2017-2023 Land Rover Discovery 5 (L462) fuse box diagram

The third-generation Land Rover Discovery (L462), produced from 2017 to the present, has detailed fuse box diagrams for the years 2017 through 2023. These diagrams show the fuse layouts and assignments for each model year, helping you understand the purpose of each fuse in your Land Rover Discovery.


Engine Compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpsCircuit protected
1102021-2023: Hybrid system.
2252018-2020: Fuel pump.
925Rear window washer
10152017-2020: Front fog lights
1230Right-side headlight washer pump
1330Left-side headlight washer pump
1415/252017: Windshield washer.
2018-2022: Auto stop/start.
2023: Engine coolant pump.
1515Supercharger cooling
1610/252017: Engine emissions (diesel only). Engine cooling fan (gasoline only).
2018-2023: Windshield washer jets
175Engine management system
18202017-2022: Engine management system (gasoline only)
1915Engine management system
2025Engine management system
21202017-2022: Engine management system.
2023: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
22102017-2022: Engine management system (diesel only). Engine cooling fan (gasoline only).
2023: Engine management system.
2310Engine management system
2415Engine management system
25102017-2022: Engine management system (diesel only).
2023: Engine cooling active vanes.
2952017-2022: Engine management system. Starter motor. Electrical power management
30102018: Heated wiper park
3110/202017: Steering wheel module.
2021-2023: Driveline module
325/102017: Left-side Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS).
2018-2020: Wade sensing. Steering wheel.
2021-2022: Steering wheel module.
335Transfer box control module
3452017-2018: Right-side Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS).
2021-2023: Hybrid system.
3552017-2022: Headlight levelling
365/102018: Left-side Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS).
2021-2023: Driver assistance systems module.
40152017-2022: Transmission. Terrain response switch. Gear selector.
2023: Transmission
42252018-2023: Left-side headlight
44252018-2023: Right-side headlight
4552023: Fuel system
4952018-2022: Engine management system
51102017: Engine cooling.
2018-2023: Engine management system
6052018: Heated wiper park

Passenger compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpsCircuit protected
120Front cigar lighter
2202017: Upper glovebox.
2018: Front accessory socket. Rear accessory socket.
2019-2022: Front accessory socket.
320Rear accessory socket
410/202017: Heated wiper parte position.
2018: Rear accessory socket. USB sockets.
2021-2022: Accessory socket.
552021-2023: Phone signal compensor.
6102021-2022: Third row climate and comfort systems.
752018-2023: Battery back-up sounder.
10202017: Panoramic roof.
2018: Accessory sockets.
2021-2022: Glovebox accessory socket.
115/25/302017: Left-side rear door switches.
2018: Right-side rear seats.
2021-2023: Wireless charger.
1220Panoramic roof
135/202017: Terrain response.
2018-2023: Panoramic roof.
1452018-2023: All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC).
18302017: Passenger seat switches.
2018: Left-side rear seat.
2019-2023: Passenger electric seat.
19302021-2022: Left-side rear electric seat.
2023: Left-side rear door switches.
20252018-2022: Left-side rear door.
2023: Right-side rear door switches.
2110Cool box
2252021-2023: Cooling fan.
2320/302017: Passenger seat.
2018: Front passenger’s seat. Left-side rear seat.
2019-2022: Front passenger’s seat.
2023: Left-side rear door switches.
2425Driver’s door switches. Driver’s door soft-close
25152017-2018: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC).
2019-2020: Active cornering enhancement.
2610Passenger seat switches
275/252017: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Front overhead console.
2018: Fuel burning heater. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Front overhead console.
2019-2020: Timed climate. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Front overhead console.
2021-2023: Passenger’s door switches. Passenger’s door soft-close.
2820Driver’s seat
2925Right-side rear door switches
3020Panoramic roof
3152018-2020: Singapore road pricing.
2021-2022: Auxiliary heater. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Radio Frequency (RF) receiver. Overhead console. Approach unlocking.
32102021-2022: Rear USB socket.
2023: Rear control panel.
33302017-2020: Driver’s seat
34252017-2020: Passenger door switches. Passenger door soft-close
3552017-2022: Brake pedal switch
3752021-2023: Road pricing (Singapore only).
38102021-2023: Driver assistance systems module.
395/102017: Battery back-up sounder.
2021-2023: Near Field Sensing Module (NFSM).
4310Heated steering wheel
445/10Steering wheel module
455/102017-2020: Touch screen buttons. Rear climate control.
2021-2022: Auxiliary roof lights.
4615Climate control.
48102021-2022: Driver facing camera.
4952017-2022: Vehicle immobilizer.
2023: Activity key.
50102021-2023: Head-Up Display (HUD).
5252018-2023: Air ioniser.
53102021-2022: Driver’s electric seat.
2023: Instrument panel.
545Diagnostic socket
56102017-2020: Climate control.

