2000-2006 BMW X5 E53 Fuse Box Diagram

Your BMW X5 E53 has several fuse boxes located throughout the car. These fuse boxes contain fuses that protect the electrical circuits in your vehicle. If a fuse blows, it will prevent damage to the electrical components that it is protecting.

This blog post will provide the fuse box diagrams for your BMW X5 E53. The fuse box diagrams will show you the location of all fuses in each fuse box and the function of each fuse. This information can be helpful if you ever need to replace a fuse in your BMW X5 E53.

Fuses and relay in the engine compartment

Some relays are located in the mounting block, under the hood (horn relay, glow plug relay, fuel pump relay, headlight washer relay, etc.). Depending on the configuration, there may be fuses.

Glove Compartment

This is the main fuse box in your vehicle. It is located in the glove compartment, behind the protective cover.

Fuse NumberAmp. RatingProtected Components
F15AData bus connection, instrument panel
F25ALamps control module
F35AHeater/air conditioning (AC) (until 02/01)
F45AIgnition coil relay
F57,5AAlternator, engine oil level sensor, fuse box/relay plate cooling fan motor
F65AInterior rearview mirror, parking aid control module(until 02/04), tyre pressure monitor control module
F75AIgnition coil relay
F85AInstrument illumination
F95AAirbag, brake pedal position (BPP)switch, lamps control module
F125AInstrument illumination, steering position sensor
F135AAlarm system, interior rearview mirror
F145AMultifunction control module 1
F155ATyre pressure monitor control module (until 02/04)
F165AIgnition switch
F175AInterior lamps control module
F2030ADoor function control module, driver
F2130AElectric seats
F2430ADoor function control module, passenger
F2525ACharging socket, cigarette lighter
F2630AIgnition main circuits relay
F2720AMultifunction control module 1
F2830AHeadlamp washers
F315AEngine management
F325AIgnition main circuits relay, multifunctioncontrolmodule2
F335ACigarette lighter
F347,5AHeated rear window, heater/air conditioning (AC)
F365ACharging socket
F375AMultifunction control module 2
F395AClutch pedal position (CPP) switch, immobilizer
F4030AWindscreen wipers
F415ARear screen wash/wipe system, multifunction control module 1
F425AInterior lamps
F435AInstrument panel
F445AAirbag, electric seats
F455AInstrument panel
F467,5ATransfer box control module
F4725AFuel pump (FP) relay
F487,5AHeater/air conditioning (AC)
F5110AAnti-lock brake system (ABS), engine management
F5215ADatalink connector (DLC) (until 09/00)
F5325AMultifunction control module 2
F5415ATransmission control module(TCM)
F5530AAnti-lock brake system (ABS)
F5715ASuspension control module
F5920AAuxiliary heater
F6030AMultifunction control module 1
F6150AEngine coolant blower motor
F6250ASecondary air injection (AIR) pump relay
F6350AAnti-lock brake system (ABS)
F6450AHeater/air conditioning (AC)

Relay block under the glove compartment

This relay block contains relays that control various electrical components in your vehicle. It is located under the glove compartment, on the passenger side.

Fuses NumberFuses Amp. RatingProtected Component
1Fuel lift pump relay – Diesel
3Interior lamps control module
4Horn relay
F104100AGlow plugs
F10580AImmobilizer, ignition switch-4,4/4,6 ( until 02/02)
F10650AIgnition switch, lamps control module
F10750ALamps control module

Fuse box in the luggage compartment

This fuse box contains fuses that protect the electrical components in the rear of your vehicle. It is located in the luggage compartment, on the left side.

Note: Some relays can also be located under the lining, in the luggage compartment. For example, a compressor pump relay, or a pneumatic suspension pump compressor relay.

Fuses NumberFuses Amp. RatingProtected Component
1Seat heater relay- rear
2Heated rear window relay
3Audio unit relay
4Boot lid/tailgate release relay- lower
5Seat adjustment relay, rear
6Boot lid/tailgate release relay- upper
F7230AAudio system, navigation system
F737.5AIgnition coil relay
F755AAudio system, navigation system
F7730AElectric seats-rear
F7820ATrailer socket
F797.5ASuspension control module
F8020AIgnition coil relay
F8120ARear screen wash/wipe system
F8320ACharging socket-rear
F847.5ABoot lid/tailgate lock
F8530AHeated rear window
F865AAuxiliary heater
F8730ASuspension compressor pump
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