2009-2014 Acura TSX CU2 Fuse Box Diagram

The Acura TSX CU2 is a mid-size luxury sedan that was produced from 2009 to 2014. It is powered by a 2.4L four-cylinder engine and is available with either a manual or automatic transmission.

The fuse box diagram can be helpful if you need to replace a blown fuse or relay. It can also be helpful if you are troubleshooting an electrical problem with your Acura TSX CU2.

Cigar lighter / power outlet fuses in the Acura TSX are the fuse No.23 in the Driver’s side interior fuse box (Front Accessory Power Socket) and fuse No.12 in the Passenger’s side interior fuse box (Console Accessory Power Socket).

Engine Compartment

The under-hood fuse box is on the driver’s side.


Fuses NumberFuses Amp. RatingProtected Components
1-1100 ABattery (4-cylinder models)
1-1120 ABattery (6-cylinder models)
1-240 APassenger’s Side Fuse Box
2-170 AEPS
2-2(40 A)Passenger’s Side Fuse Box
2-4Not Used
2-530 AABS/VSA Motor
2-6Not Used
3-130 AWiper Motor (4-cylinder models)
3-130 ASub Fan Motor (6-cylinder models)
3-2Not Used (4-cylinder models)
3-230 AWiper Motor (6-cylinder models)
3-330 AMain Fan Motor
3-430 ADriver’s Side Light Main
3-5(60 A)Driver’s Side Fuse Box
3-630 APassenger’s Side Light Main
3-7(40 A)Driver’s Side Fuse Box
3-850 AIG Main
440 ARear Defroster
520 ASub Fan Motor (4-cylinder models)
5Not Used (6-cylinder models)
6Not Used
7Not Used
840 AHeater Motor
915 AHazard
1010 AHorn
11Not Used
1215 AStop
1315 AIG Coil
1415 AFI Sub
1510 ABack Up
167.5 AInterior Lights
1715 AFI Main
1815 ADBW
19Not Used (4-cylinder models)
197.5 ABack Up FI ECU (6-cylinder models)
207.5 AMG Clutch
217.5 AEngine Oil Level (4-cylinder models)
217.5 AFan RLY (6-cylinder models)


Fuses NumberProtected ComponentsFuses Amp. Rating
1Battery (4-cylinder models)100 A
1Battery (6-cylinder models)120 A
1Passenger’s Side Fuse Box40A
2EPS70 A
2Passenger’s Side Fuse Box(40 A)
2ABS/VSA Motor30 A
3IG50 A
3Driver’s Side Fuse Box(40 A)
3Passenger’s Side Light Main30 A
3Driver’s Side Fuse Box(60 A)
3Driver’s Side Light Main30 A
3Main Fan Motor30 A
3– (4-cylinder models)
3Wiper Motor (6-cylinder models)30 A
3Wiper Motor (4-cylinder models)30 A
3Sub Fan Motor (6-cylinder models)30 A
4Rear Defogger40 A
5Sub Fan Motor (4-cylinder models)20 A
5– (6-cylinder models)
8Heater Motor40 A
9Hazard15 A
10Horn10 A
12Stop15 A
13IG Coil15 A
14FI Sub15 A
16Interior Lights7.5 A
17FI Main15 A
18DBW15 A
19– (4-cylinder models)
19Back Up FI ECU (6-cylinder models)7.5 A
20MG Clutch7.5 A
21Engine Oil Level (4-cylinder models)7.5 A
21Fan RLY (6-cylinder models)7.5 A

Fuses in the driver’s side interior fuse box


Fuses NumberFuses Amp. RatingProtected Components
1Not Used
2(7.5 A)Seat Memory
315 AWasher
410 AWiper
57.5 AMeter
715 AACG
8(7.5 A)STS (4-cylinder models)
8(7.5 A)Starter DIAG (6-cylinder models)
920 AFuel Pump
10(10 A)VB SOL (If equipped)
1110 ASRS
127.5 AODS (Occupant Detection System)
13(7.5 A)IG1 (4-cylinder models)
13(7.5 A)STS (6-cylinder models)
14Not Used
157.5 ADaytime Running Lights
167.5 AA/C
177.5 AAccessory, Key, Lock
187.5 AAccessory
19(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Sliding
20(20 A)Moonroof
21(20 A)Driver’s Power Seat Reclining
2220 ARear Driver’s Side Power Window
2320 AFront Accessory Power Socket
2420 ADriver’s Power Window
2515 ADriver’s Side Door Lock
26(10 A)Left Front Fog Light (If equipped)
2710 ALeft Side Small Lights (Exterior)
2810 ALeft Headlight High Beam
2910 ATPMS
3015 ALeft Headlight Low Beam
31Not Used
32(7.5 A)Engine Oil Level (If equipped)

Fuses in the passenger’s side interior fuse box


Fuses NumberFuses Amp. RatingProtected Components
110 ARight Headlight High Beam
210 ARight Side Small Lights (Exterior)
3(10 A)Right Front Fog Light (If equipped)
415 ARight Headlight Low Beam
5Not Used
67.5 AInterior Lights
7Not Used
8(20 A)Passenger’s Side Power Seat Reclining
9(20 A)Passenger’s Side Power Seat Sliding
1010 ARight Side Door Lock
1120 ARear Passenger’s Side Power Window
1220 AConsole Accessory Power Socket
1320 AFront Passenger’s Power Window
14Not Used
15(20 A)Premium AMP (If equipped)
16Not Used
17Not Used
18Not Used
19(20 A)Seat Heater
20Not Used
21Not Used
22Not Used
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