2005-2008 Audi A4/S4 Fuse Box Diagram [8E/8H]

The Audi A4/S4 8E/8H is a popular luxury car that was produced from 2005 to 2008. Like all cars, it has a fuse box that houses the electrical fuses for the car’s various systems. If you are having electrical problems with your Audi A4/S4 8E/8H, it can be helpful to consult the fuse box diagram to see which fuse may be blown.

In this blog post, I will provide you with the fuse box locations and diagrams for the Audi A4/S4 8E/8H. I will also discuss how to troubleshoot electrical problems using the fuse box diagrams.

By understanding the fuse box locations and diagrams for your Audi A4/S4 8E/8H, you can troubleshoot electrical problems more easily. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingFunction/Component
110AClimatronic Control Module
25ALeft Footwell Light
Right Footwell Light
35ALeft Washer Nozzle Heater
Right Washer Nozzle Heater
Left Rear Footwell Light
Right Rear Footwell Light
45ACoolant Fan Control (FC) Control Module
Coolant Fan Control (FC) Control Module 2
510ARear Window Shade Switch
Function Selector Switch II
Tiptronic Switch
Oil Level Thermal Sensor
Rear Window Shade Control Module
Navigation System with CD Drive Control Module
Parking Aid Control Module
65AHigh Pressure Sensor
Sensor for air quality
710AAnti-Slip Control Switch
Clutch Pedal Switch
Brake Pedal Switch
ABS Control Module
85ATelephone Transceiver
Telephone Amplifier
915ABrake Booster Relay
105AHeadlamp Adjuster
Headlamp Range Control Module
Headlamp Range/Comering Lamp Control Module
Left Headlamp Beam Adjusting Motor
Right Headlamp Beam Adjusting Motor
Right Dynamic Cornering Light Motor
115AAirbag Control Module
Warning Lamp for airbag off, passenger side
1210A16 pin connector, black, diagnostic connector
1310ASteering Column Electronic Systems Control Module
1410ABrake Light Switch
1510AInstrument Cluster Control Module
Navigation System with CD Drive Control Module
165AGarage Door Opener Control Head
Garage Door Opener Control Module
1710ARain/Light Recognition Sensor
Parking Aid Control Module
Tire Pressure Monitoring Control Module
185ALeft Dynamic Cornering Light Motor
1910ALeft Lront Fog Lamp
Right Front Fog Lamp
20Not used
21Not used
2215ADrivers Door Control Module
Front Passenger’s Door Control Module
2315ALeft Rear Door Control Module
Right Rear Door Control Module
2420AComfort System Central Control Module
2530AFresh Air Blower Control Module
2630ARear Window Defogger Relay
2730ATowing Recognition Control Module
2820ATransfer Fuel Pump (FP)
Fuel Pump (FP) Control Module
29Not used
3020APower Sunroof Control Module
3115ABack-Up Light Switch
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
Light Recognition Sensor
Starting Interlock Relay
Transmission Control Module (ICM)
3215ATrailer Socket
3315A/20ACigarette lighter
3420A/30A12V Socket
3630AVehicle Electrical System Control Module
Rear Window Wiper Motor
3730AVehicle Electrical System Control Module
Headlamp Washer Pump
3815ARadar Interior Monitoring Control Module 1
Alarm Horn
Comfort System Central Control Module
8 pin Connector, black, radio connector III
4025AHigh Tone Horn
Low Tone Horn
Horn Relay
4130AAuxiliary Heater Control Module
Auxiliary Heater Radio Receiver
4225AABS Control Module
4315AEngine Timing
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor
EGR Potentiometer
SIMOS Control Module Power Supply Relay
Engine Control Module (ECM)
Engine Component Power Supply Relay
EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Valve
4430AClimatronic Control Module

Connector station – Right A-pillar

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingCircuit Protected
E30APower Seat (with manual seats with power lumbar)
E10APower Seat (with power seats)

Relay Panels

Relay panel (4-position) with threaded connection

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingCircuit Protected
F10A/40A/60AFuse (Driver Fan training vehicle) (Not for Engine code BBK, BHF)
Coolant Fan Fuse (Engine code BBK, BHF, BNS, BKN)
G30A/40A/60ARadiator After run Fuse (Engine code BBK, BHF, BNS, BKN)
Coolant Fan Fuse (Not for Engine code BKN, BBK, BHF)
H40AABS Control Module Fuse 1
3NG Engine Throttle Relay 1 (not applicable to USA/CDN models)
4NG Engine Throttle Relay 2 (not applicable to USA/CDN models)
4Alarm-On/Hands-free Control Module (not applicable to USA/CDN models)

Relay panel (9-position)

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingCircuit Protected
A10ARear Shade Circuit Breaker (Right)
B10ARear Shade Circuit Breaker (Left)
D30APower Windows Fuse 2
E10ADriver’s Power Seat Adjustment Circuit Breaker 2
E10ADriver’s Power Seat Adjustment Circuit Breaker 2 (Lumbar Support Adjustment)
F30APower Windows Fuse
G30ATrailer Circuit Breaker
1Fuel Pump (FP) Relay
2Servotronic Control Module
3Starter Relay 2 (For engine code AUK, BKH, BNS)
4Starter Relay 2 (For engine code AUK, BKH, BNS)
Brake Booster Relay (Not applicable for engine code AUK, BKH)
5Rear Window Defogger Relay
6Load Reduction Relay
8Horn Relay
4Brake Booster Relay (Not applicable for engine code AUK, BKH)
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