2019 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram

In this article, we’ll explore the 2019 Ford F150 fuse box diagram to help you understand it better. We’ll carefully explain what each fuse does, so you can have a complete picture of how these small but important parts keep your vehicle’s electrical components running smoothly.

Note: If a fuse blows or a circuit breaker opens, all parts connected to that circuit will stop working. Taking the time to inspect and replace faulty fuses can save you from unnecessary repairs and potential hazards, ensuring the smooth operation of your vehicle’s electrical components.


How do you open the hood on a 2019 Ford F150?

Unleashing Access to the Engine Compartment of the 2019 Ford F150, following these steps in the correct order, ensures a safe and smooth operation when opening the hood of your vehicle:

  • Beyond the instrument panel find the hood release handle.
  • The final step releasing the auxiliary latch for hood freedom.
  • Lifting the veil opening the hood and gaining engine access.
  • From levers to lifts revealing the engine compartment with ease.

2019 Ford F150 Power Distribution Fuse Box Diagram (Underhood)

Note: In the event that you need to disconnect and reconnect the battery, it's important to note that certain features may require resetting. This step is necessary to restore their functionality.
1Micro 2 fuse/ 2Slotted M case fuse. 
Spare fuse amperage may vary.
Fuse Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  25A1  Horn.  
2  50A2  Electric fan 1.  
3  30A2  Windshield wiper motor.  
4  60A2  Body control module.  
5  30A2  Starter relay.  
6  20A2  Powerpoint 1.  
8  20A2  Powerpoint 2.  
10  5A1  Rain sensor.  
12  15A2  Upfitter 1 relay (Raptor).  
13  10A1  4×4 run/start.   Adaptive cruise control run/start module.  
14  —  Not used (base).  
15A1  Not used (spare) (Raptor).  
15  7.5A1  Front view camera.   Voltage quality module.  
15A1  Voltage quality module (Raptor).  
16  10A1  Powertrain control module.   Transmission control module run/start.  
17  10A1  Anti-lock brakes run/start.  
18  10A1  Electric power steering run/start.  
19  5A1  Upfitter 5 relay (Raptor).  
20  40A2  Blower motor.  
21  30A2  Passenger seat motors.  
22  20A1  Radio amplifier.  
23  10A1  Alt-A sensor.  
24  30A2  Trailer brake control module.  
25  50A2  Body control module 1.  
26  50A2  Electric fan (Gas).  
27  30A2  Driver seat motors/memory module.  
28  15A1  Heated seat.  
29  10A1  4×4 solenoid.  
30  25A2  Trailer tow battery charge.  
31  —  Not used.  
32  10A1  A/C clutch.  
33  —  Not used.  
34  10A1  Vehicle power 5 (Diesel).  
35  20A1  Vehicle power 4 (Gas).  
15A1  Vehicle power 4 (Diesel).  
36  10A1  Vehicle power 3.  
37  25A1  Vehicle power 2 (Gas).  
15A1  Vehicle power 2 (Diesel).  
38  25A1  Vehicle power 1 (Gas).  
20A1  Vehicle power 1 (Diesel).  
39  —  Not used.  
41  30A2  Body control module voltage quality module feed.  
43  20A2  Trailer tow lamps module.  
45  —  Not used.  
46  10A1  Steering column lock.  
47  50A2  Powertrain control heater 3 (Diesel).  
48  30A2  Fuel filter heater (Diesel).  
49  —  Not used.  
50  30A2  Fuel pump.  
51  20A2  Powerpoint 3.  
52  50A2  Powertrain control heater 2 (Diesel).  
53  25A2  Trailer tow park lamps.  
54  —  Not used.  
55  15A2  Upfitter 2 relay (Raptor).  
56  —  Not used.  
58  5A1  USB smart charger.  
59  —  Not used.  
60  —  Not used.  
61  —  Not used (base).  
15A1  Not used (spare) (Raptor).  
62  5A1  Upfitter 6 relay (Raptor).  
63  25A1  4×4.  
64  15A1  E-locker.  
65  —  Not used.  
66  —  Not used.  
67  —  Not used.  
69  —  Not used.  
70  40A2  Anti-lock brake system (ABS) valves.   Electric parking brake.  
71  25A2  4×4.  
72  —  Not used.  
73  —  Not used.  
74  10A1  Trailer tow backup lamps.  
75  —  Not used.  
76  40A2  Body control module 2.  
77  30A2  Climate-controlled seat.  
78  10A1  Spotlight module.  
79  —  Not used.  
80  10A1  Heated windshield wiper.  
Upfitter 4 relay (Raptor).  
81  —  Not used.  
82  30A1  Transmission fluid pump.  
5A1  Powertrain control module (Diesel).  
83  15A1  Transmission control module.  
84  —  Not used.  
85  —  Not used.  
86  —  Not used.  
87  —  Not used.  
88  10A1  Multi-contour seat relay.  
Upfitter 3 relay (Raptor).  
89  30A2  Power running boards.  
91  —  Not used.  
93  15A1  Heated mirrors.  
94  15A1  Rear heated seat module (Raptor, Diesel).  
95  —  Not used (base).  
15A1  Not used (spare) (Raptor).  
96  —  Not used.  
97  40A2  Electric fan (Raptor).  
50A2  Powertrain control heater 1 (Diesel).  
98  15A2  10R transmission module r/s.   3.3L transmission fluid pump.  
99  40A2  Heated rear window.  
100  25A2  Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) heater relay (Diesel).  
101  25A2  Electric fan (base).  
102  30A2  Power sliding back window.  
103  20A2  Trailer tow stop-turn relay fuse.  
104  15A1  Snowplow switch.   Rear heated seats (base).  
105  10A1  Telescoping mirror.  
Relay Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
R02  —  Powertrain control module relay.  
R05  —  Electric fan relay.  

