Jeep Compass MP/552 Fuse Box Diagram [2017-2021]

The Jeep Compass MP/552 is a compact SUV that was first introduced in 2017. It is equipped with two fuse boxes, one in the passenger compartment and one in the rear cargo area. The fuse boxes protect the electrical circuits in the vehicle from overload.

The fuse box diagrams for the Jeep Compass MP/552 can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. The diagrams show the location of each fuse in the fuse box, as well as the amperage rating and circuit protected by each fuse.

In this blog, we will explore the Jeep Compass MP/552 Fuse Box Diagram with details of each fuse.

Power Distribution Unit

The engine compartment of your vehicle is where the mechanical heart of your car resides. The fuse box in the engine compartment can be found on the left side of the engine compartment. The engine compartment fuse box serves as a centralized hub for various electrical fuses, each responsible for safeguarding specific electrical circuits in your vehicle.

Additionally, this strategic positioning ensures that the fuse box is relatively shielded from heat generated by the engine and exhaust systems, which are often situated on the right side of the engine compartment. This can help prevent the fuses from overheating, contributing to their overall reliability and performance.

Drivers and technicians alike can anticipate where to locate the fuse box across various vehicle models, streamlining maintenance procedures and reducing time spent searching for crucial components.

Jeep Compass MP Fuse Box Diagram
NumberMaxi FuseCartridge FuseMini FuseProtected Components
F0170 Amp TanModule Body Computer
F0270 Amp TanModule Body Computer, Rear Distribution Units
F0330 Amp Pink with HID Lamps

20 Amp Blue without HID Lamps
2017-2018: Supply Body Computer
2019-2021: Supply Body Computer, HID Lamps
F0440 Amp TanBrake Control Electronics Module
F0540 Amp TanPTC Heater
F0640 Amp OrangeStarter Relay
F0740 Amp OrangeRear Distribution Unit For Trailer Tow Usage
F0830 Amp PinkSupply for F24, F87, Steering Control
F097.5 Amp Brown2017-2018: Control Module Engine
2019-2021: ECM, TCM, Radiator Fan Control
F1020 Amp YellowHorn
F1120 Amp Yellow – 1.4L Gas & Diesel Engines
25 Amp Clear – 2.4 L Engines
2017-2018: Supply Secondary Loads
2019-2021: ECM/PCM/UREA Fuel Injectors
F147.5 Amp Brown (Diesel)
15 Amp Blue (Gas)
Diesel Crankcase Heater
2020-2021: Gasoline LTR Cooling Pump
F1540 Amp OrangeBrake Control Module Pump
F1610 Amp RedEngine Control Module Power, Automatic Transmission
F1710 Amp RedEngine Secondary Loads
F1820 Amp Yellow12V Rear Cargo Outlet Ignition Powered
F197.5 Amp Brown2017-2018: Air Conditioner Compressor and PWM Rad Fan enable
2019-2021: Air Conditioner Compressor
F2020 Amp YellowCigar Lighter
F2115 Amp BlueFuel Pump
F2220 Amp Yellow – Gas Engine
15 Amp Blue – Diesel Engine
2017-2018: Power Control Module Engine
2019-2021: Gas – Ign Coil/Fuel Injector / Diesel – Diesel Components
F2330 Amp GreenWindow Heater Grid
F2415 Amp BlueElectronic Unit Supply Automatic Transmission
F3020 Amp Yellow (Customer Selectable, Move From FI8)12V Rear Cargo Outlet Constant Battery Powered
F8160 Amp Blue2017-2018: Glow Plug Module
2019-2021: Glow Plug Module, DDCT SDU Battery Feed
F8240 Amp GreenDiesel Fuel Filter Heater
F8340 Amp GreenHVAC Fan
F8430 Amp GreenPower Supply All Wheel Drive
F875 Amp TanGear Selector Automatic Transmission
F887.5 Amp BrownHeated Outside Mirrors
F8930 Amp GreenHeated Rear Window
F905 Amp TanIBS Sensor (Battery State Of Charge)
Fxx10 Amp Red
(7.5 Amp Brown)
Dual Battery Control Relay

Additional ATO fuse

The Fuse Box has additional ATO fuse holders installed on the bottom of the box

CavityATO / UNIVAL FuseProtected Components
F15 Amp BiegeDrivetrain Control Module (4×4/AWD)
F210 Amp RedECM — Start Diagnostic Sense
F32 Amp GreyMod Steering Control

Interior Fuses

This component can be found within the passenger compartment, specifically situated beneath the instrument panel on the left side dash panel. Imagine you’re seated inside your vehicle. As you glance toward the dashboard, focus your attention on the left side. This area, known as the left side dash panel, is where a significant automotive component resides.

