2016-2018 Fiat Tipo fuse box diagram

The Fiat Tipo compact car has been available since 2016. This article provides fuse box diagrams for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 models. It includes the locations of the fuse panels inside the car and explains the purpose of each fuse.

Engine compartment

NumberFuse AmpProtected component
F1015Two-tone horn
F8510Driver’s seat lumbar adjustment
F887.5Heater mirrors
F2030Heated rear window

Fuses in the Dashboard Fuse box

NumberFuse AmpProtected component
F4725Front electric window (driver side)
F4825Front electric window (passenger side)
F3615Supply for Uconnect™ system, Climate Control system, EOBD system, USB/AUX port, steering wheel controls.
F3820Dead Lock device (Driver side door unlocking for versions/markets, where provided)/Door unlocking/Central locking/Electric rear flap unlocking
F4320Windscreen washer pump
F3325Rear left electric window
F3425Rear right electric window

Fuses Under dashboard

NumberFuse AmpProtected component
17.5Front door unlocking (driver side)
27.5Front door unlocking (passenger side)
37.5Rear door unlocking (left)
47.5Rear door unlocking (right)

Luggage compartment

NumberFuse AmpProtected component
F9715Rear 12 V socket
F9910Driver’s front seat heater
F9210Passenger side front seat heater
F9010Driver’s front seat lumbar adjustment
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