2017 Ford F450 Fuse Box Diagram

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the 2017 Ford F450 Fuse Box Diagram, demystifying the complexities and providing you with a clear understanding of the different components within the fuse box.

Fuse Types Identification


Micro 2
BMicro 3
EM Case
FJ Case
GJ Case Low Profile

Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire.

2017 Ford F450 Fuse Box Diagram (Power Distribution Box)

The power distribution box in the engine compartment of the 2017 Ford F450 contains important high-current fuses that act as essential protectors for the primary electrical systems of your vehicle.


These fuses play a crucial role in safeguarding the systems from overloads, ensuring their optimal performance, and preventing any potential damage.

To access the Power Distribution Box and its fuses, you need to open the hood of your F450.

1Micro fuse. 2M case fuse. 3J case fuse.

Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Components  
1  20A1  Powertrain control module.  
2  20A1  Emissions – malfunction indicator lamp.  
3  20A1  Cooling fan.  
A/C compressor.  
Engine brake.  
4  20A1  Noise suppression cap.  
Mass air flow sensor.  
Glow plugs.  
5  15A1  Compressed natural gas fuel control module.  
Fuel sensor.  
6  —  Not used.  
7  —  Not used.  
8  —  Not used.  
9  —  Not used.  
10  15A1  Heated exterior mirrors.  
11  —  Compressed natural gas relay.  
12  40A2  Heated rear window.  
13  —  Not used.  
14  —  Powertrain control module relay.  
15  20A1  Horn.  
16  10A1  A/C clutch relay power.  
17  —  Rear heated window and heated mirrors relay.  
18  —  Trailer park lamp relay.  
19  —  Not used.  
20  —  Supplemental air heater bank #1 relay.  
21  —  Not used.  
22  —  Not used.  
23  —  Not used.  
24  —  Cooling fan relay.  
Supplemental air heater bank #3 relay.  
25  —  Glow plug module power relay.  
26  —  Not used.  
27  30A2  Trailer tow battery charge relay (if equipped).  
28  —  Not used.  
29  —  Run-start relay.  
30  10A1  4×4 module.  
31  5A1  Adaptive cruise control.  
32  5A1  Anti-lock brake system module.  
33  10A1  Powertrain control module – ignition status power run.  
Run-start.   Engine control module.  
Transmission control module.  
34  10A1  Blind spot information system.  
Front camera.  
Rear camera.  
35  —  Not used.  
36  —  Blower motor relay.  
37  —  Trailer tow battery charge relay (only on non-trailer brake controller vehicles).  
38  —  A/C compressor clutch relay.  
39  —  Horn relay.  
40  —  Supplemental air heater bank #2 relay.  
41  25A2  Glow plugs.  
42  40A2  Trailer tow lighting module (if equipped).  
43  40A2  Front blower motor.  
44  50A3  Voltage quality.  
Body control module power.  
45  60A3  Active front steering.  
46  50A3  Supplemental air heater bank #2.  
47  50A3  Cooling fan.  
Supplemental air heater bank #3.  
48  50A3  Body control module run power 1 bus.  
49  60A3  Inverter.  
50  50A3  Body control module run power 2 bus.  
51  60A3  Body control module B+ feed.  
52  60A3  Anti-lock brake system pump.  
53  50A3  Supplemental air heater bank #1.  
54  30A3  Trailer brake control module.  
55  30A3  Climate controlled seat module.  
56  40A3  Auxiliary lighting module.  
57  30A2  Power running boards.  
58  30A2  Compressed natural gas fuel control module relay.  
59  30A2  Anti-lock brake system valve.  
60  —  Not used.  
61  30A2  Driver power seat.  
62  20A2  Auxiliary power point #1 (instrument panel).  
63  30A2  Starter motor.  
64  20A2  Auxiliary power point #2.  
65  30A2  Trailer tow lighting module (if equipped).  
66  20A2  Auxiliary power point #3 (center console).  
67  30A2  Passenger power seat.  
68  20A2  Auxiliary power point #4 (USB charger, rear center console).  
69  25A2  4×4 module.  
70  20A2  Auxiliary power point #5 (rear center console).  
71  —  Not used.  
72  30A2  Trailer tow left hand/right hand stop/turn (if equipped, not present with trailer brake controller).  
73  —  Not used.  
74  —  Not used.  
75  30A2  Fuel pump.  
76  —  Not used.  
77  30A2  Wiper motor.  
78  —  Not used.  
79  30A2  Power sliding rear window.  
80  25A1  4×4 module.  
81  10A1  4×4 solenoid.  
82  10A1  Power telescoping mirrors.  
83  20A1  Rear heated seats.  
84  10A1  Trailer tow backup lamps (if equipped).  
85  —  Not used.  
86  —  Not used.  
87  —  Not used.  
88  10A1  Multi contour seats.  
89  —  Not used.  
90  10A1  Spot light module.  
91  10A1  Upfitter interface module.  
92  —  Not used.  
93  —  Not used.  
94  15A1  Transmission control module.  
95  10A1  Powertrain control module keep alive power.  
96  5A1  Rain sensor.  
97  10A1  Run/Start control for Auxiliary power point #5  
98  10A 1  Alternator sense.  
99  30A 1  Trailer tow parking lamps.  

