Acura Vigor Fuse Box Diagram [1991-1994]

The Acura Vigor is a mid-size luxury sedan that was produced from 1991 to 1994. The 1991-1994 models have two fuse boxes: one under the hood and one in the cabin.

The under-hood fuse box is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment. It is a black box with a red cover. The cabin fuse box is located under the dashboard on the passenger side. It is a smaller black box with a clear cover.

Each fuse box has a diagram that shows the location and function of each fuse. The diagrams are usually located on the inside of the fuse box cover.

If you are not sure how to replace a fuse, you should consult your car’s owner’s manual.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the fuse box diagrams for the 1991-1994 Acura Vigor. We will also discuss the location of each fuse box and the function of each fuse.

Acura Vigor Fuse Box Diagram (Engine Compartment)

Fuse NumberAmp. RatingProtected Components
15100ABattery, Power distribution
1640ARear window defogger
Noise condenser
1730ABlower motor
1850AIgnition switch (BAT)
1920ALeft headlight
Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
2020ARight headlight
Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
2115ADash lights
Parking lights
Security control unit
2215ASeat heater system (Canada)
2420ARight rear power window motor
2520ALeft rear power window motor
2620AFront passenger’s power window motor
2720ADriver’s power seat recline motor
2820ADriver’s power window motor
Power window control unit
2930AMoonroof motor
Brake lights
Security control unit
3120ADriver’s power seat slide motor
3220APower door lock control unit
3310APGM-FI main relay
3415ACondenser fan motor
3510AHazard warning lights
Turn signal/hazard relay
3615AFront fog lights
3715ACeiling light
Cigarette lighter
Power antenna motor
Power mirror defoggers
Integrated control unit
3815ARadiator fan motor
Transmission control module (TCM)
Radiator fan control module
Stereo radio/cassette player
Audio power amplifier unit
NumberAmp. RatingProtected Circuit
4550AABS motor relay (contacts)
467.5AABS control unit
4715AABS control unit (B3)
4815AABS control unit (B2)
4915AABS control unit (B1)

Acura Vigor Fuse Box Diagram (Passenger Compartment)

NumberAmp. RatingProtected Circuit
110ABack-up lights
Gauge/indicator lights
Vehicle speed sensor (VSS)
Integrated control unit
PGM-FI main relay
ELD unit
Radiator fan control module
EGR control solenoid valve
SRS unit (VA)
310ASRS unit (VB)
47.5ACruise control system
Transmission control module (TCM)
Security control unit
510AMoonroof open relay
Moonroof close relay
Windshield wiper system
Shift lock solenoid (A/T)
630AWindshield wiper motor
77.5AHeater control amplifier
Heater control panel
Blower motor relay
Blower motor high relay
ABS control unit
ABS fail-safe relays
ABS motor relay
Option B (IG2) connector
87.5APower mirror actuators
Power mirror defogger relay (Canada)
A/C compressor clutch
A/C compressor clutch relay
Radiator fan control module
Driver’s seat heater main relay
Front passenger’s seat heater main relay
Gauge (Brake check circuit)
107.5ADaytime running lights control unit (Canada)
1110AStereo radio/cassette player
Audio power amplifier unit
Option A (ACC) connector
Cigarette lighter relay
127.5ATurn signal/hazard relay
SSpare fuses
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