Jaguar E-Pace X540 Fuse Box Diagram [2018-2023]

This article provides a fuse box diagram for the Jaguar E-Pace X540, model years 2018-2023. The fuse box diagram shows the location of all the fuses in the car, as well as their corresponding amperage ratings. This information can be helpful if you need to replace a fuse in your E-Pace.

To find the fuse you need, consult the fuse box diagram and locate the fuse that is associated with the circuit that is not working. Once you have located the fuse, you can remove it and replace it with a fuse of the same amperage rating.

It is important to note that fuses are designed to protect electrical circuits from overloads. If you replace a fuse with a fuse of a higher amperage rating, you could damage the electrical system in your car.

Jaguar E-Pace X540 Fuse Box Diagram (Passenger Compartment)

The fuse box can be found positioned right below the glove compartment area. In order to reach it, you’ll need to remove the access panel that’s situated lower down.

Fuse NumberAmpsCircuits protected
130AFront passenger’s seat.
230ADriver’s seat.
325APassenger’s door module.
425ADriver’s door module.
55AKeyless entry.
85A2021-2023: PHEV junction box.
95A2018-2020: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
2021-2023: RF receiver.
105ABattery back-up sounder.
115AInstrument panel.
1220AFuel system.
135A2018-2020: Rear seats.
2021-2023: Diagnostic socket.
145AVehicle immobiliser.
155ASteering wheel.
1620AKeyless entry.
175A2018-2020: Brake pedal switch.
1820AFront blind.
1920AFront passenger’s heated or climate seat.
205AMirror. Camera.
215ABlind spot monitor.
225A2018-2020: Camera.
2410A2021-2023: Head-Up Display (HUD) module.
2510AInstrument panel.
2620A2018-2020: Cigar lighter.
2021-2023: Auxiliary power socket.
2810A2018-2020: Head-Up Display (HUD) and cooling fan.
295AAdaptive cruise control.
3020ADriver’s heated and climate seat control.
315A2018-2020: Powered tailgate.
2021, 2023: Ignition feed.
2022: Hill descent control, Ionizer.
325A2018-2020: Driver door module.
2021, 2023: USB hub.
2022: Occupant monitoring.
3310A2018-2020: Audio amplifier.
2022: Accessory socket console/USB console.
3415A2018-2020: Infotainment system.
2021, 2023: Rear folding seats.
3515AInfotainment system.
3610AAudio video output.
3715ASeat switches and memory.
3820A2018-2020: Cubby box auxiliary power socket.
2021, 2023: Auxiliary power socket.
395A2021-2023: Electrochromic mirror.
4110AHeated steering wheel.
425A2018-2020: Steering wheel.
4320AHeating and ventilation system.
4540ABody control module.
4740ABody control module.
4940AInfotainment system amplifier.
5020A2018-2020: Amplifier module.

Fuses in the engine compartment

First, you need to loosen and remove the two plastic fasteners that are currently holding the air box tube securely. After that, gently lift the air box tube in an upward direction – this will release it from its connection to the air box.

Next, you’ll notice some small tabs that are keeping the fuse box cover in place. Unhook or release these tabs carefully. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see the fuse numbers and their specific positions. Don’t worry, they’re all clearly labeled right on the fuse box, making it easy to identify each fuse.

Fuses in the engine compartment (2017-2020)
Fuse NumberAmpsCircuits protected
130AEngine control module.
25AElectrical power management.
380AElectric Power Assisted Steering System (EPAS). Engine management system.
460AGlow plugs (diesel only).
5100AEngine cooling.
615AEngine management system.
715AEngine management system.
815AEngine management system.
910AEngine management system.
105AFuel pump.
1110AEngine management system.
1210AEngine management system.
1410AEngine cooling / Engine management system.
1540AEngine management system.
16100AAuxiliary heater.
1760APassenger compartment fuse box.
1860APassenger compartment fuse box.
1960ALoadspace fuse box.
2060ALoadspace fuse box.
2160AElectrical power management.
2230AFront windscreen wipers.
2340APassenger compartment fuse box.
2440AStarter motor (diesel automatic only).
2540AAnti-lock Braking System (ABS).
2640AAnti-lock Braking System (ABS).
2740APassenger compartment fuse box.
2840AHeater blower motor.
2930AElectric trailer brake (Australia only).
335AHorn. Heated windscreen. Fuel pump.
3440ALeft-side heated windscreen.
3540ARight-side heated windscreen.
365AEngine management system. Air Conditioning (A/C).
3720AFuel pump.
3815ATransmission control module.
3910AFront fog lights.
4020ARight-side headlight.
4120ALeft-side headlight.
Fuse NumberAmpsCircuits protected
215AWater charge air cooler.
310AEngine management system.
515AEngine management system.
615AEngine management system.
810APlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles only: PHEV control/PHEV heater pump.
915AIntercooler water pump.
1015APHEV only: inverter.
115A2021: Steering wheel.
125AStarter switch / 48v system.
1515AEngine management system.
1715AFuel system. Engine management system. Exhaust sensors.
1830AGlow plugs.
1940AEngine control module.
2040ABrake control module. Battery.
2130AGlow plugs.
2240ABlower motor.
2310AFront fog lights.
2410AEngine cooling.
2610ADiesel exaust fluids.
2710AEngine management system.
2825AFuel pump.
2925AFront windshield washer.
3125ARear window washer.
3310A2021: Steering wheel rotary coupler.
3425ARight-side headlight.
3525ALeft-side headlight.
3610ADriver assistance systems.
3810APHEV only: battery/belt integrated starter-generator.
4025APower wash pump.
415AAcoustic vehicle alerting system.
4215APHEV only: Hybrid coolant pump.
4440ARight-side front heated windshield.
4540APHEV only: Transmission oil pump.
4740ALeft-side front heated screen.
4840AStarter motor.
4930AElectric Parking Brake (EPB).
5140ADiesel motor.
5230AWindshield wiper motor.

Luggage Compartment Fuse Box

Take off the covering on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment. You’ll find a tag on the back of the covering that displays the safeguarded circuits and the exact spots where the fuses are situated.

Fuse NumberAmpsCircuits protected
115ARear wiper.
220A2018-2020: Deployable sidesteps.
45AFuel Burning Heater (FBH).
510A/25A2018-2020: Fuel pump.
2021-2022: Driver assistance systems.
2023: Driving aids and collision avoidance systems.
630APower tailgate.
75A2021: Rear climate and comfort systems.
95A2018-2020: Battery spare.
1125ARight-side rear door module.
135A2018-2020: All Wheel Drive (AWD).
1425ALeft-side rear door module.
1510A2021-2023: Near field sensing module (NFC).
2120AAccessory socket.
245A2018-2020: Wade sensing.
2021-2023: USB socket.
255A2021-2023: Vehicle battery.
2620ARear heated seat module.
275A2018-2020: Windows.
285A2018-2020: Vehicle diagnostics.
2910A2021-2023: Wireless phone charger.
3320ATrailer socket.
3410AChassis control module.
3620A2018-2020: Fuel pump.
385A2018-2020: Fan spare.
3920A2018-2020: Rear control spare.
2023: Rear climate control.
4010AUSB charger.
4120ARight-side heated rear seat.
4220ARear console accessory socket.
4430AHeated rear screen.
4530A2022-2023: Driveline.
4730A2018-2020: Driveline.
2021-2023: Trailer lights.
4830A2018-2022: Deployable towbar.
4950A2021-2023: Auxiliary heater.
5025A2018-2020: Heater.
2021-2022: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
2023: Vehicle emissions.

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