2006-2009 Acura CSX Fuse Box Diagram

The Acura CSX is a compact car that was produced from 2006 to 2011. It was popular for its fuel efficiency, agile handling, and comfortable ride.

If you owned an Acura CSX from 2006-2009, it is important to know where the fuse boxes are located in the car. Fuse boxes contain fuses that protect the electrical system from overloads. If a fuse blows, it will need to be replaced for the electrical system to function properly.

This article will provide you with the fuse box diagrams for the Acura CSX, model years 2006-2009. The fuse box diagrams will show you the location of all the fuses in the car, as well as their corresponding amperage rating and function. This information can be helpful if you ever need to troubleshoot an electrical problem in your CSX.

Instrument Panel

Fuse NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
17.5APower mirror switch light
215AECM/PCM, Fuel pump (via PGM-FI main relay 2), Immobilizer-keyless control unit
310AAlternator, CMP sensor A, ECM/PCM (via brake pedal position switch), ELD, EVAP canister purge valve, MAF sensor/IAT sensor, Reverse lockout solenoid (TYPE S), Secondary HO2S (sensor 2)
47.5AABS modulator-control unit (2006-2007 Touring and Premium models), EPS control unit, VSA modulator-control unit (2007 TYPE S and 2008-2009 models), Yaw rate-lateral acceleration sensor (2007 TYPE S and 2008-2009 models)
515ASeat heaters (via seat heater relays)
620AFoq light relay. Fog lights (via fog light relay)
7Not used
8Not used
97.5AODS unit. Passenger’s airbag cutoff indicator, SRS unit
107.5ABack-up light (M/T), Gauge control module (speedo), Gauge control module (tach), MICU, Shift lock solenoid (A/T), TPMS control unit (2008-2009)
1110ASRS unit
1210ARiqht headlight (high beam)
1310ALeft headlight (high beam)
147.5AAudio unit light, Climate control unit light. Dash lights brightness controller and odometer select/reset switch light. Driver’s footwell light (TYPE S), Driver’s seat heater switch light, Glove box light. Hazard warning switch light, Moonroof switch light, Navigation unit, Park pin switch light (A/T), Passenger’s airbag cutoff indicator light, Passenger’s footwell light (TYPE S), Passenger’s seat heater switch light, Steering wheel switches light (via cable reel), VSA OFF switch light
157.5AParking lights, Taillights, License plate lights, Side marker lights
1610ARight headlight (low beam)
1615ARight HID unit
1710A6Left headlight (low beam)
1715ALeft HID unit
2120AMICU (+BH/L LO)
2130AMICU (+BH/L LO)
2420AMoonroof control unit/motor
2620ADriver’s power window motor (via power window master switch)
27Not used
2815AConsole accessory power socket (via console accessory power socket relay)
2915AFront accessory power socket (via front accessory power socket relay)
3020AFront passenger’s power window motor
3220AMoonroof control unit/motor, Moonroof switch (2006-2007), Right rear power window motor
3320ALeft rear power window motor
357.5AAudio unit, Console accessory power socket relay, Front accessory power socket relay, HandsFreeLink control unit. Ignition key switch, Navigation unit, Stereo amplifier (TYPE S)
3610AClimate control unit. Driver’s seat heater switch. Fan control relay and radiator fan relay (via A/C diode), Passenger’s seat heater switch, Power mirrors (via power mirror switch), Under-hood fuse/relay box (A/C compressor clutch relay, Blower motor relay, Power mirror defoqger relay, Rear window defoqqer relay)
377.5AMICU (daytime runninq liqhts power supply)
R1Power windows relay
R2PGM-FI Main relay 2 (Fuel pump)
R3Starter cut relay

Engine Compartment

Fuse/Relay NumberFuse Amp. RatingProtected Components
1100ABattery, Power distribution
170AEPS control unit
250A (IG)Ignition switch
280A/60AFuses in the under-dash fuse/relay box: №5, 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 31
330A (ABS MTR)ABS modulator-control unit (2006-2007 Touring and Premium models), VSA modulator-control unit (2007 TYPE S and 2008-2009 models)
330A/40A (ABS FSR)ABS modulator-control unit (2006-2007 Touring and Premium models), VSA modulator-control unit (2007 TYPE S and 2008-2009 models)
450A (H/L)Fuses in the under-dash fuse/relay box: №18, 19, 20, 21
440A (P/W)Fuses in the under-dash fuse/relay box: №24, 25, 26, 30, 32, 33, and Power window relay
620AA/C condenser fan motor (via A/C condenser fan relay)
720ARadiator fan motor (via radiator fan relay)
830ANoise condenser (via rear window defogger relay), Rear window defogger (via rear window defogger relay)
940ABlower motor (via blower motor relay)
1010AMICU (turn signal/hazard warning lights circuit)
1115AA/F sensor (Sensor 1) (via PGM-FI subrelay), EVAP canister vent shut valve (via PGM-FI subrelay), PGM-FI subrelay, №15 fuse (in the under-hood fuse/relay box) (via PGM-FI subrelay)
1215ABrake lights, ECM/PCM, Horn, MICU
157.5AA/C condenser fan relay
1715A*6Stereo amplifier
1815AIgnition coil relay, Ignition coils (via Ignition coil relay)
1915ACKP sensor (via PGM-FI main relay 1), CMP sensor B (via PGM-FI main relay 1), ECM/PCM, ETCS control relay, Injectors (via PGM-FI main relay 1), PGM-FI main relay 1 (FI MAIN), PGM-FI main relay 2 (FUEL PUMP)
207.5AA/C compressor clutch (via A/C compressor clutch relay)
2115AECM/PCM (via ETCS control relay)
227.5ACeiling light, Courtesy lights, Front individual map lights, Ignition key light, Trunk light, Vanity mirror lights (2008-2009)
2310AAudio unit, Data link connector (DLC), Gauge control module (speedo), Gauge control module (tach), HandsFreeLink control unit, Immobilizer-keyless control unit, MICU, Moonroof switch. Navigation unit
R1Rear window defogger relay
R2Blower motor relay
R3A/C condenser fan relay
R4Fan control relay
R5Power mirror defogger relay
R6PGM-FI subrelay
R7Ignition coil relay
R12A/C compressor clutch relay
R13PGM-FI main relay 1 (FI MAIN)
R14Electronic throttle control system ETCS) control relay
R15Radiator fan relay
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