2011-2016 Fiat Freemont fuse box diagram

From 2011 to 2016, Fiat rolled out its mid-size crossover SUV, the Fiat Freemont, blending style and versatility. In this article, you’ll uncover fuse box diagrams for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 models of the Fiat Freemont. Navigate through the intricacies of the vehicle’s fuse panels, nestled within its interior, and gain insights into the distinct functions of each fuse. Explore the fusion of information and practicality as you embark on your journey through the Fiat Freemont’s electrical system.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Fiat Freemont are the fuses F102 (Cigar Lighter in Instrument Panel/Left Rear Power Outlet), F103 (Power Outlet in Console Bin/Power Outlet in Rear of Console) and F106 (Rear Power Outlet) in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Engine Compartment

CavityCartridge FuseMini-FuseDescription
F10160 Amp YellowInterior Power Distribution Center Rail
F10260 Amp YellowInterior Power Distribution Center Rail
F10360 Amp YellowInterior Power Distribution Center Rail
F10560 Amp YellowInterior Power Distribution Center Rail Ignition Run Relay
F10660 Amp YellowInterior Power Distribution Center Rail Run/ Accessory Relays
F13940 Amp GreenClimate Control System Blower
F14030 Amp PinkPower Locks
F14140 Amp GreenAnti-Lock Brake System
F14240 Amp GreenGlow Plugs – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F14340 Amp GreenExterior Lights 1
F14440 Amp GreenExterior Lights 2
F14530 Amp PinkTo Body Computer – Lamp
F14630 Amp PinkSpare
F14730 Amp PinkSpare
F14840 Amp GreenRadiator Fan Motor
F14930 Amp PinkStarter Solenoid
F15025 Amp ClearPowertrain Control Modules
F15130 Amp PinkHeadlamp Washer Motor – For Versions/ Markets. Where Provided
F15225 Amp ClearDiesel Fuel Heater – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F15320 Amp YellowFuel Pump
F15610 Amp RedBrake/Electronic Stability Control Module
F15710 Amp RedTransfer Case Module – For Versions/ Markets. Where Provided
F15810 Amp RedActive Hood Module – For Versions/Markets. Where Provided
F15910 Amp RedSpare
F16020 Amp YellowInterior Lights
F16120 Amp YellowHorn
F16250 Amp RedCabin Heater #1/Vacuum Pump – For Versions/Markets. Where Provided
F16350 Amp RedCabin Heater #2 – For Versions/Markets. Where Provided
F16425 Amp ClearPowertrain Auto Shutdown
F16520 Amp YellowPowertrain Shutdown
F16620 Amp YellowSpare
F16730 Amp GreenPowertrain Shutdown
F16810 Amp RedAir Conditioner Clutch
F16940 Amp GreenEmissions – Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle Motor
F17015 Amp BlueEmissions – Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle Actuators
F17220 Amp YellowSpare
F17325 Amp ClearAnti Lock Brake Valves
F17420 Amp YellowSiren – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F17530 Amp GreenSpare
F17610 Amp RedPowertrain Control Modules
F17720 Amp YellowAll Wheel Drive Module – For Versions/ Markets, Where Provided
F17825 Amp ClearSunroof – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F17910 Amp RedBattery Sensor
F181100 Amp BlueElectrohydraulic Steering (EHPS) – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F18250 Amp RedCabin Heater #3 – For Versions/Markets. Where Provided
F18430 Amp PinkFront Wiper Motor

Passenger compartment

CavityCartridge FuseMini-FuseDescription
F10030 Amp Pink110V AC Inverter – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F10110 Amp RedInterior Lights
F10220 Amp YellowCigar Lighter in Instrument Panel/Left Rear Power Outlet
F10320 Amp YellowPower Outlet in Console Bin/Power Outlet in Rear of Console
F10520 Amp YellowHeated Seats – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F10620 Amp YellowRear Power Outlet
F10710 Amp RedRear Camera – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F10815 Amp BlueInstrument Panel
F10910 Amp RedClimate Control/HVAC
F11010 Amp RedOccupant Restraint Controller
F11210 Amp RedSpare
F11420 Amp YellowRear HVAC Blower/Motor
F11520 Amp YellowRear Wiper Motor
F11630 Amp PinkRear Defroster (EBL)
F11710 Amp RedHeated Mirrors
F11810 Amp RedOccupant Restraint Controller
F11910 Amp RedSteering Column Control Module
F12010 Amp RedAll Wheel Drive – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F12115 Amp BlueWireless Ignition Node
F12225 Amp ClearDriver Door Module
F12325 Amp ClearPassenger Door Module
F12410 Amp RedMirrors
F12510 Amp RedSteering Column Control Module
F12610 Amp RedAudio Amplifier
F12720 Amp YellowTrailer Tow – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F12815 Amp BlueRadio
F12915 Amp BlueVideo/DVD – For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F13015 Amp BlueClimate Control/lnstrument Panel
F13110 Amp RedPassenger Assistance/Hands Free System -For Versions/Markets, Where Provided
F13210 Amp RedTire Pressure Module
F13310 Amp RedSpare
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