2019 Ford F150 Passenger Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

Fuse Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Component  
1  —  Not used.  
2  7.5A  Memory module logic.   Memory seat switches.   Lumbar motor.  
3  20A  Driver door lock motor.  
4  5A  Trailer brake control.  
5  20A  Not used (spare).  
6  10A  Not used (spare).  
7  10A  Not used (spare).  
8  10A  Not used (spare).  
9  10A  Extended power module (base).  
10  5A  Embedded modem module.  
11  5A  Combined sensor module.  
12  7.5A  Climate head module.   Smart datalink connector.  
13  7.5A  Cluster.   Steering column control module.  
14  10A  Brake on/off switch.  
15  10A  Smart datalink connector.  
16  15A  Tailgate release.  
17  5A  Heads up display.   Terrain switch.  
18  5A  Ignition switch and passive-entry passive-start start stop switch.   Key inhibit solenoid.  
19  7.5A  Extended power module (base).  
7.5A  Restraint control module (Raptor).  
20  7.5A  Not used (spare).  
21  5A  Heads up display.   In-car temperature with humidity sensor.  
22  5A  Passenger occupant detection (Raptor).  
23  10A  Power-driven rear glass switch.   Inverter.   Driver-side window.   Moonroof.   Vista roof.  
24  20A  Central lock/unlock.  
25  30A  Driver door control module.  
26  30A  Passenger door control module.  
27  30A  Vista roof.   Moonroof.  
28  20A  Not used (spare).  
29  30A  Not used (spare).  
30  30A  Not used (spare).  
31  15A  Adjustable pedal switch and motor.  
32  10A  Multi-function display.   SYNC.   Radio frequency receiver.  
33  20A  Radio.  
34  30A  Run-start relay.  
35  5A  Selectable drive mode switch.   Upfitter switches (Raptor).  
36  15A  360 camera module.   Heated steering wheel module.   Rear-view mirror.   Rear heated seats.   Lane departure warning module.   Automatic high beam module.   Image processing module A.  
37  20A  Not used (spare).  
38  30A Circuit breaker.  Rear window switches and motors.  
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