2002-2009 Dodge Ram 1500/2500 fuse box diagram

From 2002 to 2009, Dodge made the third-generation Ram Pickup trucks. We’ve got you covered if you want to know where the fuse boxes are and what each fuse does. We’ll give you diagrams for each year from 2002 to 2009, show you where the fuse panels are inside the truck, and explain what each fuse is for.

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Dodge Ram 1500/2500:
2002-2005: Fuses No.25, No.29, and No.42 in the Integrated Power Module.
2006-2009: fuses No.1, No.38, and No.40 in the Integrated Power Module.


Fuses in the Integrated Power Module

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingDescription
130 or 402002-2004 (40A):  Trailer Tow Connector (2002-2003), Electric Brake Provision;

2005 (30A): Electric Brake Provision
230Auto Shut Down Relay (Gasoline)
330Ignition Switch (Run A38 (Integrated Power Module))
440Ignition Switch (Run C1 (Blower Motor))
5402002-2004 (40A):  Transmission Control Relay;

2005 (20A): Transmission Control Relay, Reverse Lockout Solenoid (SRT (Manual Transmission))
640Controller Antilock Brake (ABS (AWAL/RWAL))
750Power Seat Switch – Driver, Power Seat Switch – Passenger, Passenger Lumbar Switch (2002-2004 Standard Cab)
830Wiper High/Low Relay, Wiper On/Off Relay
940Ignition Switch (Run ACC F1 (Circuit Breaker (25A): Power Window))
1040Ignition Switch (Run ACC A31)
1130Front Control Module
1230 or 402002:  Not Used;

2003-2005 (Gasoline) (30A): Condenser Fan Relay;

2003-2005 (Diesel) (40A): Fuel Heater Relay
1330Front Control Module
1430Starter Motor Relay
1550Park Lamp Relay
1610Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay
1715 or 202002-2004 (15A):  Glove Box Lamp and Switch (2002-2003), Driver Door Module (2002-2003 except Base), Compass/Mini Trip Computer (except Base), Dome Lamp (2002-2003), Overhead Map/Reading Lamp (2002-2003 except Base), Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (2002-2003), Cargo Lamp (2002-2003), Fuel Pump Relay (2003-2004), Sentry Key Immobilizer Module (2004);

2005 (Gasoline) (20A): Fuel Pump Relay
1815Cluster, Underhood Lamp, Data Link Connector, Radio
1910 or 202002-2003 (10A):  Sentry Key Immobilizer Module, Powertrain Control Module;

2004-2005 (20A): Trailer Tow Connector
2025Ignition Switch (Run-Start A21, Start A41, Off-Run-Start A51 (Cluster, Powertrain Control Module, Integrated Power Module, Push Button Starter Switch))
2120Audio Amplifier
23152002-2003:  Not Used;

2004-2005: Powertrain Control Module, Electronic Overhead Module, Sentry Key Immobilizer Module
2415Stop Lamp Switch
2520Power Outlet – Console
26252002-2003:  Transfer Case Selector Switch;

2004-2005: Rear Window Defogger Relay
2715Heated Mirror Relay
2810Cluster, Compass/Mini Trip Computer (except Base), Automatic Day/Night Mirror (except Base), Door Lock Switch – Passenger (except Base)
2920Cigar Lighter, Rear Power Outlet (SRT)
30302002-2004: Not Used;

2005 (Off Road):Clutch Interlock Switch, Powertrain Control Module
31Not Used
3210Park/Turn Signal Lamp – Right Front, Tail/Stop Turn Signal Lamp – Right, License Lamp – Right, Center Bazel Lamp, Clearance Lamp, Fender Lamp
3320Trailer Tow Connector, Trailer Tow Connector Add On (Heavy Duty)
3410Park/Turn Signal Lamp – Left Front, Tail/Stop Turn Signal Lamp – Left, License Lamp – Left (+Right), Tailgate Bar Lamp, Fender Lamp
3510Controller Antilock Brake (ABS)
3610Heating and Air Conditioning Control, Radiator Fan Drive (Diesel (2004-2005)), Wastegate Solenoid (Diesel (2005))
37Not Used
3815Transfer Range Sensor (Automatic Transmission), Transmission Solenoid/TRS Assembly, Backup Lamp Switch (Manual Transmission)
3920 or 252002 (25A):  Condenser Fan Relay;

2003-2004: Not Used;

2005 (Diesel) (20A): Fuel Pump Relay
4015Adjustable Pedal Relay
4115Fog Lamp Relay
4220Power Outlet – Console
4325Transfer Case Control Module, Subwoofer Amplifier (SRT), Final Drive Control Module (Off Road)
44202002:  Fuel Pump Relay;

2003-2005 (Gasoline): Not Used
4520Horn Relay
4615Trailer Tow Left Turn Relay
4715Trailer Tow Right Turn Relay
4820Seat Heater Module, Window/Door Lock Switch – Driver (’05)
4920Oxygen Sensor Downstream Relay, Oxygen Sensor – Front Left/Right
5010EVAP Purge Solenoid (2002-2003, 2005 SRT), Front Control Module (2002), Final Drive Control Module (2005), Stop Lamp Switch (2005 – 5.7L), Brake Lamp Switch (2004), Sentry Key Immobilizer Module (2004-2005), Engine Control Module (Diesel (2003-2005)), Powertrain Control Module (Gasoline (2004-2005))
5120Underhood Lamp, Data Link Connector, Radio, Cluster
52202002-2004 (20A):  Airbag Control Module;

