Explore the 2022 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram

Discover the heart of the 2022 Ford Expedition’s electrical system its fuse box. In this concise article, we gather complete information about the fuse box diagram, location, power distribution, and essential guidelines. Unlock the secrets of maintaining and troubleshooting your Expedition’s electrical prowess.

Note: All information contained in this Quick Reference Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Manual.

Why Fuse Box Diagram is important?

The fuse box diagram is an invaluable resource that provides a visual representation of the fuse layout and its corresponding functions. By referring to this diagram, truck owners and enthusiasts can easily identify the correct fuses for various electrical systems and accessories in the vehicle. Locating the fuse box is the first step toward accessing and replacing fuses when needed. Here are some important points to consider before handling fuses.

  • Before working on high-current fuses, make sure to disconnect the battery first.
  • To avoid getting an electrical shock, remember to put back the cover on the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs.
  • When replacing a fuse, always use one that matches the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can seriously damage the wires and potentially lead to a fire.

2022 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram (Under Hood Fuse Box)

The Under Hood Fuse Box on the 2022 Ford Expedition features high-current fuses that are responsible for handling the overall performance of the vehicle. To access this fuse box, you need to open the hood of your 2022 Expedition.

  • Begin by sitting inside the vehicle and locating the hood release handle positioned beneath the left side of the instrument panel. Give it a gentle pull to disengage the hood latch.
  • Now, step outside the vehicle and make your way to the front. Direct your attention to the center area beneath the hood, where you’ll find the secondary release lever. This lever acts as an additional safety measure.
  • With a firm grip on the secondary release lever, activate it to fully release the hood. As you do so, the hood will become slightly ajar. Gently raise the hood until you feel the lift cylinders engage, securely holding the hood open in place.
  • To close the hood, lower it slowly until it’s positioned just above the latch. Ensure that the hood is aligned properly with the front body panels. Then, apply moderate pressure to firmly close the hood, ensuring it is fully latched.

The power distribution box, which houses high-current fuses, is situated in the engine compartment of your vehicle and plays a crucial role in safeguarding the main electrical systems. The high-current fuses within the power distribution box are coded using a specific system. With the coding system, you can effectively troubleshoot and address any issues related to the high-current fuses within the power distribution box, ensuring their proper functioning. The high-current fuses are coded as follows:

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.
Item  Rating  Protected Component  
1  30 ABody control module 1.  
3  30 ABody control module 2.  
4  30 AFuel pump.  
5  5 APowertrain control module relay.  
6  20 AVehicle power 1.  
7  25 AVehicle power 2.  
8  20 AVehicle power 3.  
9  20 AVehicle power 4.  
11  30 AStarter relay.  
13  40 AFront blower motor.  
15  20 AHorn.  
16  20 AWindshield washer pump.  
22  10 AElectronic power assist steering run/start feed.  
23  10 AAnti-lock brake system run/start feed.  
24  10 APowertrain control module.   Transmission control module.  
25  10 ARearview camera.   Air quality sensor run/start feed.  
28  50 AAnti-lock brake system pump.  
29  50 AAnti-lock brake system valves.  
30  30 ADriver seat motors.  
31  30 APassenger seat motors.  
32  20 APowerpoint 1.  
33  —  Not used.  
34  20 APowerpoint 3.  
35  20 APowerpoint 4.  
36  40 AInverter.  
37  30 AClimate-controlled seats – passenger side.  
38  30 AClimate-controlled seats – driver side.  
39  20 ASecond-row seat module.  
40  40 APower running boards.  
41  30 APowered liftgate module.  
42  30 ATrailer brake control module.  
43  5 ANot used (spare).  
45  20 APowerpoint 5.  
47  50 AElectric fan 1.  
49  50 AElectric fan 2.  
50  40 AHeated rear window.  
54  40 AElectronic limited slip differential.  
55  30 ATrailer tow parking lamps relay.  
58  10 ATrailer tow backup lamps.  
59  20 ANot used (spare).  
64  25 AFour-wheel drive module 1.  
67  15 ATransmission run/start.  
69  30 ALeft-hand side wiper motor.  
71  20 ARear window wiper relay.  
73  50 APower folding seat module – third row.  
82  25 AFour-wheel drive module 2.  
88  40 AAuxiliary blower.  
91  20 ATrailer tow lighting module power.  
100  30 ALeft-hand headlamp.  
101  30 ARight-hand headlamp.  
107  30 ATrailer battery charge.  
108  20 ASpot lamps (police).  
120  15 AFuel injectors.  
124  5 ARain sensor module.  
125  5 AUSB smart charger 1.  
128  7.5 AFamily entertainment system.  
134  20 AMulti-contour seats relay.  
137  20 AAdvanced driver-assistance systems module.   Connected camera.  
139  5 AUSB smart charger 2.  
140  5 AUSB smart charger 3.  
142  5 AUSB smart charger 5.  
147  40 AIntercooler puller fan relay.  
160  10 ASmart data link connector.  
181  5 ANot used (spare).  
182  60 ADriver door control module.  
183  60 APassenger door control module.  
210  30 ABody control module start stop.  
Relay Number  Protected Component  
R04  Electric fan 1 relay.  
R06  Electric fan 3 relay.  

