1999-2004 GMC Sonoma Fuse Box Diagram

The GMC Sonoma is a mid-size pickup truck that was produced from 1990 to 2004. It was known for its ruggedness and reliability, and it was a popular choice for both work and play.

Fuse Box Location

The GMC Sonoma has two fuse boxes: one in the engine compartment and one in the passenger cabin.

  • Engine Compartment: The fuse block is under the hood on the driver’s side of the engine compartment. Remove the cover by turning the fastener counterclockwise. To reinstall the fuse panel cover, push in and turn the fastener clockwise.
  • Passenger Compartment: The instrument panel fuse block is at the driver’s end of the instrument panel. Remove the cover by turning the fastener counterclockwise. Extra fuses and the fuse extractor are provided in the cover. To reinstall the fuse panel cover, push in and turn the fastener clockwise.

Passenger Compartment

Fuse NumberProtected Components
ANot Used
BNot Used
1Not Used
2Cigarette Lighter, Data Link Connector
31999-2002: Cruise Control, Body Controls TBC, Cruise Module, Cruise Switch
2003-2004: Cruise Control Module and Switch, Body Control Module, Heated Seats
41999-2002: Gages, Body Controls TBC, Instrument Panel Cluster, B+ Power
2003-2004: Gages, Body Control Module, Instrument Panel Cluster
5Parking Lamps, Power Window Switch, Body Control Module, Ashtray Lamp
62001-2004: Steering Wheel Radio Controls
7Headlamps Switch, Body Control Module, Headlamp Relay
81999-2002: Courtesy Lamps, Inadvertent Power Relay
2003-2004: Courtesy Lamps, Battery Run-Down Protection
9Heating, Ventilation, Air Cooling Control Head (Manual)
10Turn Signal
11Instrument Panel Cluster, Engine Control Module
12Interior Lights
13Auxiliary Power
14Power Locks Motor
154WD Switch, Engine Controls (VCM, PCM, Transmission)
16Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
17Front Wiper
182001-2004: Steering Wheel Radio Controls
19Radio, Battery
202001-2004: Amplifier
21Heating, Ventilation, Air Cooling (Manual), Heating,Ventilation, Air Cooling (Automatic), Heating, Ventilation, Air Cooling Sensors (Automatic)
22Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
23Rear Wiper
24Radio, Ignition

Engine Compartment

TRL TRN2003-2004: Trailer Left Turn
TRR TRN2003-2004: Trailer Right Turn
TRL B/U2003-2004: Trailer Back Up Lamps
VEH B/UVehicle Back Up Lamps
HDLP PWR2003-2004: Headlamp Power
RT TURNRight Turn Signal Front
LT TURNLeft Turn Signal Front
HDLP W/WNot Used
LT TRNLeft Turn Signal Rear
RT TRNRight Turn Signal Rear
RR PRKRight Rear Parking Lamps
TRL PRK2003-2004: Trailer Park Lamps
LT HDLPLeft Headlamp
RT HDLPRight Headlamp
FR PRKFront Parking Lamps
INT BATInstrument Panel Fuse Block Feed
ENG 1Engine Sensors/Solenoids, MAF, CAM, PURGE, VENT
ECM BEngine Control Module, Fuel Pump Module, Oil Pressure
ABSAnti-Lock Brake System
ECM 1Engine Control Module Injectors
F/PUMPFuel Pump
DRLDaytime Running Lamps
A/CAir Conditioning
W/W PMPNot Used
BTSIAutomatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System
B/U LPBack Up Lamps
IGN BColumn Feed, Ignition 2, 3, 4
RAPRetained Accessory Power
LD LEVNot Used
OXYSENOxygen Sensor
IGN EEngine
MIR/LKSMirrors, Door Locks
FOG LPFog Lamps
IGN AStarting and Charging Ignition 1
STUD #2Accessory Feeds, Electric Brake
PARK LPParking Lamps
LR PRKLeft Rear Parking Lamps
IGN CStarter Solenoid, Fuel Pump, PRNDL
HTDSEAT2002-2004: Heated Seat
HVACHeating,Ventilation, Air Cooling System
TRCHMSL2003-2004: Trailer Center PHiqh Mount Stop Light
RRDFOGRear Defogger
TBCTruck Body Computer
CRANKClutch Switch, NSBU Switch
CHMSLCenter High Mounted Stoplamp
HAZLPHazard Lamps
VECHMSLVehicle Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp
RR DEFOGRear Defogger
HTDMIRHeated Mirror
ATCTransfer Case (Four-Wheel Drive)
STOPLPStop Lamps
RR W/WRear Window Wiper


Fuse boxes are an important part of the electrical system of your GMC Sonoma. By understanding where the fuse boxes are located and how to check and replace fuses, you can help keep your truck running smoothly.

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