Passenger Compartment Fuel Panel 

The passenger compartment fuse panel is conveniently situated behind a trim panel on the right-hand side of the passenger footwell. You can easily access it by pulling the trim panel towards you and swinging it away from the side.

When it’s time to reposition the trim panel, make sure to align the tabs correctly with the grooves on the panel. Then, firmly push it closed to ensure a secure and snug fit. This user-friendly process allows for hassle-free removal and reinstallation of the trim panel, providing convenient access to the passenger compartment fuse panel.

Note:   It may be easier to access the fuse panel if you remove the finish trim piece.

4Micro 2 fuse. 5Micro 3 fuse. 6Circuit breaker.

Fuse or Relay Number  Fuse Rating  Protected Components  
1  —  Not used.  
2  7.5A4  Memory seat switch (lumbar power).  
3  20A4  Driver door unlock relay.  
4  5A4  Aftermarket electronic brake controller.  
Trailer brake controller Brake On/Off.  
Customer access circuits.  
5  —  Not used.  
6  —  Not used.  
7  —  Not used.  
8  10A5  Driver window switch mirror fold.  
9  10A5  Brake On/Off / Pressure Switch.  
10  —  Not used.  
11  5A5  Combined sense security module.  
12  7.5A5  Front climate control module.  
13  7.5A5  Instrument cluster.  
Smart data link.  
Steering column control module.  
14  10A5  Extended power restraints module.  
15  10A5  Smart datalink connector power.  
16  15A4  Tailgate release solenoid.  
17  5A5  Head-up display.  
18  5A5  Push button ignition switch.  
Ignition switch.  
Key inhibit.  
19  7.5A5  Transmission control switch (tow/haul).  
Select Shift switch.  
20  7.5A5  Active front steering module.  
21  5A5  Head-up display.  
Humidity sensor.  
22  5A5  Upfitter switch.  
PTO relays.  
23  10A4  Accessory delay.  
Power windows.  
Power folding mirrors relay.  
Window/moonroof switch illumination.  
24  20A4  Central locking system relay.  
25  30A4  Left-hand front smart window motor.  
Door zone module.  
26  30A4  Right-hand front smart window motor.  
Door zone module.  
27  30A4  Moonroof.  
28  20A4  Sony amplifier – 10 channel.  
29  —  Not used.  
30  —  Not used.  
31  15A4  Adjustable pedals switch.  
32  10A4  SYNC.   GPS module.  
Radio frequency receiver.  
33  20A4  Radio.  
34  30A4  Run-start relay.  
35  5A4  Extended power restraints module.  
36  15A4  Lane keeping system.  
Automatic high beam control.  
Auto-dimming mirrors.  
Rear heated seats.  
Camera module.  
37  20A4  Heated steering wheel.  
38  30A6  Rear power window switch.  

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