Luggage compartment

Fuse NumberFuse AmpsCircuit protected
1152017: Third row seat switches.
2021-2023: Cooling fan.
2252018-2022: Third row heated seats.
2023: Rear heated seats.
315/252017: Third row heated seats.
2018-2022: Third row seat switches.
2023: Rear console switches.
5152017: Rear console
752018: Electrical power management.
2019-2022: Blind spot monitoring. Rear exit detect system.
2023: Blind spot monitoring.
8202018-2023: Driver’s heated seat.
915Driver’s seat switches. Front passenger’s seat switches.
1020/252017: Driver’s and front passenger heated seats.
2018-2023: Front passenger’s heated seat.
115/202017: Third row seats.
2018-2023: Right-side rear heated seat.
1225/152017: Heated rear seats.
2018: Torch.
2019-2023: Rear seat switches.
1315/202017: Rear seats. Rear seat switches. Flashlight.
2018-2023: Left-side rear heated seat.
1420Rear wiper
1515/302017: Trailer socket.
2018-2023: Fuel system.
16152018-2023: Trailer socket.
1720/102017: Middle accessory power socket.
2018-2023: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
18202017: Loadspace accessory power socket.
2018-2023: Loadspace accessory power socket. Third row USB socket.
19202017-2020: Rear accessory socket.
2021-2023: Auxiliary power socket.
2030/202017: Heated rear window.
2018-2023: Cubby box accessory socket.
21202018: Loadspace accessory socket.
2019-2023: USB floor console.
22152017: Integrated control panel. Touch screen
23102017: Instrument panel
2420/102017: Loadspace accessory power socket.
2018-2020: Instrument panel.
2552018-2023: Air suspension.
2622019-2023: Electronic toll collection.
27102017-2018: Parking aid. Rear-view mirror. Cameras. Blind spot assist.
2019-2023: Parking aid. Rear-view mirror. Cameras.
28102017-2020: Head-Up Display (HUD)
295Adaptive cruise control
3010/302017: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
2018-2020: Heated rear window. Radio frequency filter.
2021-2023: Heated rear screen.
31102021-2022: Rear USB socket.
3252021-2022: Headphones.
33152018: Rear wiper.
3452021-2023: Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) battery.
35152017: Rear console
3652017: Rear differential
3720Driver’s seat
3852021-2022: Rear climate control switch pack.
3930Deployable side steps
4152017: Rear console
4220/302018: Right-side rear seat.
2021-2023: Rear right seat power.
43202018-2022: Keyless locking.
44152018-2023: Trailer socket.
45152017-2020: Engine management system. Fuel system
4630/152017-2018: Fuel system.
2019-2020: Fuel pump.
4715/52017: Fuel system.
2021-2022: Rear infotainment control.
4820/102017: Passive locking.
2021-2022: Rear console.
2023: Touchscreen.
4910Gesture tailgate
50152017-2022: Entertainment and information systems
5115Entertainment and information systems
5210Portable media
53102017-2022: Portable media
54152017: Trailer socket
5515Air suspension.
56102017-2018: Air suspension.
2019-2023: Electronic air suspension. Continuous variable dampers.
575Keyless locking.
5820/302017: Front passenger seat.
2018: Front passenger’s seat. Left-side rear seat.
2019-2023: Front passenger’s seat.
5952017: Electronic air suspension system.
2018-2020: Rear-view camera.
60302017: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
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