This specific location within the passenger compartment is chosen with both accessibility and functionality in mind. Placing the component under the instrument panel ensures it’s within convenient reach of the driver and passengers, facilitating easy interactions and adjustments. This component could encompass a range of functions, such as relays, fuses, switches, or control modules that manage various vehicle systems.

Jeep Compass MP Fuse Box Diagram
NumberBlade FuseProtected Components
F317.5 Amp BrownOccupant Restraint Controller
F3320 Amp YellowWindow Motor Passenger
F3420 Amp YellowWindow Motor Driver
F3620 Amp YellowIntrussion Module/Siren, Radio, UCI/USB Port, VSU, Climate Control, Electronic Steering Lock, Power Folding Mirrors, Security Gateway/DTV (2019-2021)
F3710 Amp RedInstrument Panel Cluster, Drivetrain Control Module, Adaptive Cruise, ECC (HVAC) Blower
F3820 Amp Yellow2017-2018: Door Lock/Unlock
2019-2021: Door Lock/Unlock, Liftgate Release
F427.5 Amp BrownBrake System Module, Electric Power Steering
F4320 Amp YellowWasher Pump Front And Rear
F4720 Amp YellowRear Left Window Lifter
F4820 Amp YellowRear Right Window Lifter
F497.5 Amp BrownPark Assist, Blind Spot, Voltage Stabilizer, Humidity Sensor, Sunroof, Electronic Steering Lock, Temp Sense, Mirror, Heated Seats, Light And Rain Sensor, Start Stop Switch (2019-2021)
F507.5 Amp BrownOccupant Restraint Controller
F517.5 Amp BrownElectronic Climate Control, Occupant Classification, Rear View Camera, Climate Control, Headlamp Leveling, Terrain Select, Heated Rear Window, Trailer Tow, Haptic Lane Departure
F537.5 Amp BrownKeyless Ignition Node Module, Electric Park Brake, RF Hub, Cluster
F9415 Amp BlueECC (HVAC) Blower (2017-2018), Lumbar Adjust Driver Seat, Power Outlets

Rear Cargo Fuse/Relay Distribution Unit

The fuses may be contained in two units. Fuse holder version 1 is located closest to the rear of the vehicle and fuse holder version 2 (if equipped with trailer towing) is located closest to the front of the vehicle.

To reach the fuses, follow these steps: Start by locating the access door situated on the left rear panel within the rear cargo area of your vehicle. This door is your gateway to the fuse compartment, where important electrical components are housed.

Removing the access door is a straightforward process. Gently unlatch or unclip any fasteners or locks securing the door in place. Depending on your vehicle’s design, this could involve sliding, lifting, or pulling the door open. As you do this, be sure to exert a controlled and even pressure to avoid any damage to the door or surrounding panel.

Once the access door is open, you’ll unveil the fuse compartment. Here, a variety of fuses are organized and safeguarded. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the fuses and their respective placements. Some may be dedicated to particular electrical functions, such as lighting, while others could be responsible for critical systems like the engine control unit.

In some cases, you might also find additional information or a diagram detailing the function and location of each fuse. This information is typically provided within the fuse compartment or in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Rear Cargo Fuse Holder 1

NumberMini FuseProtected Components
F130 Amp GreenPower Inverter
F230 Amp GreenMemory Seat
F320 Amp YellowSun Roof – If Equipped
F430 Amp GreenPower Seat (Passenger Side)
F530 Amp GreenPower Seat (Driver Side)
F67.5 Amp BrownPower Lumbar (Power Seats)
F715 Amp BlueHeated Steering Wheel / Ventilated Seats
F820 Amp YellowHeated Seats

Rear Cargo Fuse Holder 2

NumberMini FuseProtected Components
F110 Amp Red2017-2018: Controller Exterior Lighting On Trailer
2019-2021: TTM IGN Feed
F515 Amp BlueController Exterior Lighting Lights (Drivers Side)
F615 Amp BlueController Exterior Lighting Lights (Passenger Side)
F710 Amp RedTTM Jumper Battery Feed
On the Rear Cargo Fuse/Relay Distribution Unit bracket, there is a Maxi Fuse holder for the Power Liftgate and an ATO / Uni Val fuse holder for the HIFI Audio System.
F0130 Amp Green (Maxi Fuse)Power Liftgate
F0225 Amp Clear (ATO / Uni-Val Fuse)HIFI Audio System

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