2005 (15A): Occupant Restraint Controller Module
53202002-2004 (20A):  Airbag Control Module, Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch;

2005 (15A): Occupant Restraint Controller Module, Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch
R12002-2004:  Spare;
2005 (Diesel): Fuel Pump
R22002-2003:  Condenser Fan;
2004-2005: Spare
R3Fog Lamp
R4Auto Shut Down (Gasoline)
R5Adjustable Pedal
R6Fuel Pump (Gasoline)
R7Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch
R8Transmission Control
R10Oxygen Sensor Downstream
R12Wiper High/Low
R13Wiper On/Off
R14Starter Motor
R152002-2003:  Spare;
2004-2005 (Gasoline): Condenser Fan;
2004-2005 (Diesel): Fuel Heater;
2005 (SRT): Blower Motor
R16Rear Window Defogger (2005)
R17Park Lamp
R20Heated Mirror


Fuses in the Integrated Power Module

Fuse NumberFuse Amp RatingDescription
120Power Outlet – Console (except Base)
220Cluster, Cabin Compartment Node (CCN), Door Locks/Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI)
3Not Used
4202006: Not Used;

2007-2009:  Transmission Control Module
520Power Sunroof (except Base)
610 or 40Occupant Classification Module (OCM), Wastegate Solenoid, Drive Fan Radiator (Diesel 2006 – 40A; 5.9L Diesel 2007-2009 – 10A)
715Solenoid Reverse Lock Out (SRT)
810Heated Mirrors
930Final Drive Control Module (Power Wagon)
105except SRT:  Clutch Interlock Switch (Manual Transmission), Engine Control Module (Diesel), Transmission Range Sensor (3.7 L Magnum V6, 6.7 L Cummins, 5.9 L Cummins), Transmission Solenoid/TRS Assembly (4.7 L Magnum V8 and 5.7 L Hemi V8), Powertrain Control Module (Gasoline)
1120Radio, Media System (Monitor/DVD), Data Link Connector, Hands-Free Module, Satellite Receiver, Cluster, Sentry Key Remote Entry Module, Underhood Lamp, Wireless Control Module, Electronic Overhead Module
1230Brake Provision Module (Trailer Tow)
1325Anti-Lock Brakes Module (AWAL)
1415Left Front Park/Turn Lamp
1520Trailer Tow
1615Right Front Park/Turn Lamp
17Not Used
1840Anti-Lock Brakes Module (AWAL)
1930Trailer Tow
2010Occupant Restraint Controller Module
2110Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch, Occupant Restraint Controller Module
2220Push Button Starter Switch (Ignition Switch)
2310Electronic Overhead Module (except Base), Heating and Air Conditioning Control
2420SRT:  Subwoofer Amplifier;

DC/DM: Transmission Control Relay
2510Window/Door Lock Switch – Driver Side, Shift Motor/Mode Sensor Assembly (4.7 L Magnum V8 and 5.7 L Hemi V8), Power Mirror
2615 or 20Stop Lamp Switch (2006 – 15A; 2007-2009 – 20A)
2740Power Seat (Driver Seat Switch, Passenger Seat Switch)
2810Powertrain Control Module (Gasoline), Engine Control Module (Diesel), Anti-Lock Brakes Module (2006), Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (except Base (2006)), Stop Lamp Switch, EVAP Purge Solenoid (SRT), Steering Angle Sensor, Wireless Control Module (WCM)
2910except Power Wagon:  Gateway Module (SRT), Transfer Case Selector Switch, Door Lock Switch – Passenger Side, Inside Rear View Mirror, Engine Oil Temperature Gauge (SRT);

Power Wagon: Final Drive Control Module
30152006: Not Used;

2007-2009:  ABS, Final Drive Control Module (5.7 Off-Road), Dynamics Sensor
3110 or 15except SRT (2006) (15A):  Shift Motor and Mode Sensor Assembly (ETC), Powertrain Control Module (Gasoline);

2007-2008 (10A): Powertrain Control Module;

2008-2009 (15A): Powertrain Control Module
3210Heating and Air Conditioning Control, Adjustable Pedals Switch (except Base), Heated Seats Switch (except Base), Tire Pressure Transponder
33102006: Not Used;

2007-2009:  Heating and Air Conditioning Control / Power-IGN Run Misc
34Not Used
3625Radio (Premium) Amplifier
37156.7 L Cummins:  Turbo Shutdown Relay (Smart Power Relay)
3820except SRT:  Power Outlet IP
3910Subwoofer Amplifier (SRT), Seat Belt Tension Reducer – Driver Side (Standard Cab (except SRT))
4020Base:  Power Outlet – Instrument Panel, Power Outlet – Lower Console (2007-2009)
41Not Used
4230Diesel:  Engine Control Module
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