2022 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram (Body Control Module)

The fuse panel in your vehicle is conveniently located on the right-hand side of the passenger footwell, concealed behind a trim panel. To access the fuse panel, you will need to remove the fuse panel cover by following these steps:

  • Locate the fuse panel cover and identify the tabs on both sides of the cover.
  • Press the tabs simultaneously to release them and hold them in that position.
  • With the tabs pressed, carefully pull the cover off, ensuring not to apply excessive force.

To reinstall the fuse panel cover after performing any necessary checks or replacements, follow these steps:

  • Position the top part of the cover onto the fuse panel, aligning it correctly.
  • Press the bottom part of the cover firmly, ensuring it latches securely into place.
  • For proper installation, gently pull on the cover to ensure it has latched correctly and won’t come loose during operation.
Item  Rating  Protected Component  
1  —  Not used.  
2  10 ADriver seat switch.  
3  7.5 ADriver door unlock.  
4  20 ASpeaker amplifier.  
5  —  Not used.  
6  10 ASmart datalink connector logic.  
7  10 ARear audio control module.  
8  5 AWireless accessory charger.   Hands-free liftgate module.  
9  5 AKeypad.   Combined sensor module.  
10  —  Not used.  
11  —  Not used.  
12  7.5 AInstrument cluster.  
13  7.5 ASteering column control module.   Smart datalink connector logic.   Climate control module.   Gear shift module.  
14  15 ABrake switch.  
15  15 ASYNC.  
16  —  Not used.  
17  —  Not used.  
18  7.5 AGear shift module.   Column shifter.  
19  5 ATelematics control unit module.  
20  5 AIgnition switch.  
21  5 AIn-vehicle temperature and humidity sensor.  
22  5 AElectrochromic mirror.   Second row heated seat module.  
23  30 APower window switch.   Power mirror switch.   Left-hand front door zone module.  
24  30 AMoonroof logic.  
25  20 ASpeaker amplifier 2.  
26  30 ARight-hand front door zone module.  
27  30 ALeft-hand rear door zone module.  
28  30 ARight-hand rear door zone module.  
29  15 AAdjustable pedals.  
30  5 ATrailer tow control module.  
31  10 ARear climate control module.   Drive mode switch module.   Terrain management switch.   Radio frequency transceiver module.   4×4 switch.  
32  20 AAudio control module.  
33  —  Not used.  
34  30 ARun/start relay.  
35  5 ANot used (spare).  
36  15 AImage processing module A.   Automated park assist module.   Continuous control damping module.  
37  20 AHeated steering wheel.  
38  30A Circuit Breaker  Left-hand rear power window.   Right-hand rear power window.  
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In conclusion, throughout this article, we have explored the fuse diagram, locating the fuse box, guidelines for changing fuses, and other important considerations related to fuses in the vehicle. Understanding the fuse box diagram of the 2022 Ford Expedition is essential for maintaining a properly functioning electrical system. By familiarizing ourselves with the fuse box diagram, we gain valuable knowledge about the specific fuses that protect various electrical components in the vehicle.

Furthermore, the guidelines provided in this article offer the importance of selecting the correct fuse rating and following proper safety precautions. This knowledge empowers us to troubleshoot electrical issues effectively and take appropriate action when necessary.

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