Jaguar XF X250 Fuse Box Diagram [2008-2015]

The Jaguar XF X250 is a luxury sedan that was produced from 2008 to 2015. It has three fuse boxes, one in the engine compartment, another in the luggage compartment, and one in the passenger compartment.

Jaguar XF X250 Fuse Box Diagram (Passenger Compartment)

The passenger compartment fuse box is located under the dashboard, on the passenger side. It is also covered by a black plastic cover.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F1Not used.
F2Not used.
F320ADriver’s seat adjustment.
F420ADriver’s seat adjustment.
F5Not used.
F6Not used.
F7Not used.
F820AFront passenger’s seat adjustment.
F920AFront passenger’s seat adjustment.
F1020ALeft-hand rear door controls.
F1120ARight-hand rear door controls.
F12Not used.
F1310ASteering column adjust.
F14Not used.
F15Not used.
F17Not used.
F18Not used.
F19Not used.
F205ARemote control receiver.
F215AFoot brake.
F225AElectric parking brake.
F235ADriver’s seat.
Audio system.
Auto headlamps.
Upper centre console switches.
F2410AFront passenger seat.
Electric windows.
Mirror adjustment.
F2520ADriver’s heated/climate seat
F2615ATrailer power connector.
Road pricing system.
F2720AFront passenger’s heated/climate seat.
F2815AAuxiliary power socket.
F2920AKeyless entry system.
F3010AAir conditioning.
F325A2008-2011: Jaguar Smart Key docking station.
2011-2015: Starter control unit.
F335ADiagnostic connector.
F345AInstrument pack.
F3515AInterior lamps.
F3610ASuspension system.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The engine compartment fuse box is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, near the firewall. It is covered by a black plastic cover.

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F1Not used.
F2Not used.
F320APetrol: Emissions system.
F420APetrol: Emissions system.
F540AAnti-lock brake pump (ABS).
F630APower wash pump.
F750A2011-2015: Cigar lighter.
F8Not used.
F950AEngine management.
F10Not used.
F11Not used.
F1250APetrol: Secondary air injection.
F1430AStarter solenoid.
F1540AFront screen heater – RH.
F1640AFront screen heater – LH.
F1780AV6 petrol: Radiator fan.
F1860ADiesel: Glow plugs.
F195A2011-2015: Adaptive cruise control. FLS.
F2125AAnti-lock brake valves (ABS).
F2215A2008-2011: Cigar lighter.
F23Not used.
F245A2008-2011: Adaptive cruise control.
F2510AAnti-lock brake ECM (ABS).
F2610AEngine management. JaguarDrive selector. Transmission control module.
F275ADiesel (2008-2011): Engine management.
Petrol: Secondary air injection.
F285A2011-2015: Adaptive front lighting – LH.
F295A2011-2015: Adaptive front lighting – RH.
F30Not used.
F3120A2011-2015: Auxiliary power socket – rear.
F3220A2011-2015: Cigar lighter.
F33Not used.
F34Not used.
F355AAir conditioning compressor clutch.
F3615A/20ADiesel: Engine management system (15A).
V8 petrol: Engine management system (20A).
F3715APetrol: Ignition system.
F385APower steering.
F395AHeadlamp levelling system.
F4015AWater pump (Supercharged vehicles only).
F415A/10ADiesel (2008-2011): Emissions system (5A).
Diesel (2011-2015): Engine management system (5A).
Petrol: Engine management system (10A).
F4230A/10A/20ADiesel (2008-2011): Engine management system. Ignition supply.
Petrol (2008-2011): Engine management system. Ignition supply. Radiator fan.
2011-2015: Engine management system.
F435A/10ADiesel (2008-2011): Fuel system.
Petrol (2008-2011): Engine management system. Emission control.
2011-2015: Engine management system.
F445A/10A/15ADiesel: Engine management system.
Petrol (2008-2011): Fuel injectors.
Petrol (2011-2015): Engine management system.
F45100ARadiator fan (diesel and V8 petrol only).

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
F130AAir blower.
F230AElectric parking brake.
F3Not used.
F4Not used.
F5Not used.
F6Not used.
F730AHeated rear screen.
F830AAudio system (Premium audio only).
F950ARBD link.
F1040ARear electronic differential (e-Diff).
F11Not used.
F12Not used.
F13Not used.
F1510ATV, DVD, DAB radio.
F16Not used.
F17Not used.
F18Not used.
F19Not used.
F20Not used.
F21Not used.
F22Not used.
F23Not used.
F24Not used.
F2525AFuel pump.
F2615AAudio system.
Portable audio interface.
Voice recognition.
F2815ATrailer power connector.
Road pricing system.
F2915ATrailer power connector.
F3025ADriver’s door module.
F3125AFront passenger door module.
F32Not used.
F335ATyre pressure monitoring system.
F34Not used.
F3510ASupplementary restraint system.
F3610APedestrian protection system.

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