear-view mirror5
25Trailer control unit5
26Cut-off relay5
27Terminal 15 body/ equipment manufacturer5
28Transmission control unit10
29Start-off assist system5
31ATA horn10
32Mobile phone/VICS socket5
33Airbag, automatic child seat recognition10
34Terminal 15 R body/ equipment manufacturer5
35Overhead control panel7.5
36Lumbar adjustment (seat)10
37Make-up mirror light7.5
38Rear-compartment entertainment7.5
40Engine fuse (diesel)10
40Engine fuse (petrol)20
41Engine fuse (diesel)10
41Engine fuse (petrol)20
F1Terminal 30 electricalsystem, alternator225 A
F4Air-conditioning fan (incooling unit)60 A
F5Secondary air pump40 A

Fuse block F34

Fuse NumberProtected ComponentsFuse Amp. Rating
21Light switch and upper section of control panel5
22Rear-compartment entertainment7.5
23Interior light10
24Overhead control panel and sliding/tilting sunroof7.5/25
25Rear-compartment sliding/tilting roof25
26Auxiliary heating, radio receiver5
27Front-compartment air conditioning7.5
28Socket for rear-compartment entertainment15
29Mobile phone/CD changer/microphone control module7.5
30Seat heating controls30
32Diagnostics gateway5
33Diagnostics socket10
34Audio gateway15
36Headlamp cleaning system30
37ATA battery horn10
38Steering column lock20
39Front-compartment blower40
40ABS control unit25
41ABS control unit40

Fuse block F35

Fuse NumberProtected ComponentsFuse Amp. Rating
2112-volt socket for passenger compartment, left15 A
2212-volt socket for passenger compartment, right15 A
23Trailer power socket20 A
24Trailer recognition unit25 A
25Driver’s seat adjustment30 A
26Co-driver’s seat adjustment30 A
27Electric sliding door, left30 A
28Electric sliding door, right30 A
29Rear-compartment blower30 A
30Air suspension system40 A
31Parktronic10 A
32Tyre pressure monitor5 A
33Sound system25 A
34Mobile phone control unit/VICS, TV booster5 A
35Auxiliary heating control unit20 A
37Rear-compartment air-conditioning system5 A
38COMAND camera control7.5 A
39Conventional taximeter5 A
4012-volt socket, rear right15 A
41Roof indicator light control unit10 A

Fuse box under the driver’s seat

Fuse NumberProtected ComponentsFuse Amp. Rating
1Door control unit, left25
2Door control unit, right25
3PSM control unit25
4PSM control unit25
512-volt socket on the co-driver’s seat base15
6WVC charge line for vehicle battery in MARCO POLO25
7Timer and lighting in FUN/MARCO POLO7.5
8Auxiliary heating in FUN/MARCO POLO25
9Pop-up roof in FUN/ MARCO POLO25
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