2003-2008 BMW Z4 E85/E86 Fuse Box Diagram

This blog post will provide you with a fuse box diagram for the BMW Z4 E85/E86, which was produced from 2003 to 2008.

The fuse box diagram will show you the location of each fuse in the fuse box, as well as the amperage rating of each fuse. This information can be helpful if you need to replace a fuse in your BMW Z4.

BMW Z4 E85/86 Fuse Box Diagram

Fuse /Relay NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected components
1 – –
210A –
330A –
430A –
515AFront Cigar Lighter
610AReversing Light Switch (Manual Transmission), Reversing Light Relay ((2003-2004) – Automatic Transmission, SMG)
75ASteering Angle Sensor DSC, “Sport” Button, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
85ADriver’s Door Module, Park Distance Control (PDC), Cigar Lighter Relay
97.5A2003-2004: Oil Level Sensor, Transmission Control (Automatic Transmission), Sequential Manual Transmission (SMG).
2005-2008: Data Link Connector (OBD II), Integrated Supply Module (IVM (N52))
105A2005-2008: General Module Control Unit, Auxiliary Water Pump, Electronic Vehicle Immobilizer (EWS)
1125AGeneral Module Control Unit
125AGeneral Module Control Unit, Electronic Vehicle Immobilizer (EWS), Centre Console Switch Centre, Instrument Cluster Control Unit
135A2003-2005: Safety and Information Module, Seat Occupancy Recognition.
2006-2008: Rain/Headlight Sensor, Volume Spring
145ASecondary Air Pump Relay, Light Switch Cluster, Clutch Switch Module, Brake Light Switch
1530A2003-2005: Passenger’s Seat Adjustment Switch (LHD), Driver’s Seat Memory (RHD).
2006-2008: Passenger’s Seat Adjustment Switch
1625ACentre Console Switch Center
17 –
18 –
1920AFuel Pump Relay
2020A/30ARear Window Defogger Relay (2003-2005 – 20A; 2006-2008 – 30A)
215AHeated Spray Nozzles Thermal Switch (2003-2004), Passenger’s Side Outside Mirror, Steering Column Switch (Cruise Control (2006-2008))
225AHeating/Air Conditioning System, Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
235ALight Switch Cluster, Instrument Cluster Control Unit
245AInstrument Cluster Control Unit, Data Link Connector (OBD II), Steering Angle Sensor DSC, Gear Indicator Lighting (USA), Auxiliary Water Pump (S54)
255AElectrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror, Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit, Terminal 15 Power-Saving Relay, Rear Window Defogger Relay
2630AGeneral Module Control Unit
275AOutside Mirror Fold-in
285A2003-2005: Steering Column Switch (Cruise Control), Rain/Headlight Sensor, Volume Spring.
2006-2008: Crash Safety Module, Airbag Indicator Light, Seat Occupancy Recognition
2930A2003-2005: Driver’s Seat Memory (LHD), Passenger’s Seat Adjustment Switch (RHD).
2006-2008: Driver’s Seat Memory
305A/7.5A2003-2005 (7.5A): Horn for Antitheft Alarm System, Tilt Sensor, Interior Movement Detector, Electrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror.
2006-2008 (5A): Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
3120ARoadster: Convertible Top Module
327.5A2003-2005: Sequential Manual Transmission (SMG).
2006-2008: Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit
3310AFuel Pump Relay, Secondary Air Pump Relay, E-Box Fan, Diagnostic Module for Fuel Tank Leakage (2003-2004)
34 –
35 –
3615AFront Fog Lights Relay
3715AHorn Relay
3830AWiper Relay №1 & 2
397.5A2003-2005: Heating/Air Conditioning System.
2006-2008: Heating/Air Conditioning System, Siren and Tilt Alarm  Sensor, Interior Movement Detector, Electrochromic Interior Rear View Mirror
4030AHeadlight Washer Pump Relay
415ADriver’s Window Motor, Passenger’s Window Motor
4230A/40ADynamic Stability Control (DSC) (2003-2005 – 30A; 2006-2008 – 40A)
4320A/30ADynamic Stability Control (DSC) (2003-2005 – 30A; 2006-2008 – 20A)
445A2006-2008: Fuel Pump Control (EKPS)
4510A2003-2005: Safety and Information Module.
2006-2008: Tyre Pressure Control (RDC)
4630AGeneral Module Control Unit
477.5ANavigation System, Radio, Basic Interface Telephone, Telephone Transceiver, Eject Box (2003-2005), Voice Control System
487.5ACD Changer
4910ACentral Information Display (CID), Navigation System, Video Module, Basic Interface Telephone (Japan), Compensator (except Japan), Eject Box (except Japan), Telephone Transceiver (except Japan), Voice Control System (except Japan)
5030ARadio, Amplifier
51 –
52 –
53 –
5440AIgnition Switch
5540ARoadster: Convertible Top Relay №:1 & 2
5650ASecondary Air Pump Relay
5740ABlower Output Stage
5840AIgnition Switch
5940ALight Switch Cluster
6040ALight Switch Cluster
6160AElectric Fan
62 –
6360A/80AB+ Potential Distributor (2003-2005 – 80A; 2006-2008 – 60A).
N52 (60A): B+ Potential Distributor, Integrated Supply Module (IVM), Fuel Injectors Relay, Digital Motor Electronics (DME) Control Unit, DME Relay, Variable Valve Gear Relay
64100AElectronic Power Steering (EPS)
65 –
  • N46B20 – 2.0i
  • M54B22 – 2.2i
  • M54B25 – 2.5i
  • M54B30 – 3.0i
  • N52B25 – 2.5i & 2.5si
  • N52B30 – 3.0si
  • S54B32 – M 3.2i
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